Tempur-Pedic Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Tempur Pedic can’t wait to hear about what you accomplish with a better night’s sleep.

(Image by Modern Kids Photography)

Guys. I have an awesome, huge giveaway today on this first day of May! For sure, this is the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done. Are you ready? Tempur-Pedic  is giving away a Tempur-Pedic Simplicity mattress and Ergo Adjustable Base that’s worth $2500 in total to one of you lucky readers. Amazing, right? Who wouldn’t love a fancy new bed?

What would you do with a better night’s sleep? Last night I slept like a rock. Henry miraculously entertained himself from the minute he got up by making paper airplanes with pictures he had drawn a few days before. I was showered, making breakfast, and at the grocery store by 8am with Henry in tow! I felt totally refreshed and rejuvenated. All because I had a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted slumber. It’s kind of incredible how much better your day goes when you get a good night’s sleep, don’t you think?

So here’s the giveaway details:

1. To enter the giveaway you need to comment on this post, answering the question: What would you do with a better night’s sleep or a new bed?

2. The prize is a queen size Tempur-Simplicity Mattress(estimated retail value of $1,199) with a basic Ergo Adjustable Base (estimated retail value of $1,300). Winner will be given the option to select the firmness of their mattress (soft, medium, firm).

2. A panel of judges will choose a winner based on creativity/originality of the submission (50%) and submission that best responds to the question (50%)

4. The contest is for adults 18+ in the Continental US only

5. The last date to enter the contest is May 20, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. ET

6. Only one entry per person please

7. Also, check out official rules from Tempur-Pedic here



Well, with a better bed I would no longer:
-roll off that slope in the middle of my mattress
-have an aching back
-be groggy from lack of sleep
-find myself hanging onto the corner of the mattress for dear life
And I would:
– cozy with the hubby
– enjoy a full nights sleep
– look forward to my son jumping into bed in the morning
– be a happier and healthier me, mommy and wife 🙂

What would I do with a better night’s sleep……

I could feel refreshed and alive as soon as I wake up,
Instead of hitting the snooze button and annoying our pup.
I would be ready to embrace the day,
More alert/energetic and not stray.
My back and neck would be relaxed and stronger,
Eager to hit the day running and continue this journey longer.
With a full night’s rest I wouldn’t be irritable,
Instead I would be happy, patient, and stable.
A better night’s sleep would make be a better wife,
And keep us happy and healthy to live this great life!

Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

Oh what would I do with a good nights sleep? I would have to find out just what exactly a good nights sleep entails! I offered my queen size mattress to my daughter for her full size mattress. She was just a little too happy to ablidge my request. At one time, this was a bedwetters resting place. Eventually that was outgrown, but it went through a flock of adolescent girls, using it for a trampoline, a kitchen table, movie theatre and performing stage. Over the years it was graffitied with permanent marker, and then the foam picked out by bored teenagers. By the time I was blessed with this antique relic, it had to be about twenty-five years old! Thus began my journey through egg crate foam toppers. I purchased a featherbed, just to find featherbeds don’t like me much… So now I am just laying on this bed, only a sheet separating me from the three popped springs, the graffiti/artwork and thankfully the stains that no longer have any odor… phew. Yes, I would love to have a good night sleep, and only then can I really know the difference it will create in my life!

As a long sufferer of the most severe form of insomnia -status insomniacitis- I haven’t slept a wink in the last 8 years. With a tempur-pedic bed and a good nights sleep I could begin to live the life that has so long eluded me. I would no longer have to set a 5 minute alarm anytime I sat down in the bathroom for fear of falling asleep and then falling off the toilet. I would be able to renew my drivers license after the string of accidents I had after falling asleep at the wheel. Sadly even my marriage has suffered from my inability to get a decent nights sleep as I always fall asleep during or immediately after…breakfast…. Even my children suffer from my lack of sleep- “Daddy…Daddy… wake up soccer practice has been over for an hour…Daddy ??” A new tempur-pedic bed wouldn’t just give me the nights rest I long for, it would give me my life back and with that I could do anything.

The story of an old, abused mattress:

Oh what would I do with a good nights sleep? First of all, I would have to find out just what exactly a good nights sleep entails! Some time ago it was nessecary to move in with my daughter while I am battling a serious illness. To have walking room in my new quarters, I offered my queen size mattress to my daughter for her full size mattress. She was just a bit TOO happy to ablidge my request, and I should have known something was up! Little did I know just how much I was actually downsizing… You see this particular mattress is the same one she has had since she was a child (so she was more than excited to swap it out!). At one time, this was a bedwetters resting place. Eventually that was outgrown, but it went through a flock of adolescent girls, using it for a trampoline, a kitchen table, movie theatre and performing stage. Over the years it was graffitied with permanent marker, and then the foam picked out by bored teenagers. My daughter’s marriage was consummated here, and my lovely granddaughter has christened it with spit-up. By the time I was blessed with this antique relic, it had to be about twenty-five years old! Thus began my journey through egg crate and the “like Tempur-Pedic” foam toppers, that of course are nothing at all like Tempur-Pedic. I purchased a featherbed, just to find featherbeds don’t like me much… So now I am just laying on this bed, only a sheet separating me from the three popped springs, the graffiti/artwork and thankfully the pee stains that no longer have any odor… phew. Yes, I would love to have a good night sleep, and only then can I really know the difference it will create in my life!


If I had a that Tempur-pedic,
I would buy it a frame.
But not a king size frame, that’s cruel.

If I had that Tempur-pedic,
I would give it a room.
Yes, a real big BED room.

If I had a Tempur-pedic,
I would sleep all night, that’s true.

Oh the rewards I would reap
With a better night’s sleep!
With vigor and vim,
to each chore I would leap!

Refreshed and with purpose,
My day I would tackle
Amazement from all,
my energy’d crackle!

The laundry a breeze,
The gard’ning a pleasure
Dinner and breakfast,
Your taste buds will treasure!

We’re all winding down;
the end of our day.
Tempur Pedic awaits,
sleep’s not far away.

If I had a Tempur-Pedic, my husband and I might actually get up when the alarm goes off, and in turn, would get to spend more time with each other (he works at night :/), which means, we could plant our garden and finally settle into our home after 8 months of moving everything from room to room to get things done!

I would start getting up and going instead of trying to squeeze in just a little more rest! Maybe I could finally start running in the mornings like I want to.

I would write more love letters than usual to my husband in Alaska. He is the chef at a fly-fishing lodge in the bush of Alaska and is gone with no phone or Internet for four months a year. When he (finally!) returns home to me we would do many many things before and after a goodnights sleep, but mostly we would enjoy simply being together. We would finally plant our garden and stop attempting to grow tomatoes in pots (epic failure. Every year. Yet still I persist in dreaming of eating my own tomatoes).We would walk our dog together more. We would take naps together in the brutal heat of the day and wake in the breezy twilight. We would eat cheese and crackers and drink ridiculous homemade concoctions on our front porch and watch the sky turn from blue, to pinks and purples, and finally to navy. We would snuggle together under the covers and stare at each other with the biggest grins on our faces at finally being united again. I would wake up early on the mornings I have to go to work and spend a precious few minutes watching my beloved sleep and feeling my heart overflow with love and gratitude that we are alive, healthy, together, and well-rested.

I am moving to Boston later this summer to begin a social work fellowship in pediatric oncology. My boyfriend surprised me with the best news that he will be joining me in this next adventure! However, he has a troublesome back and has difficulty sleeping in our current bed. I know that if we had a Tepur-Pedic bed, we would both have more restful nights, and have the energy needed to explore our new city! His decision to move across the country made me incredibly happy and I want to surprise him with a bed that would allow him to sleep well! A better night’s sleep will allow me to be fully alert and awake during my fellowship so that I can learn as much as possible. A move to a new city is the perfect time for a new bed and a fresh start! Thank you so much!

(To the tune of “A Hard Day’s Night” by The Beatles)

It’s been a hard day’s night,
And I’ve been working, in DC,
It’s been a hard day’s night,
I should be resting, and catching Z’s,
But when I get home to you, old mattress,
I find the things that you do, don’t put me at ease.

You know I work all day,
To get some money, to buy a new bed.
But it’s not enough for a Tempur-Pedic,
To rest my body, to rest my head.
So when I toss and turn all night,
I read this blog to solve my plight,
In hopes one day I’ll sleep ok.

When I sleep, everything seems to be good,
When I stir, I wake up agitated and in a bad mood!

It’s been a hard day’s night,
And I’ve been working, in DC,
It’s been a hard day’s night,
With a Tempur-Pedic,
I’d catch some Z’s.
I would wake up feeling fine,
I would have energy before nine,
And I would be so pleased!

– Written by Ben and Liz, who cherish a good night’s sleep!

