Fun Summer Stir Sticks

Hey friends! I’m traveling up through Northern California this week so I asked some talented ladies to share posts while I’m away. Enjoy! This DIY project today is by Rachael of Penelope and Pip.

DIY stir sticks Say Yes to Hoboken

Hi! It’s Rachael from Penelope and Pip here. With the Fourth of July weekend upon us and summer having well and truly arrived it’s time to dress up your party drinks.  Today’s super easy DIY could be finished in just a few minutes (which means it isn’t too late to make some cute stir sticks right now before your guests arrive!). These cute stir sticks are bright and bold and for even more fun, they have a little bell on the end which means when it’s time for a top up, you just jingle the bell and voilá, your waiter will arrive.

Keep reading to see the full tutorial…

Let’s get started with materials:

1. Bamboo skewers
2. Craft glue
3. Assorted sequins in different shapes (you could use feathers too)
4. Jingle bells (you’ll find pretty colored ones at your local craft store)

Step 1:

Choose your sequins and your bell colors. Mis-matched and bold colors together look really bright and colorful.

Step 2:

Place some glue on the pointy end of the skewer.

Step 3:

Stick your sequins on. You may want to hold this for a minute or two depending on your glue.

Step 4:

Place your bell over the top of the sequins and the stick. If the glue has dried before this step, make sure you add some extra glue. Again, hold this for a minute to make sure all the parts are attached.

Step 5:

Ensure you follow your glue’s instructions and leave the sticks aside to dry before using them.

Enjoy the splash of colour on your stir sticks and Happy Fourth of July!


We are having friends over this weekend- this would be so fun to make for our little gathering! Thanks!

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