DIY: Framed Whiteboard

I decided a few weeks ago that I should start working on a desk more so I’ve been putting together a desk workspace in the sunroom, which before was just dedicated to crafts, sewing, and spray painting things gold. I really wanted a dry erase whiteboard, but didn’t like the selection I found, so I made one myself- it was so easy, check it out…

Supplies: Old frame (it helps if you know an artist with some extras but I’ve also found them at thrift stores), a roll of Peel & Stick White Dry-Erase sheet, piece of cardboard cut to fit in the frame.

Unroll the whiteboard paper and cut to the same size as your cardboard piece. Peel off the paper from the back and carefully place on the cardboard. Secure it back into the frame.

Hang it back on the wall and get your markers ready for list making!


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Here is a suggestion for anyone looking for another alternative:

Go to Lowes or Home Depot and look at bath sheet (cheapo stuff you can line your shower with) they come in huge sheets several feet tall and wide. Have them cut it into the dimensions you would like (for free!) and it is a ready-to go whiteboard.
I used these in my classroom for 2 years and they worked great!

Wow – that really does seem easy! Always a fan of cute things to use for list making. Especially DIY. And especially only using 3 materials!

Did you get your Peel & Stick paper from a craft store? I see it’s linked to Amazon but wasn’t sure if that was what you used.

Giula, yes! I did some research and people seemed to find it difficult to apply and not work very well. Have you ever tried it? This seemed way easier (and less messier!)

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