What would I do with a new Tempur-pedic bed? I would give it to my 95-year-old grandfather. He deserves to have the best night sleep in the world. If you can imagine, your bones and joints get a little sore when you’ve almost reached 100. I want him to have the best mattress to give his back, knees and joints a break. Can you imagine how great he would feel each morning? I want to give him that gift–the chance to feel a little more limber when getting himself out of bed each morning. He still has the cheeriest, most optimistic outlook on life. He is the most creative, most loving and most adorable grandfather anyone could ask for. He inspires my life. A man who lives such a positive life deserves this treat.

With a better nights sleep my senses would be sharper, my mind would be quicker, and my mood would sore. I would stop to hear the birds outside my window, taste my food and feel the sun on my skin. Maybe I would invent something that stopped disease or hunger or pollution or war. You never know because, with a better night’s sleep, anything is possible.

My husband and I have wanted one forever. I would wake up for work without a haze and hurt back, go jogging, be able to sit in a movie theatre more comfortably, and not be as afraid to carry a baby for 9 months.

I would get a good nights sleep. My double bed is too small. I have been sleeping in it for ten years and it is too small for two adults. I have no budget for a larger bed, but I dream of actual comfort nightly. It would be so great to get a good nights sleep in a bed that fit us.

I would have less pain, and be a better dad to my kids. I would be able to do all the things a dad should do – wrestle, play ball, snuggle. Praying each day for less pain and more out of life.

For starters, here’s what I WOULDN’T do with a better night’s sleep:

I WOULDN’T be so restless in bed
I WOULDN’T get up and pace the floors at odd hours of the night
…which means…
I WOULDN’T accidentally step on my cat while stumbling about in the dark
I WOULDN’T also awaken anyone within earshot (after my cat’s inevitable piercing shriek)
I WOULDN’T subsequently trip and fall over countless other objects while trying to chase down and comfort/hush my crying kitty
…at which point…
I definitely WOULDN’T curse and complain loudly, thereby rousing anyone else on the block who hadn’t already been wakened by my cat’s previous screams
…and so…
I WOULDN’T finally have to resort to limping, half-asleep and thoroughly exasperated, downstairs to sit at my desk … and start composing notes of apology to my now similarly sleep-deprived neighbors.

You might say that with a better night’s sleep, I WOULD not only rest more soundly, but also sound more rested in the middle of the night – which ultimately would make me a better pet owner, neighbor and all-around good citizen. So, please, for the sake of humanity – help me to get a good night’s rest!

If I had a Tempur-Pedic bed, I would sleep and I would sleep damn good, and after I got my damn good night’s sleep, I would sleep some more, because sleeping = heaven!

I wouldn’t dare cross Chuck Norris, but with a good night’s sleep I would!

Upon the very first morning:

We’d emerge from a deep REM sleep, cats hovering over us with saucer-like eyes, staring curiously, wondering when it is we’ll begin our 2 hours of lower back exercises.

Today, kitties, they will not happen. Today, kitties, we’re feeling strangely fine. Today, kitties, it’s time for breakfast.

We’d step out into the world, saying silently to ourselves, “Ok, world, we think we’re ready.”

Underground, we’d let the throngs of commuters shove and push past us, spilling hot coffee on their hands as they sardine themselves into the subway car, because they KNOW: That if they do not sardine themselves into this particular subway car, there will never be another train.

We’ll step aside, smiling “Go ahead, we’ll get the next one.”

We’ll sit in our morning meetings, fielding all of those amplified opinions with a casualness that surprises even ourselves, an unprecedented sense of ease breezing through us.

Outside, that cold gray blanket of an overcast sky, the one that’s accustomed to making our eyelids heavy like pre-schoolers’ after snack time–today, that sky can try its trick on someone else.

Later, we’ll cook and we’ll marvel at the absence of the usual post-office complaints in our dinner conversation. The quiet breaks in our dialogue, we’re finding, feel quite nice.

The cats tilt their heads, remaining confused.

Tonight, kitties, we’re doing alright.

As the night draws to a close, we’ll slide into our new luxury, the one we’d known for so long we needed, maybe finally finishing that chapter, maybe fantasizing about our dream summers or the best ones we’d ever had. Voices getting quieter as we start to fade.

Finally…ready for the day to melt away, so that we can do it all over again.

I am a teacher and a foster mom. Many kids in care have problems going to sleep, staying asleep, and going back to sleep after a bad dream or night terror. This means I am up with them. Through all of the tears, rocking, and singing; I can barely keep my eyes open long enough to crawl back into my own bed and attempt to get enough sleep to function the next day. I must admit, as tired as I may be, getting back to sleep is a challenge many nights. Worries and fears swirl through my head and make my body tense up, which means I end up lying there wishing I was asleep, rather than actually sleeping. My mattress does NOT help matters! With a Tempur-Pedic mattress, I would at least be able to relax my body and get some sleep before morning comes. With more sleep, I would not only be able to wake up on the right side of the bed (does Tempur-Pedic have a wrong side??), but I would also have more energy to teach my students more effectively and have some left over at the end of the day to make sure that my temporary kiddos get the love and attention they need to heal their little hearts.

If I had a new bed

If I had a new bed, when my five month old baby woke up crying- I would have the energy to get up, too. I would go change him, put him in the stroller for a walk, and head to the park. I would spend my day playing on the floor and giving kisses on his tiny little cheeks. I would sing songs and dance around the living room. I would read him stories and use great voices for each of the characters. I would even do his laundry. And mine. Maybe. I would feel “up to” being a new mom instead of feeling like I need a nap.

With a better night’s sleep, I could finally concentrate on getting my dream climbing route done. Yawning every few minutes makes getting up the rock tough. And when you’re already starting out exhausted, every single move feels ten times more difficult. I took up climbing to enjoy the view, not to be defeated by a restless sleep! Tempur-pedic, help me top-out by gifting me some serious zzs!

I would really love a new bed to get a better night sleep. My fiancee and I are working really hard to pay for our wedding that will be next year and every night’s sleep counts. Sometimes we have a lot of overtime and a great night sleep really makes a difference for productivity at work, as well as the energy that’s left when you get home from work to spend time with your loved one. It would be a dream come true and a great beginning to our future together.

I have a back that my chiropractor refers to a “the brick wall” and my husband has cerebral palsy, so his muscles are spastic and tense. Yep, we’re a match made in heaven. Even when we sleep for 8 hours, we wake up in pain. If Piotr could get a relaxing restful night of sleep, he would wake up with the energy to face the day! I’m sure it would help with his CP and help him to not be so tense. He wouldn’t be too tired to go for walks with our dog, and we could both enjoy our time together after our 9-5’s. If I could get a restful night’s sleep, I would have the energy to be “super-wife” and can finally get serious about training to run a marathon this year!

A New Bed

What I would like from my new bed
Is not to ever feel the dread
The dread of waking up at night
and tossing-turning ’till morning light

To wake up rested and revived
No pains, no aches just will to thrive
Then off to work with a big smile
Complete and centered and with style

To come back home with certainty
That tonight will again it be
A peaceful and refreshing night
To get me ready for next day’s plight.


With a better nights sleep I could wake up super early before work and get a 3 mile run done!

i would make it to that elusive 5:45 am bootcamp exercise class!

With a better night sleep, I would wake up early and bake warm, delicious banana bread to bring to the office and share with my coworkers!

My husband and I need a new mattress yesterday! It’s something that always gets pushed lower on the to-buy list. With a new bed, I would wake up without a sore back. Hurray!

With a good night’s sleep, I’d laugh more and snap less. I’d take longer walks around the neighborhood with my kids. I would celebrate by taking a nap in the afternoon, and I’d go to bed earlier just so I could enjoy the comfy bed once more.

With a good night’s sleep I would get up without my annoying alarm, make it to class in time, and not nap during studying or class. I wouldn’t be consciously trying to stretch out my back throughout the day and maybe, just maybe I’ll have better posture.

With a better night’s sleep, I would be more rested and therefore a much more tolerant and benevolent mom instead of always losing patience with my 8 and 4 year old… I’d probably be nicer to my husband and my parents, too, so it would really impact more than one generation!

With a good night’s sleep I wouldn’t have trouble waking up early and enjoying the beautiful morning.

With a new bed I could sleep oh so soundly through the many life changes I’m currently making; Freshly single and living on my own (a new bed is like a fresh start in itself!) Going back to school and a new job on the horizon!

I’d also have sleepovers with my best friend who is 9 months pregnant and her five year old daughter while her husband works swing shift as a police officer.

With this new mattress I would give it to my parents who have not bought anything for themselves since their kids were born. They have a refrigerator older than me (I’m 22) and they don’t even know what a flat screen TV is! My dad has a terrible back and my mom has a restless sleep every single night. I would sleep better knowing they were.

With a new bed, I would let my husband sleep with me again. He could roll over any time he wanted without worrying about waking me up. We could both wake up refreshed and ready to start a new day.

