Happily Ever Chatter Series: Embarrassing Habits

This post is brought to you by Hope Springs starring Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell. See more funny takes on relationships here.

Last week Jared talked about the best and worst gifts I’ve given him and this week he’s back revealing an embarrassing habit of mine! Ha! Spoiler: He thinks it’s horrible, I think it’s one of my most redeeming qualities! Watch his opinion on this video we put together for you guys:



really there is too much stuff in the world. You really are doing the world a favour by buying second hand, antiques, thrift stores etc. Recently I heard there was enough clothes in storage (thrown away/second hand etc) to clothe the whole of Australia (where I live) being a throw away society is not doing anyone or the planet any benefits. Repurposing is a noble thing 🙂

sorry if that was too heavy…. just another excuse you can add to you pile of reasons on why thrifting is good and not gross 🙂

Laugh out loud. So friggin adorable. Keep it up.. these are just fab.

Ha! Liz!!! We are cut from the same cloth! And I am even worse: I once found a chair on the side of the road (okay, okay, it was on the trash curb!) cleaned it with clorox, painted it and used it for the kids table! My husband was so gossed out! But my argument was–it had potential! Very cute video!

Haa I’ve totally done that! I came home with a bunch of legos or something from a thrift store and Jared washed them all in a big bleach bath before letting our son play with them. The toys section does gross me out, despite what Jared says I really don’t buy toys there! Clothes and furniture however…

Ha! My husband feels the same way! I’m always trying to buy him stuff but he’s too grossed out.

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