DIY: Freezer Paper Stencil Placemats

Henry loves to help set the table for dinner so I thought it would be fun to make a placemat that shows where everything goes so he can do it more independently (i.e. I could focus more on cooking and less on entertaining him). Henry loves it, I’m working on a few more so we have a full set. Do you use placemats for weeknight dinner? We only do for company,  but I’m kind of loving it now for everyday use. Dinner looks so much nicer on top of a placemat!

I used the classic freezer stencil technique which I first explained here. I do a lot of freezer stencil projects. Here are a few favorites:

Notebook lined Tee, Bread Bag, Golden Gate Bridge TeeWhale TeeGold Helvetica Tee, Animal Font Tee

I made my own placemats but you could also stencil these on top of a store-bought placemat.

Need more instructions to make your own? See the full step by step tutorial here on Momtastic


Love it! For the life of me, can never remember which side the fork goes on. These will really help me and my kids.

That is awesome! Now I want to do this too, thought I should know better than attempting things like this, because I am totally craft-impaired 🙂

These are so cute! I love placemats, they’re such an easy way to change the look of a table. Will be making some soon 😉

Chloe x

I’m always forgetting the napkin. Maybe you could put a rectangle of a contrasting color under the folk to show where the napkin goes. For a less polished but more hands-on alternative, depending on your child’s skill level, you could help her to trace the plate, napkin, spoon, knife, and maybe fork directly on the freezer paper. If she can color between the lines, she could also color the tableware. This would make it HER project.

Love the graphics on there. Looks so cool! I can never get my daughter to help in the kitchen but this might do it

Oh totally. I made one and then thought the whole table would be nice with these! So I’m working on a full set right now

Such a great idea! I have to try my hand at freezer stencil now. Where do you buy freezer paper?

I love this! I haven’t tried the freezer stencil yet, but I have tons of ideas saved to try out. I’ll definitely add this to the growing list..

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