If I got a new mattress, would jump on the bed every single day. Yes, my Mother taught me better than that but I wouldn’t be able to resist. I would also make cuddle-time a must instead of a maybe. Oh, and I would move movie night from the living room into the bedroom and build a fort out of my bed. With better sleep I would quit coming up with excuses about being too tired to go the gym.

So really, by getting a new mattress, I would not only be so happy. But I would enjoy the little things more and get in shape 🙂

with a new bed I (hopefully) wouldn’t wake up a zillion times in the night trying to get comfortable – and neither would my hubby who wakes up with back pain every single day!

We were thinking of replacing our 14 year old mattress on our 14th anniversary next month! With a new bed I would be able to get a good nights sleep. These days people are saying sleep is so important even for weight loss! Instead of having restless nights and waking up sore (could that be because of an old mattress?) I would wake up well rested, keep up with my 9 year old and really enjoy my day!

With a tempur-pedic, we could drink wine in bed, jump up and down and not bump our heads.

A tempur-pedic mattress gave my mother the best two weekends of sleep over the last year when we stayed at a friend’s condo in Florida. She is 65 years old and has two slipped discs in her back. She never complains and always has a good attitude. However, when we visited the condo again and she remarked that she had the best sleep again since last year, I knew it was the fabulous bed. Recently, I asked the owner what kind of bed it was (it was a tempur-pedic) but realized it was not something she could swing these days. So to simply answer your question, if she got a better night’s sleep, so would I! If we both got a better nights sleep, we would be better mother’s, her a better grandmother, better wives, better entrepenuers for our direct sales company, Kele & Co. Who knows, maybe I would even cook more!

I would slap my new bed on a boat and sail across the Pacific Ocean, basking in the glory of the comfortable mattress as I gaze up at the stars. I would not get a good night’s sleep, but a good day’s rest instead. I would wake up each night as the sun started to set and see the world transform into an exciting and magical place that only the depths of my pre-mattress imagination could conjure. Whales would leap through the moonlit water and fly over me before splashing back into the ocean and continuing their migration. Jellyfish would glow beneath me like a million faint lights guiding my way. Sharks would circle me, wishing that they could enjoy the simple pleasure of a firm, yet comfortable bed with the lumbar support that aimlessly drifting in water does not come close to providing. As the sun rises above the horizon for the final time and my incredible journey ends on the opposite end of the Pacific, I would emerge refreshed and rejuvenated, with,a new found appreciation for life.

I currently sleep on an aged coiled mattress, which has adopted a 45-degree angle in its golden years. At the beginning of the night I start at the crest of the bed with the sheets in tact. As the night progresses, I roll slowly down to the trough. The sheets take on funky configurations. I have feebly attempted to keep the sheets in place by safety pinning them to the bed, but the angle of the bed and slippery mattress are too much for them to compete with.

With a new bed, I would send my safety pins packing, never to use again. I would be free from the angular prison so prevalent in my dreams. Instead of sheets, I would rely on the clouds to entertain me with shape-shifting. I would celebrate the new-found flatness of the mattress by making “flat” the theme of my life. Paninis. Board Games. Flat Irons. Waffles? No, Pancakes. Dull conversations. Uncarbonated Soda. I would be so ecstatic, I think my heart would flat-line.

With a new bed, I would:
-protect it from those rascally bed bugs
-wake up without back pain and feel like I’m in my 20’s not 60’s (no judgment)
-wake up on the “right side of the bed”
-have no more case of the Mondays 🙂

A better night’s sleep would mean plenty of brain power and energy to blog….blogging about my wonderful Temper-pedic mattress! I love telling others what’s worked for me, and I’d definitely spread the word. I’ve heard so much about this brand, and I’d love to experience the much needed rest I’ve been told Temper-pedic gives!

Our 20 something (?) bed has been through three newlywed couples and our three children (and all that has been demanded, spilled, or leaked on it during those years).

I think it’s time for a new bed and just in time for a new baby in September. And I’m thinking that maybe the baby will sleep better on a new mattress. Baby sleeps = I sleep. What could be better than that?

This could be potentially great news for me. And I heard that if one person moves on the bed, it doesn’t jiggle like a normal mattress would. (Then those multiple nightly nursing sessions won’t wake the man of the house.)

I’m moving back in with my parents after 6 years living across the country– it’s an exciting move (I’m going to law school in my home town!), but it also means that I’m returning to the WORST mattress in the world. I didn’t even know how bad it was until I went to college and realized that I preferred sleeping on the weird, plastic covered twin bed from the 70s in my dorm room to my bed at my parent’s house.

With a new Tempur-Pedic mattress and a good night sleep, I will be able to give law school my all!

A better night’s sleep would mean the world to me. My fiancé and I both have terrible lumpy spring mattresses that are old and uneven. He will be deploying to Afghanistan in a few months and I will be moving down with him just before which means I will be sleeping on his bed that could be a pond if water didn’t sink through. It wold mean that I no longer had the back pains that I usually do when I sleep in his bed and iris something that we are not currently budgeting for because we have a wedding and a new vehicle to pay for that are parity to us. Basically,it would mean the world!!!

I am a 22 year old recent college graduate. Due to countless all nighters, my sleep pattern is completely interrupted and my 20 year old mattress is no help. If I were able to get a new bed and a full nights sleep, I would be able to work on paintings and new art pieces all day and not have to take a nap at any point (which interrupts my creativity). That would simply be AMAZING 🙂

I would awake without all of the pain I that is now a part of my daily routine. When I did sleep on a Tempur-Pedic mattress, I slept through the night and woke up rested and ready to take on the world, without the usual pain.

If I got a new bed, I would redecorate my room with a new comforter and pillows so that when my boyfriend gets back from Italy, our bedroom will be the perfect combination of our favorite colors and prints. Plus, we wouldn’t have to share the twin size bed.

With a better night’s sleep, I might begin to take back my life! I suffer from both restless leg syndrome and fibromyalgia, so it does not take much for me to feel pain and wake at night. We have the best mattress we could get when we were shopping, but it is nothing compared to what a Tempur-Pedic could offer according to our friends that own one. Sleep can do more for me than any medicine out there. It is what my body needs! If I can sleep well…I can feel well and live my life better!

Sleep, blessed sleep. I don’t sleep horribly on my current mattress. Its the getting up part- ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.

That’s why I want a new mattress- so no more ouch.

What would a do with a new mattress? Replace my very old, no good, not at all comfortable, awfully squeaky bed. Did I mention squeaky? Darn box springs.
In turn, with a good nights sleep, I would be ready to take on the world (go me!) or at the very least, take on the crazy drivers during my morning commute!

I’d hope that a new mattress would give my husband and I such a restful night’s sleep that we would have more energy to keep up with our 1.5-year-old.
And if we had more energy, maybe my husband would consider… well… not sleeping, so that my 1.5-year-old may get to be a big brother.

I beg you. Please. Free my spine from its eternal torment.

My husband and I are in our mid-twenties and are currently sleeping on a support-free “brick” that had previously resided in my mother-in-law’s guest room (blessedly, we were the first people to ever use it, because yick).

Help us.

My boyfriend and I recently relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, after living with his parents for two year. As of right now we are using a futon for both a bed and couch, which is not very ideal for 30 year olds. With a great night’s sleep, I would be far more productive. I’d finally sort through all boxes stacked up, maybe knit (my shoulders kill me sleeping on this crappy old thing [side sleepers beware of cheap beds!]) or even get around to the blog I’ve neglected since registering its domain months ago. A good night sleep is much more precious as I, albeit slowly, crawl into adulthood. I am thirty, remember? Who doesn’t have a proper bed by my age? No, seriously. Who? Me, that’s who.

Wow. Three years ago while pregnant, I vowed to buy a new mattress. Then came all the new baby expenses – new crib, new swing, new clothes, new toys… We put ourselves on hold and cut to three years later, same old mattress and baby number two on the way. Oh boy, what woud I do with a new mattress? I’d be a better mom to a two year old lovable tyrant. I’d be a better wife to the world’s greatest stay at home dad and I’d be a better pregnant woman!

With a better night’s rest, I’d be able to get up a bit earlier and exercise instead of hitting my snooze button 5 times!

With a good nights rest, I would wake up early on weekends during the summer, pack up the car with tons of fun yard games and a giant cooler of summery food of course (I’m thinking strawberry lemonade, fruit salad, and chicken tacos) and head to the beach for the day with a group of friends!

What would I do with a better night’s sleep? Does such a thing exist? I’m sure it does but I wouldn’t know about it! We are sleeping on a hand me down mattress that is almost as old as me. On most nights there is at least one if not two children sleeping in between us and a dog at our feet, that seems to take up more room than my husband or myself. Of course the above mentioned child/ren are usually wedged into my back because the above mentioned mattress has a “king’s crown” AKA a huge bump in the middle of the mattress, so it seems that we are sleeping on a hill. My husband has a bad back from his job/old mattress and dreams of the day of waking up refreshed and energized. So if he slept and woke up without pain he would work faster,harder more productivley, get a raise with a promotion we could move to the south of France and live happily ever after. As for me, if I woke up refreshed I could run that 5 miles everyday, clean the house, bake fresh bread daily, become the president of my children’s PTA and become a better mom and wife so that when we do retire to the south of France I will be fit and happy! So yes a new bed sounds wonderful!!

