Happily Ever Chatter Series: Best and Worst Gifts

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What kind of gift giver are you to your partner? Do you get stuff they need and asked for specifically, or something you think they’d want? I try to be thoughtful and personal, but sometimes things just flop. Jared is always good at going over the top and being really creative in gift giving. One year early on in our marriage when I was getting really into photography, he bought me a whole darkroom setup and we attempted to convert our tiny second bedroom/laundry room in Hoboken into a working darkroom. It actually proved a bit more difficult than we thought, but it was so sweet! Another year he surprised me on Valentines Day with a beautiful painting  above our mantle by my brother in law Paul Ferney. It was so sweet and totally unexpected since we aren’t big gift givers on  Valentines Day in general.

So…today Jared is making a little video appearance on the blog talking about the best and worst gifts I’ve given him. I figured you always hear my opinions on stuff, it would be fun to hear his side of things. Enjoy!


This totally made me laugh. My husband always get me want I ask for, but I secretly always hope he’d do something more creative!

loved the video of jared. i think my husband will want me to stop making things for gifts soon. especially after my attempt to make a fort to watch a movie in that just wouldn’t stay up at all and was really really awful. he’s also an architect, so while i’m sure he appreciated my effort, he had much better ideas than i did. ha!

This video is so cute! If you were to ask my husband I think he’d say something similar. I’m always trying to make/find stuff for him to wear as well!

Cute! I wish my husband would take a cue from yours—I’ve been saving my pennies for a Paul Ferney original (I’ll get mine soon I hope!). Had no idea he was your brother in law! Best gift I ever gave my husband: I tracked down his favorite board game from his youth. It’s a really obscure game he and his childhood friends had all been actively searching for ever since. After calling 13 used game vendors around the country I finally connected with an avid collector who had one stowed away in his garage. It’s my proudest gift giving moment!

Worst by far…garbage disposal…he did pay to have it installed (thoughtful), but we found it it was really to “replace” an existing one. Did I mention I was living in a rental at the time…..

That was my last boyfriend, thankfully my husband is much better at coming up with gifts and that’s even with him gifting me an electric hand sander (I actually wanted/needed it).

heee heee, I think my husband would say the worst give was a trip that we never actually got to go on because I was too sick. Whoopsie.

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