DIY Button Earrings

Hey friends! I’m traveling up through Northern California this week so I asked some talented ladies to share posts while I’m away. Enjoy! This DIY project today is by Claire of Fellow Fellow.
Hi there, it’s Claire from Fellow Fellow here! I’m back with another DIY for you today, in the form of some very easy, very cute earrings!
Here’s what you’ll need…
– Buttons (at least 2 of each!) with the holes at the back
– Pincers
– Gel super glue (you could also try normal craft glue but it may not be strong enough)
– Stud earring stems and clasps (like these and these)
Step 1.
Using your pincers, cut the back off the earrings as close to the base as possible.
Step 2.
Sand where you just cut to get it as flat as possible.
Step 3.
Position your button with the back facing up. Put a dab of super glue onto the middle of the back of the button, and place the earring stem down onto the glue. If the button is particularly large, you may want to position the stem closer to one edge of the button so they sit right when you wear them. Try not to touch the glue. If you’ve put too much glue on you can gently wipe the excess away with a cotton bud, or just leave it.
Step 4.
Let the earring dry overnight before wearing them, and check first to make sure they’re totally dry before actually putting them into your ears!!
Easy or what?! 🙂


May I ask where I can buy stud earring stems and clasps without actually destroy earrings?

That’s a really clever idea and I appreciate the tutorial. Sometimes these things seem so easy in your head, but can be a little scary to try, but these step by steps help build up the confidence needed to make some awesome things!

This is so smart! Literally going to walk upstairs right now to look through my button collection. So many earrings about to be made…

very cute. i’ve been on the hunt for new earrings but my budget isn’t exactly accommodating. i think i found the solution! thanks for sharing!

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