My current box-spring is retirement age,
but is hard to replace on a minimum wage.
But a new mattress you say?
Keeping nightmares away?!
And instead sweet slumbers…
Without jerking, twisting, and rousing tumblers?

A perfect mattress at long last,
Where I can ignore the alarm long past,
To live in my dreams without being disturbed,
On a Tempur-Simplicity mattress unperturbed.
With a few extra hours of blissful sleep no longer deferred,
I’d awake a friend, mother, and partner much more preferred.

To be gifted a mattress, my first grown-up one indeed,
Has ignited my inner poet to plead,
A case for this dreamer and her partner who needs more rest,
To simply transform awakened their best.

I would throw away my 15-year-old inherit-a-mattress and get a good night’s rest again! Fate placed a Tempur-pedic under my husband’s and my head back in 2007 for a few years. My husband is a particularly tall dude (6’6″) and all elbows and knees. For those years of our marriage before we had such a wonderful bed, I never slept the night through, had bruises, had back pain, and was generally exhausted. The tempur-pedic made me feel like a single girl again with a bed all to myself! My husband slept better, threw fewer elbows my way, and I slept like a log. Now that we’re back to inherit-a-mattress, I frequently wake with a knee in my gut, or, like last night, with a elbow to the head. Though we can’t afford an upgrade yet, I am counting the days and pinching my pennies. So, what would I do with a tempur-pedic mattress? Anything in the world, since my rugby-playing, elbow-throwing, knee-jabbing husband will sleep peacefully enough for me to sleep like a baby.

I am 8 months pregnant and lets say I have not had a good night sleep for about 5 months now. I know once baby comes things are not going to get better in that department, but both my husband and I are exited to welcome a new addition to our little family. If I win a new Tempur-Pedic bed I will put it to good use, like taking naps while the boys nap, and whenever possible. I have an old bed right now, about 8 years old, oh my goodness is it that old? I could use a new bed for a better night sleep.

With a good night’s sleep I could become a superhero. With a good night’s sleep I could become an artist. With a good night’s sleep I could become a world renowned chef. With a good night’s sleep I could become a teacher, a pirate, a dancer and a rockstar. Actually, a good nights sleep won’t do that to me, I transformed into all of those and more when I became a mom. But a good nights sleep will allow me to do the best job in the world even better.

I have not slept a good night’s sleep since before getting pregnant with my (now 1-year-old) son. If I had a new bed, with an awesome mattress, I am sure that the minute my head hit the pillow, I’d conk out and be able to tune out my son’s restless leg movements and snoring. (His crib is still in our room, because we have a small apartment.)

My husband was hit by a car a few years ago and ever since, he has the hardest time falling and staying asleep. Then, when he gets up in the morning, he backs hurts terribly. We have been told that a Tempur-pedic bed would make his back feel better – however, we just haven’t been able to make it happen. He is an amazing man who works hard, plays hard and spends every possible free moment with us (his family!) I would love to surprise him with a perfect night’s rest!

my boyfriend and i just took the plunge
and moved in together
it’s simultaneously the best and hardest thing
i’ve ever done
and the last thing i want to worry about
is not getting a good night sleep
i want to be
less cranky
more pleasant
more thoughtful
less achy
& more energetic
so that i can fall more and more in love every day

Ah, insomnia
will a new bed allow me
to see the sun rise?

This rock that I sleep on is driving me nuts,
blurry eyed and restless I have turned into a klutz,
my kids look bewildered when I step out in the morning,
their instantly aware, my look is their warning,
if only something could bring me some sleep,
rescue this house and bring back the peace,
the job isn’t easy but I know who can do it,
the one and only tempur-pedic.

“Noun: the natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored.
Verb: Rest; relax the mind and body to it’s full potential.”

Sleep.. what is that? I would find out if I had a Tempur-Pedic (A.K.A Magical) Mattress. Then I would do it all of the time.

Picture me–ME!–running the streets of my neighborhood at 6 a.m, getting into shape and loving it. I’m wearing those tight black running pants and actually look good in them, thanks to the great nights’ sleep I’ve been getting on my new bed 🙂

Then try to imagine me showered and ready to go by 7 a.m., in the kitchen making magical lunches for my kids that will involve much more than just peanut butter and jelly. We’re talking mango slices, star shaped sandwiches, and Pirate’s Booty, all neatly arranged in a bento box. This wouldn’t have happened had I not had a terrific night’s sleep!

Finally, sniff the air…do you smell it? Yep, that’s the scent of laundry softener + bread baking + fresh paint + happy children. A rested mom = a productive mom which = a happy mom, and in turn a happy family, right?

Oh, imagine the possibilities if I won that bed!

I would do what every other mom with tiny children who keep them up all hours would do. I’d catch as much sleep as I can (without doubt much better and more comfortable sleep if everything I’ve heard about Tempurpedic is true), snuggle that teething baby back to sleep, and do it all over again the next night. And I’ll love every minute of it!

I’m just starting out after finishing college and buying a mattress can be expensive and buying a nice one can be really expensive! For the time being, I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress while I save up.

I’d love to start out this next chapter of my life on the right foot by being well rested!

My husband and I got our mattress eleven years ago, and it’s been in need of a replacement for at least half that long. With a better night’s sleep, I would wake up happy, be able to take time to exercise, make a fabulous breakfast for my family, and pack my day full of reading and activities with my family. And maybe I wouldn’t fall asleep midday when I put the baby down for a nap!

I would probably stay in bed all day to enjoy the amazingness of the tempur pedic bed!

The day I left home for college at the ripe age of 17, my mother gave me the best gift I have ever received: two matching Tempur-Pedic pillows.

I’d always found it difficult to fall asleep, and over the years had experimented with different methods: from buckwheat, feather, and foam pillows; to sleeping in a hammock installed in my bedroom! Ten years later, I still have my Tempur-Pedic pillows, and I refuse to sleep without one. Unfortunately, I’ve also been lugging around the same mattress I’ve had since high school. Through college, my first few low paying jobs after graduation, and now as I attend graduate school, I’ve come home each night to my one-sided, increasingly weighty, warehouse sale mattress…a stark contrast to the pillows that sit upon it.

There isn’t a night that goes by that I don’t fantasize about owning a Tempur-Pedic bed! So the question is not what I would do with a better night’s sleep, it’s what wouldn’t I do! With the time saved from no longer tossing and turning each night to fall asleep, I’d spend the time before bed reading a novel or a great article. I’d wake up earlier to take a jog in the nearby park before going to class or reporting to my internship office. I’d dedicate more time to my post-graduation job search, squeeze in more time with family, cook more, nap less, and finally look forward to the far off concept of sleeping in on Sundays!

And the money I’d save! I’d spend less money on muscle-soothing balms for those perpetual pinched nerves, under-eye treatments to improve “tired eyes,” over-the-counter pain relievers for back and neck soreness, and teas and natural supplements promising a better night’s sleep.

Most importantly, I’d cherish the health and energy that only a regular full night’s sleep can bring. I am twenty-seven years old, I eat right and I exercise regularly, and I am sitting in front of a computer right now with a terribly painful pinched nerve as I prepare for a final exam tomorrow morning. This shouldn’t be! Replacing my old, uncomfortable mattress just isn’t financially feasible for me, so winning a new Tempur-Pedic bed would be a dream come true.

My husband and I have a house full of hand-me-down furniture, including a bed that is roughly 40-45 years old. Needless to say, we are in need of purchasing a new mattress set. However, we have two beautiful babies under two years old and extra cash for furniture is a mere dream. Our 21 month old son often ends up in our bed in the middle of the night and a near half-century old, full sized bed does not sleep two adults and a wiggly little boy very well. When I was 18 I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my back that was treated with steroid epidural shots. Now, at 25, I wake up with pain and stiffness due to the lack of support from our mattress. If I were to be chosen as a recipient for the Tempur Pedic mattress, I believe my entire family would be able to sleep better (and pain free)..not to mention that a queen sized bed would hold everyone much more comfortably.

I don’t actually own a bed. My landlord is letting me use one of his currently. I also am 32 and single. These two things may be connected. Hopefully by owning a bed, I will finally land me a man. At least, it would be something to add to my husband hunting resume.

with a better nights sleep I might actually get some sleep without tossing and turning

Sleep has been so elusive for the past several years that I have absolutely no idea what I would be capable of with a good nights rest. My goal would be to get up before everyone else and take the dogs for a nice long walk (maybe eventually a run) before starting the day. And some extra snuggle time with the kids and hubby in the evening would end the day just right!

