DIY: Polka Dot Shorts

By Michelle Edgemont

Polka dots are all the rage. Instead of dropping a pretty penny on brand new digs, a quick DIY using a pair of old shorts and cheap fabric paint will bring your wardrobe up to trend in no time.
Keep reading to see how to make this cute pair!
One pair of solid shorts that need updating
One small bottle of fabric paint. (I used iridescent lavender)
A pencil with eraser
1. Squeeze a good amount of fabric paint onto scrap paper
2. Dip the eraser edge of your pencil into the paint
3. Starting on the front of the shorts, press the eraser onto the fabric making a dot. Each time I added paint to my eraser, I got about two dots out of it.
4. Create one line of dots along the top of your shorts
5. Place another line of dots under the first, with each dot in between the two above it
6. Keep dotting! Look at the cute polka dot pattern you’re making!
7. Let the first side of your shorts dry according to the directions on your paint. Honestly, mine said wait 24hrs, I only waited 45 minutes, because I was too excited to wear them!
8. Flip the shorts over and use the eraser and paint to create more polka dots
9. Wait until they are dry
10. Wear and look super cute!


I’m gushing! These are so great, and simple, too. Thanks for sharing this! I may have to buy some new shorts just to do this… 🙂

I love this DIY, it was so it when the bijou girls did it on colored jeans, and now, shorts! It must be all over pininterest, now.

THIS IS AWESOME!!! I’ve had my eyes on some mildly out of my budget skinny jeans but I will totally try this instead. HOORAY!

I love this DIY! It’s a perfect way to redo a pair of shorts I’ve stuffed in the back of the drawer. I can’t wait!

These look so cool. You did a great job of lining up the dots, symmetrical things scare me a lot. Very easy refashion idea otherwise.

Um, why I’m not on my way to the craft store right NOW is pure laziness! So cute! I’m having one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that?! ‘ moments 🙂

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