Yosemite Camping

Last week we took a spontaneous four day camping trip to Yosemite. Things were just getting busy but we still got camping spots, day of, in the valley the first two nights. The third night we were getting sick of the crowds and drove right outside the park where we found dispersed camping next to a gorgeous stream (image above). It was hot too! A welcome change from the consistently cool coastal weather here in San Francisco.

Keep reading to see some more instagram photos (@liz_stan) and snippets from our trip…

Hetch Hetchy was beautiful (this is where all the drinking water in San Francisco comes from)

Yosemite falls was roaring this time of year! It was incredible. We walked to the viewpoint and then hiked up along the rocks until we were getting so soaked if felt like a shower.

Henry was a great hiker- as long as there were rocks to throw, sticks to wave around, and fruit snacks to eat.

I love camping food! The first night we had chili dogs, second night we ate at a pizza place in the valley, third night we had burgers on the grill. Breakfasts were combinations of pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage. Oh and s’mores every night. Of course!

The light was so beautiful in the valley! Oh, and no bears this time (although last year we spotted two right in the campground).

Henry’s favorite thing about camping is building a fire and helping to collect sticks. Snuggling by the fire and telling stories might be my favorite.

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Gah! I love camping! I can’t wait to get to Yosemite! Ken Burn’s National Park series is one of my all-time favourite movies (not just documentaries) ever! I like to watch it at least once a year, just before camping season, and I feel like I will have a lot of ridiculous information to share with whomever is in front of me when I finally make it to some of your National Parks (since I’m from Canada). I’m hoping to hit up the Everglades in a few weeks while in S. Florida. Watch out So Flo, I’ve got some random historical facts coming your way!

Thanks for sharing the photos!

This looks so beautiful. I’m hoping for a trip to the States this fall, so I’m taking everything in an making notes, even though it’s a big country and I have so little time 🙂 Thanks for sharing

This makes me want to go camping right now! I live in the mountains (east coast though) and the weather is just getting to be perfect for it, upper 70’s, low 80’s!

Looks like the perfect respite from the city. I am itching to get away upstate before the weather gets too crazy hot. I start getting a little stir crazy if I’ve been away from nature for too long. Thanks for sharing!

I love camping but I am deathly afraid of bears. Don’t know if I could handle two bears in the campground lol. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Last summer my friend and I went to Cali for ten days and did the one day Yosemite tour. I felt like it didn’t do it any justice to go only for a day, I am looking forward to returning, maybe after I finish school 🙂

I’m roadtripping in California at some point, I just gotta, it looks too gorgeous to pass up. The west coast truly is the best coast.

I love this dual life – big city and also camping. The two fit so well together. And great photos too.

Now that we’re back on the west coast Yosemite is on the radar. How far ahead do you have to book? I know this trip was spontaneous but when does spontaneity end and prebooking become a requirement?

So the real busy season at Yosemite starts about May 1st and through September. We went a couple weeks before so there were openings when we pulled up to the campgrounds at 5pm (which would never happen during the busy season).

This looks so fun! I’ve always wanted to go to Yosemite. What hikes did you do? Half Dome?

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