I’d have more energy to do more chores around the house!

I have been overweight for years. After struggling and succeeding to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction, surviving a divorce, and reveling in god-parenting my young nieces, I have finally begun to do something JUST for me. I am now training for a charity 5K race, which it to be run at the end of this month. And I will continue to train for 10Ks and half-marathons. While I KNOW I’m healthier and generally happier, my body is revolting– my back and joints have declared a mutiny. I would use this bed to rest my weary bones, recharge my aching body, and wake revived and ready for another day of a reclaimed life.

with sleep sufficient
i’d indulge creative muse
and wax poetic

I have five wonderful kids. Each of those children has spent many nights being held in my arms when they didn’t feel well or had a bad dream. All of them have been held in the same bed I received as a wedding present seventeen years ago. What a wonderful thing a new mattress would be. A cozy boat as we go on adventures reading books and snuggling under the covers. A treetop perch to look down on the flooded world as we pretend to be fairies. To sleep in a new mattress without the worn spots would be a dream and help give me the energy to enjoy the dreams of my family.

A new bed might just help my chronic neck pain! I’d not only have a better night’s sleep, but I’d save so much time not having to go to the physical therapist every week! What would I do with that time? I’d finish my dissertation, cook healthy meals for my family, and finally pull the weeds in the vegetable garden!

If Tempur-Pedic promises a good night sleep, even with a 1-month-old, I’m going out to buy one right now (unless I win one)! Especially these days with a newborn, I KNOW how important a good night’s sleep really is. At this time in my life I’m excited if I get 4 hours in a row, and it’s important that those 4 hours really count. I think a Tempur-Pedic would promise just that. With a good, solid night’s rest I can just feel the range of motion in my neck and back returning to normal. I’d be happy to set my alarm to get an early start on the day since I know I’d be refreshed and ready. I’d start out with a morning jog. I could give you a run down of my ‘perfect’ day, but really I imagine I would feel energized and therefore productive and happy. My 18-month-old would be so excited to get to have a longer round of ‘chase’ and my husband would enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal. You can’t put a price on feeling great due to a good night’s rest!

This bed would be for my Mom. She is an amazing woman. She wakes up at 330 every morning to go clean and care for elderly. I recently had the unpleasant experience of sleeping in her bed over Christmas. There was one point when I thought the floor would be better on my back. I’m not sure how she sleeps in it every night and it’s only a few years old. She deserves to wake up feeling great, rested and no aches and pains from her bed.

My sister and brother-in-law have gone through five beds within the last year of their marriage. My sister needs soft and my brother needs firm; you see the problem! They have always wanted a tempur-pedic bed, but with occupational therapy school coming up in the fall, a one year old little boy, and baby on the way, monetary wise it’s not possible. If I won the tempur-pedic bed I would give this to them in a heart beat! I know my sister would wake up more ready to juggle the kids and my brother-in-law ready to tackle his difficult masters program. I know a better nights sleep would help them feel more invigorated and excited to start each new day. This would be such a blessing for them. Thank you so much for your consideration!

What could I accomplish with a good night’s sleep? An extra load of laundry a day. A better cooked dinner. Play with my daughter and my dog. Take a walk. Make my work day smoother. Laugh! Spend time with friends. Clean the bathroom. Organize my junk drawer. Call people I”m usually to tired to call. Visit my Grandma. Watch my nephew play baseball. Not be so crabby! You know…the basic SuperWoman tasks that I’m now way to tired to do.

I would make a point of getting a solid 8 hours of sleep with a new bed!

Your question is simply my answer; I would get a better nights sleep. My husband and I have gone through 3 beds this year, as a result of not being able to find one that suits my (or rather, our) needs. Being a ballerina, the one thing I look forward to at night full of sleep. Why? On a daily basis, my body is incredibly sore, often in pain and certainly tired. This year, I’ve been experiencing back pain- and I am convinced it is my bed (not ballet)! I can only imagine what it would feel like to fall asleep on such a nice bed and wake up feeling refreshed, rested and free of back pain! This is a lovely giveaway- thanks for the opportunity to enter it! xo

Hi 🙂

I would give it to my senior Mom who has been wanting one more than almost anything. She would love it! She takes care of her brother, and deserves it more than anyone I know.

I would give it to my senior Mom who has been wanting one more than almost anything. She would love it! She takes care of her brother, and deserves it more than anyone I know.

Oh my goodness, what would I do with a better night’s sleep! I can tell by many of the posts that some very young bodies would love this mattress. But so would my more “mature” body. I would love to have a night’s sleep like I used to 40 years ago, or maybe 20 years ago, I would love to sleep even like I did 5 years ago. I wake up too often in the night “creeky” and just can’t go back to sleep, so I just get up and get to work. What would I do with a better night’s sleep – dance like nobody’s watching!

A better night’s sleep, on a Tempur-Pedic bed, would be so refreshing, I would express my joy through song. My love of song writing has dwindled, but a better night’s sleep would be just the thing to bring it back. Of course I’d write about my fabulous Tempur-Pedic bed, and maybe I could finally realize my dream of writing and singing a jingle for a commercial. Anything is possible with a better night’s sleep on a Tempur-Pedic bed!

As an insomniac who works mornings (like 5am YIKES) a good night’s sleep makes me feel like a million dollars. Right now I am sleeping on a futon due to college student broke-ness. I am constantly running around the city and my job involves running up ladders and carrying heavy objects so when I get home my whole body aches! Sleeping on a junky futon makes me feel worse. I am constantly falling asleep in class. With a Tempur-Pedic bed I would be able to make the most of the crazy sauce that is my life!

If I had a good mattress I will be rested enough to go and tell everyone I know how my back doesn’t hurt anymore. All my friends will thank the company for not having to listen to me complain about my old mattress. I will be so happy that they will and go running to buy a Tempur-Pedic to see what they are missing.

If I had a solid night of sleep I would probably be able to wake up before 9am and maybe even be able to wake up before my husband heads off to work at 6:30am. but that’s probably just wishful thinking.

Wow!! I would take the next day after my first great night’s sleep and clean up my whole house to host a little summer party 🙂

I sleep on a horribly lumpy mattress. I always hope that I am absolutely exhausted at the end of the day, otherwise it is almost impossible to fall asleep because it is so uncomfortable! I am dreaming of the day I can afford a new mattress. With a new mattress and a good nights sleep I would finally have the energy I need to reach all my goals: losing weight, exercise regularly, finish my master’s thesis, and getting a job at a non-profit… instead of dragging my feet all day long.

I’ve moved a lot over the last 8 years for school and now I’ve been back at home living with my parents since my mom was, once again, diagnosed with cancer. Moving back home was a huge challenge as I lived in NY and sold all of my furniture but was lucky to receive my brother’s hand-me-down bed (which I am so thankful for) as he upgraded to a Tempur-Pedic bed over a year ago! My parents have had the same bed for the past 15 years, which is possibly the most uncomfortable bed I’ve ever been on, however, purchasing a new bed with my mom’s medical bills is not an option. Since she’s been getting her treatment, I’ve been taking my mom on weekend trips to my brother’s house so she can relax on his bed for a few days and get out of her normal routine. She has the most flawless night of sleep ever on that type of bed!

If I won this giveaway, as much as I would want to keep the bed for myself, I would give it to my parents. They have done so much for me, even allowing me to live with them now and have the most amazing outlook for life, even when times are tough. I think it would be such a great gift to say a small “thank you” for being so wonderful to me. Not to mention, It would make my mom so happy to be able to upgrade from a 15 year old full size bed to share! If she would ever leave her bed, I would definitely sneak in a little nap to enjoy it a bit too! :]

I’m an eighteen year old community college student who lives at home with her parents. Though a tempur-pedic would be a miracle after a closing shift I honestly would like to give it as a gift to my parents, or more so my father. Recently he suffered from what we thought was an aneurism and spent quite sometime in the hospital. After several inconclusive tests we still have no solid diagnosis of what happened to him aside from the fact that an excess of blood was created around his brain causing him a great deal of pain and sapping him of all his energy. He has just made it back home this week and my mom and I couldn’t be happier. I have so much to be thankful for because of him. My community college has been paid for so that I could enter the job market later in life with less debt and when I totaled my car instead of letting me dwell on my loss and the trauma he got me started towards a new vehicle. Not to mention all the constant love and support he and my mom have given me through my life. As the blood drains from his around his brain it has and will continue to cause pressure along his spinal cord for upwards of a year. The pain makes it very difficult for him to get full nights of sleep that are crucial to him regaining his strength. This bed would be an amazing gift to them towards recovery that I would be so blessed to be able to give. Win or not I’m so proud of the resilient fighter that my father is and we will do whatever possible to help him on this winding road back to his health.

I would do more with a better night’s sleep: more walking, more exercise, more dancing, more traveling! I’m currently 21 and the reason I sometimes feel so limited is because I was diagnosed with scoliosis since I was 11. All through middle school, I wore a back brace at night (which, though terribly uncomfortable, the huge plastic corset at least cured me of my sleepwalking if nothing else). You can’t cure scoliosis with a back brace (only surgery can do that), so I was “lucky” that I stopped growing, halting my spine to 43 degree curve. While I don’t suffer from chronic back pain (yet), I find that I can’t do what I want to for as long as I want to. Malls, museums, sight-seeing — after a few hours, my back starts yelling STOP! With proper support from a Tempur-Pedic mattress, my back might finally be able to do as much as the rest of me can!

I’m turning 30 next month but I feel like I’m turning 60 because of how poorly I sleep these days! A new mattress would be a dream come true: I could sleep through the night! Many of my friends have kids who won’t let them sleep through the night – as much as I’d like kids someday, I wish I could enjoy not having anyone wake me up… only I can’t, because I haven’t slept solidly in years. As a graduate a student who is renting one room in a house, a new, deluxe mattress isn’t exactly in my price range right now. Winning a new mattress and being able to get a full night’s sleep would not only boost my outlook on life, it would remind me that I am still young and have so much life to live!

I just started graduate school in a new city and couldn’t afford much in the way of a mattress. I wake up every morning with an aching back and struggle to make it through the long days of reading and writing without falling asleep. A new bed might make all the difference for my graduate career, I can only imagine how much more focused I would be after a good night’s sleep.

If I had a new Tempur-Pedic bed, I would first try jumping on the bed with a full glass of water (too chicken to use red wine) placed on the mattress just to see if it spills. I’ve always wanted to do that! Then, I would probably get one of the best night’s sleep in a long time.

Oh, the things I would do with a new bed! Hours of sound sleep, afternoon naps, reading propped up on comfy new pillows, talking on the phone or video chatting with my family across the country, packing for trips and new adventures, folding laundry (maybe this would get done with a nice firm bed!), being brought soup when I’m sick, watching a movie on my laptop on a rain day, and snuggling up with my boyfriend 🙂

It would be so nice to wake up without my back killing me. I feel like an old lady in the morning!

If I had a new tempur-pedic bed I would sigh with much needed relief. I have scholiosis and although I get my 6-8hrs of sleep it isn’t solid sleep and I wake with soar restless muscles. A tempur-pedic bed would relax my back and maybe for the first time in a long time I may wake with no back pain. That kind of joy would probably inspire me to decorate a whole bedroom set around that wonderful bed and to sew new bedding to showcase our new comfortable mattress. The skies the limits when someone has a restful sleep. 🙂

Three and a half years ago I lost my job in the suburbs of Detroit. I have not been able to find another full time job since then, which has resulted in some severe insomnia. I do not even remember the last time I slept more than four straight hours in a night. I cannot even imagine a entire night of sleep. Eight full hours!! My gosh, I would be a totally different person. Perhaps I would have enough energy to get my life in order and to make a delicious breakfast. I might even have the moxie to try something new, like yoga or zumba!

In all seriousness, I’ve discovered that mattresses are not something to skimp on. Fresh out of school and moving to my own place, I picked up the cheapest I could get, which led to what my boyfriend has affectionately termed “sleep boogieing.” I toss. I turn. I steal all the covers. A new mattress would do wonders not only for my sleeping habits, but for my boyfriend’s sanity. I’d like to start every morning with enough energy to embrace my inner toddler by jumping up and down on the bed. And with such a high quality mattress, think of the air time I could get. 🙂

I have been traveling for the last 3 weeks straight for work, and I have slept in a different bed nearly every night. From lumpy to bumpy to hard to soft, if I could get a good night’s sleep, I’m pretty sure I would wake up without and achy back and with more energy to face the day!

with a better night’s sleep, I would wake up with a smile each morning and use that increased mental energy to ask harder questions and perform more creative pursuits!

First, need i say, this is an amazing offer!! With a better nights sleep I hink I could rule the world. So many times I wish there were more hours in the day, but I mainly think this would be possible if i slept better! I would get up and not feel groggy for once! I could take on the day with more frequent early morning workouts before running off to class and work. I would finally be able to wake up and not notice the dark circles around my eyes. I’m pretty sure my favorite part of the day would be crawling under the sheets, sighing, and reciting to myself how much i love my bed. Heres to nights without sleep talking and disruptive dreams!

With a new bed I would finally be able to get out of my childhood twin! It was great when I was in college apartments and needed the space in my room more than a bed, but now that I’m an adult, it’s time for something more grown up.

With a new bed, I would feel like an adult 🙂 I sleep fairly well, but I would love to have a comfy bed to call my very own–we are nearly always renting, or living somewhere temporary with our grad student lifestyle so far that we have slept in mattresses borrowed from parents on the floor or whatever came with our furnished apartment. Now that we are parents, and I’ll be done with grad school soon, we are looking forward to having a place of our own with a special bedroom of our own.

I should start off by saying that when I sleep, I’m a kicker, cuddler, roller, talker, hitter — in a nutshell.

I’m also a wife.

Which means, when I’m moving around the bed all night, my husband gets woken up. He gets smothered, and sometimes, he gets hit.

While I don’t expect anything short of a straight jacket to help with the hitting, if he couldn’t feel my rolling around and re-adjusting, maybe he would get a better night’s sleep. And hey, maybe it I was more comfortable, I would too.

If I got a better night’s rest, I wouldn’t have a sore neck part way through my day. I would probably suffer fewer headaches, and end up taking fewer naps. For the first time in a long time, maybe I would be a morning person. I would go move the car in the morning out of the 2 hour parking we use at night because we don’t want to pay for a parking spot because we would rather support our baking habit.

If my husband got a good night’s rest, maybe he would go back to sleep when I wake him up in the wee hours of the morning. He could be ready for those long hours of work and commute.

Maybe if he got a good night’s rest, he would bake more cookies for me. And, well, who doesn’t want that?

What would I do with a new bed? I would sleep like I did when I was single. I wouldn’t be smacked, elbowed, rolled on top of during the middle of the night. I could finally sleep peacefully just like I did when I was single.

Oh my, with a good bed and good sleep I believe I would dream again. I need some consistent rest to recharge my creative mind. In dreams lies the opportunity to solve many of life’s dilemmas.

Ooooh, I could SO use a decent night’s sleep!
We’ve had the same lumpy bumpy mattress for 20 years. Yup. It’s gone through 2 kids, 7 moves, 4 cats, 2 dogs, and our own ever-growing waistlines. It really wants to retire!
Thanks for the chance to win our dream bed!

What wouldn’t I do for a better night’s sleep? I’m currently sleeping on a futon mattress topped with a cheap feather bed. As for the base? It’s a mishmash of pieces (a metal bed frame with wood slats and a “custom” support piece my dad made so that my head wouldn’t keep sinking towards the floor while I slept.) Although I’m impressed with my MacGyver capabilities regarding my sleeping situation, having a “real” bed would be amazing. I love sleep, I really do. I’d like to think that a good night’s sleep would help me be a better person, especially since I see a correlation between the amount of sleep I get and how wonderful the world is looking each day–a cheerful disposition reminds me to keep “paying it forward.”

To top it all off, it would also be a great excuse to buy a pretty new set of sheets!

What would I do with a better nights sleep – enjoy it! I’m so tired of being tired… day in and day out. I’m missing my Mom right now and it just feels like life is hard right now. I need something to shift gears. Maybe this could be the dynamic to change it. I would love to find out! Thanks for sharing.

I have a 7 month old who hates to sleep, so I’d make Grandma and Grandpa take her, get my own blanket and pillow, and sleep for 12 hours. Maybe 14.

A Haiku:

With better sleep I:
shine brighter, work harder, move
mountains…I sparkle!

With a new bed I would sleep more. Sleep is my verb, it’s what I do (so awesomely)

What would I do with a good night of sleep?
I would seize the opportunities of each new day, without the stiff back and knee aches that our “pressure (pin) pointing” Sleep Number bed provides. I would love to give up the hammock to be cradled in comfort each night.

With a new bed, that’s firmer than our current one, my husband and I could finally sleep in the same room! My baby girl is just one, and we’ve been on the double bed I grew up using, and my DH has been on the one in our bedroom. With a temperpedic, we could all 3 be together…. as he wouldn’t have his chronic sleep issues paired with a wiggly girl ( ok, 2 of us wiggly girls…)
With clean bright sheets, I’d buy new pillows, and we’d celebrate spring by sleeping!

I would hope to give the bed for a better night’s sleep to someone who’s earned it in my book. Call him Rudy, he’s been a full time employee and student since high school in order to start the college he’s dreamed of attending. He begins in August, and he’ll be commuting back for work on the weekends from this school, but he’ll still need a bed for his apartment. Needless to say, he could use an extra-good night’s sleep on a Tempur-Pedic. And in two years more… he may be willing to share ; )

I recently stayed at a hotel with a Tempur-Pedic mattress and it is a complete understatement to say that I felt like a new person in the morning.

I’ve thought long and hard about this experience and would give anything to have this experience in my life regularly.

Simply put, it could change my life.

i’ve had the same bed for 13 years.
there’s a me-shaped “trough” that i have impressed upon it.
it makes a cozy nest to sleep in, but it’s not so good for my back, my neck, my shoulders.
it’s there even if when flip or rotate the mattress.
which, if my math is correct, means that there are actually FOUR troughs.
what would i do with a new bed?
i’d climb out of my trough.
it’s time for a new bed.

If I had a better night’s sleep, I’d have the ambition, energy, and grace I know I can but am usually just too tired to muster. With a good night’s sleep, I’ll be less selfish (always thinking about and worrying about where I’ll find the energy to do what needs to be done each day) and I’ll focus on helping myself and my family make positive changes in the way we live in this world. Restful sleep on a nice bed is something most of us expect and are capable of achieving (at least once our kids’ start sleeping through the night, too!). I’d like to focus my sleep-driven energy on improving the lives’ of people who might not even have beds or who, because of circumstances in their lives, are unable to rest peacefully. With the increased energy and clarity of mind I’d get from a good night’s sleep I’ll be able to think outside of my own small world and focus on the needs of others.

I would certainly get better sleep which means that there would be one happier and more patient mama and papa in the house. Then I would wake up refreshed and have more energy to clean the house and play!

I have been sleeping on an old lumpy mattress for longer than I care to remember. Most nights I wake up in the sag in the middle of the bed, and most mornings my body aches. I have a pretty active lifestyle. I work on my feet 10 hours a day as a veterinary assistant, and in my time off I go hiking and rock climbing. A better mattress would help me to wake up feeling refreshed and better able to kick ass – on the wall or in the hospital. Unfortunately, vet assistants make next to nothing – it’s a labor of love – so purchasing a quality mattress is just not a reality for me. However, I would be very grateful to win something so luxurious.

Well my husband and I have shared our full size bed for the eight years that we have been married. During year one of our marriage we began to share our bed with our shaggy 50 pound mutt Argyle: cuddly! Then in year two came along our first baby, finnegan. So that’s two adults, one dog and a baby in a full size bed: snuggly! Then in year four came our second baby boy, Murphy! Two (very tired)adults, one dog, a (sneaky, crib escaping) toddler, and a baby in a full size bed: cozy!? And year number 6 of our blessed marriage brought (surprise!) baby boy number three: locklan! So that’s two (exhausted) adults, no dog (don’t even think about it argyle!), a (puppy dog eyed) preschooler, a (wizardly, crib escaping) toddler and a (bonus) baby in a full size bed: ridiculous!! If we had a new, more spacious bed, we would all most definitely get a better night’s sleep! With a better night’s sleep I could spend more time playing and engaging in the activities we dream about like hiking, fishing, picnicking. We could actually enact all the lofty ideas I have for family adventures rather than spending so much time hacking mapquest to ensure that all afternoon
activities are routed through a Starbucks drive thru.

Well, since a couple months ago when I moved half way across the country from Massachusetts and couldn’t take my bed with me, I have been sleeping in a Walmart air bed passed down to me by a friend. Trust me when I say that it would be incredible to upgrade to a Tempur-Pedic Simplicity bed vs. going through the nightly routine of re-inflating my bed (…it has an air leak).

What would I do with a better night sleep? I certainly hope that my mood improves and I finally get to join everyone’s Spring cheer. Plus, it would make it easier to get ready for school and studying and have more energy during the day. I am finishing my masters in nursing and about to start clinicals so a good night’s sleep is nothing short of essential. Also, having a comfortable bed would probably get me to bed at an earlier time every evening, something I have a really hard time with and have been trying create a habit of (since I would actually look forward to going to bed).

Besides, wouldn’t it be great if I could avoid the weekly stiff necks and frequent back pains?. Though there is something to be said about inflatable air beds, you don’t tend to get injured when falling off of bed in your sleep 😉

PS- If I get a new bed i’ll definitely use it to jump up and down in it and have a stress releasing pillow fight (possibly with the wall). hmmm…There’s an idea.

What would I do with a better nights sleep? Well after recently becoming a mother again (I now have 3 kids under the age of 4), its hard to think what I woul

Oh, If I had a better night’s sleep!
(a poem of sorts, by rachel)

I’m fin’shing my doct’rate in Neuroscience, but insomnia’s ruining my work.
It’s a mix of my bed and anxiety, and has giv’n me an unhealthy quirk.
I can’t get the sleep that I’m craving, and i’m suf’ring to write just a word.
Even worse, science doesn’t excite me, which is odd, ’cause i’m kinda a nerd.

Do please give me this bed, I so need it!
My back and my neck have decreed it!
And if I had the sleep I so desperately need,
I’d finish my thesis with lightning-fast speed!

and then you’ll all have to call me ‘Doctor Rachel’
(but not the kind that can help you with that tickle in your throat…)

I’m a neuroscientist, not an english major! you didn’t think I’d make it through the entire poem rhyming in perfect iambic pentameter, did you? 😉

I would gift the new bed to my parents who are more than deserving. In turn I would have a better night’s sleep knowing they are lying down on a high quality mattress, enveloped in a cloud like comfort and awakened with renewed energy. All because of a new bed!

What does it mean when you can’t even remember the last good night’s sleep you had? IDK, but that’s me, so i have to assume I would feel much more energized, I wouldn’t have so many aches and pains to keep me company, but mostly, I would have a smile on my face that would make people wonder what I was up to!

With a new bed I would teach my children how good it feels to give to someone else. I would buy a big red bow for on top of the mattress, leave it at my parent’s door and ring the bell and run. And then my three kids and I would watch my parent’s faces from the bushes, as they get an unexpected gift.

A mattress is a small way to repay the people who gave you life and taught you how to live it, but passing on the love of service to another generation is something my parents deserve to witness. They taught me you always give and you give big. Sacrifice and service are what make life worth living. And they make for a life lived well.

When I was in high school my parents bought a big red bow, put it on top of a big item, left it in someone’s driveway and rang the door and ran. My parents had an old Honda Civic. It wasn’t going to win any beauty contests or be the envy of all the neighbors, but it ran and was reliable. A dear family in our neighborhood – a single mom and her kids – were in need of a car. My parents knew they could take care of her need. Now my parents are not extremely wealthy at all, but they have enough and they have big, big hearts. I was too young or just oblivious understand that my parents could have sold that car and pocketed some extra cash. They were never ones for luxuries. But leaving that car in someone’s driveway that day paid far greater rewards. We learned the joy of giving. And really sacrificing to help another. We didn’t wait around that day to see the smiles on our recipients’ faces but we couldn’t wipe the smiles of ours as we drove our getaway route. In fact, I still smile when I tell my children that story.

My parents could have used money from selling that car to get a new mattress. Now that I am older, I have done the math. But they were doing something much bigger and better that day than getting a mattress, they were molding the hearts and minds of the lives they were entrusted with. They were passing on a lesson that had been taught to them early in their marriage – you give and you give big.

You see, when my parents were young marrieds and poor as dirt, an older couple had bought them a new washer and dryer! My parents told us that story frequently, and they lived everyday trying to pass on to others the service they had been given.

I a medical student’s wife. We have three kids. I don’t have much more than what we need and certainly not enough to buy my parents a new mattress. Although they need one. And more than that, I want to continue this pattern of giving and teaching my children how to give.

With a new bed, I think we could make a new family memory of giving.

With a good night’s sleep I’d actually get up in the morning for a run before work! My husband and I are training for a half marathon but making it out of bed at the crack of dawn has been the hardest part so far.

Ah! A new bed! With a new one, I would GLEEFULLY get rid of my old one. After two pregnancies, two kids, two moves and who knows how many spills and bounces my current one has had, a new bed would be a godsend. I can’t remember what it’s like to wake up in the morning, and not be at least a little stiff or sore from this darn mattress. Ugh. It would be lovely to be able to start the day truly refreshed and relaxed.

“A good night’s sleep.” That seems almost mythical at this point. If I got a good night’s sleep, I would finally get to the gym most mornings and lost that 40 pounds I’ve been carrying around. I would certainly be less grumpy!

My husband recently had spinal fusion surgery so his moaning and groaning for the last few months always keeps me awake and worried. My almost-4-yr-old also likes to check in with me several times during the night. I don’t begrudge him that but sometimes it DOES feel like some kind of sleep-deprivation torture. The bulging disc in my lower back also makes it nearly impossible to find a comfortable position for me to sleep in. Add to all of that the cat that crowds me at night and you have a losing proposition when it comes to sleep.

I have always heard about how wonderful these mattresses are but with a husband who has been jobless for two years, it always seemed out of reach. It certainly would be life-changing to get a good night’s sleep for a change!

With a new bed, I would actually own a bed. Currently I sleep on my 6-year-old brother’s loft bed, and climb up a steep child-sized ladder to mount it nightly. I have to crawl when I arrive at the summit, in order to keep my head from being decapitated by the ceiling fan, and am constantly afraid of plunging off the side to the hard wood floor below. (It felt way to childish to keep the baby rail on!)

However, I am moving into my apartment in one month, and am looking at sleeping on a mattress on the floor for awhile. Therefore with a new bed, I will sleep soundly knowing that I have; a) Returned my brother to his former position as king of the mountain, b) Found a safe, and adult-sized place to lay my own head down to sleep, and c) Be forever grateful to the Liz and the people at Tempur-Pedic for rescuing me from such great heights!

I laughed so hard at your post, I found it so funny. Love the wording of it.
I can certainly empathize with your future sleeping in the floor situation. I find myself in the same predicament as we speak or….blog. lol
Hang in there! and keep on ducking your head! 🙂

Haha, so glad it made you laugh; this is my life! It made my day that you commented on my post. Often I try to hide the quirky things like the bed situation, but I guess that’s what makes me, me! Hope your bed situation improves soon too! Leaky air mattresses suck!


I have Narcolepsy, so sleep is something I am an expert on. Growing up I could sleep anywhere. As I aged, I was still trying to sleep all the time only now my body hurt constantly. After my Diagnosis, I still experienced periods of fatigue. After a minor accident with a miter saw (arm + saw + sleep = stitches), I developed a fear of porta-potties and driving. So, for the last two years, my husband and daughter drive me everywhere. My doctors say I can drive. I have chosen not too until I am certain it is safe.

My new doctor explained Narcolepsy and the importance of a good Sleep Hygiene. As with anyone, not getting the correct sleep leads to tiredness, fatigue, irritability, trouble concentrating and just waking up unrefreshed. With Narcolepsy, those issues are magnified.

When I sleep in a hotel or if I get to do a sleep study, I feel pretty good the next day. Not “jumping out of bed ready to use power tools good” but “Hey, I’m going to buy groceries by myself” good. The common denominator is the change of mattress.

So for me, a Tempur-Pedic mattress means Driving.

First of all I would like to thank you for this opportunity! This is an incredible giveaway!!

I was just recently awarded guardianship of my elderly grandmother with dimentia, and she has the newer bed, as that is what we could afford. I am currently sleeping on a very old bed, which was filled with different shapes and sizes of foam pieces, which are now sunken in. I find it hard to get a good nights sleep, given the fact that there is a huge indent in the middle of my bed where I lie at night. I have a ton of family support, but it is still a struggle to afford everyday things given the circumstances, let alone things that make life more enjoyable!
This bed would be an incredible gift in our time of need, and I know I would be able to accomplish many amazing things after a good nights sleep! I mean, who isn’t instantly reviatalized and ready to take on the world after a solid 8 hours? It would be as if all of our worries were wiped clean, and we were given a new slate each and every morning!
Starting the day off right always makes me feel better, and it contributes to those around me as well. If I wake in a good mood chances are my day will continue that way. I wouldn’t be so prone to let others negativity affect mine. If I am in a bad mood, it rubs off on people. I want to wake up happier, and rested so I can face lifes challenges head on, without worrying that my bad mood is affecting others as well.
This would also help me have more patience once I get home, after a long day of work. Looking forward to drifting off in that cloud of a bed after a long day would be enough inspiration to continue the smile on my face, and keep my mood going up until bed.
I would be energized to make dinner more nights a week. I would have the motivation to work out instead of trying to hit the sheets for yet another night without real rest.
The list of possibilities is endless for what I could accomplish given this opporunity!! It would be life changing, and amazing!! I could be the best possible version of me, and that is certainly something to hope for and look forward to!!

A brand new comfy bed is one of those things that I’ve never been able to afford or rationalize buying. I’ve gone through many futons since college and borrowed beds and frames from family members. The bed I have now squeaks so badly, I sometimes think about just laying on the floor.
I’m a full-time artist and I think a good night’s sleep is really important to keep the creative juices flowing. I could definitely increase my artwork production with a fresh mind. Not to mention I’d be less cranky and therefore less likely to yell at my boyfriend for leaving his socks everywhere.
I like to joke that sleeping is my second favorite thing next to being crafty. But it’s really my first favorite thing. Shh…don’t tell.

jeez, i think the better question would be ‘what would/could i NOT do with a better night’s sleep’!

you jest, but i god-honest kid you not. i live in nyc, where it’s pretty much impossible to get a good night’s sleep, variables external to just my mattress included. cats jumping out of windows (i’m serious, this is a problem in nyc), all sorts of (loud!) people in all different walks of life walking right by my window (i live on the ground floor and you won’t believe some of the stories i’ve heard), an auto repair shop and day care right across the street from my apartment and neighbors on both sides who both make in their apartment (read: construction) and in their love (yep, that) make it pretty much impossible for any peace and quiet at any given time of day. like many other people my age (late 20s), both my boyfriend and i are going through a sort of career “revival” – a fancy term for a quarter life crisis – and are contemplating huge life changes. for me, that’s a movement from online marketing to making ice cream, a highly logical next step, i know. making custard style ice cream requires a huge amount of love and care, and equal parts patience and energy to keep going – usually a problem i face every day, in no short thanks to a lack of sleep (or an awful night of sleep). burning ice cream custard because you’re falling asleep at the stove forgetting to whisk, whisk, whisk until your arm falls off doesn’t sound that terrible? i beg to differ – there’s nothing worse than tossing an entire batch of what-would-be-gallon lavender & honey ice cream, especially when you’re as emotional about food as i am. in case that’s unclear, the proportion of tears i shed to raw ingredients i throw out is a direct 1:1.

so you ask me what can i do with a good night’s worth of sleep? with the utmost respect, i decline to answer that question. because withOUT a good night’s worth of sleep, i can try, try, try to make a damn good lavender and honey ice cream but throw out every last drop. now that’s a crime against humanity.

We are planning on adding to our family of two and we need to set up a guest room so that my Mom can stay with us once the baby is born. This new bed would be perfect for her bad back (and give her a great night of sleep).

What would I do with a new bed…um sleep, which is all I seem to want to do during these first few weeks of pregnancy. I would revel in hours of uninterupted sleep while I still can!

What an awesome giveaway!!! Thank you for this opportunity!

What would I do with a better night’s sleep? I would give it away! I would give up my better night’s sleep so that my oh so sweet, not quite 3 year old son, could have a “big boy” bed. He is so big (over 3 feet tall at his last check up 6 months ago!!!), that he has grown almost completely out of his toddler bed. His sweet little(big) feet hang right off the toddler mattress. We are saving for a bed for him now, but they are a pretty big investment, so it is a little farther down the road before we could give him a new bed. BUT MAYBE, if he were sleeping in a new big boy bed, I wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night to find that sweet little big boy kicking me out of my own bed because he couldn’t get comfy in his!! Maybe I would get a better night’s sleep vicariously or by osmosis if he slept better.

With a better night’s sleep, I will be able to focus on my favorite hobby: napping.

with a better nights sleep, i would have more energy to create more! cooking, baking, crafting, you name it! with a second bed, i would have a nice space for guests to stay over, instead of the old futon left-over from college days! what a great giveaway!

If I had a better night’s sleep, I would aim for at least a week’s worth of better night’s sleep.

With a better night’s sleep I would…
-Make it to work on time
-Feel energized to excerice when I get home
-Feel frisky enough to meet my husband in the bedroom
-Work on my career goals outside of my 9-5 job
-Think of ways to do little thoughtful things for those I love an care about

What would I do with a good night of sleep?
I would awake energized and ready to take on the monsters in my son’s closet, and the dust bunnies multiplying in the dark corners of my home.
With a good night of sleep I would avoid more colds than I catch, and have the energy to spend more days exercising than not.
A good night of sleep would prepare me for my busy work day in the office, and my busier work evening at home with my son.
A good night of sleep would help me from crashing from exhaustion so early in the evening and give me the time to have a little romance with my husband instead.
A good night sleep would change my world and the new, well rested me, would change the world of my family with my new vigor for life.

When mom isn’t happy, nobody is happy. More sleep = happier mom. I would then then had more energy to spend more time with my family doing the things we love.

Awesome giveaway. Thanks.

This lady here would conquer the world with a better nights sleep. With sound slumber, she would rise in the morning, ready to face the day feeling rested and energized. Without having tossed and turned throughout the night, her morning routine would sail by with a bit more ease. A little less concealer under the eyes. A little less time waking up in the shower. A little less coffee to get the day going. With this pleasant change of pace, she would leave the house to go about her day with a brighter disposition. Much like the expression “when it rains, it pours”, the opposite will prove to be true. Starting out on a positive note, the rest of the day will follow suit. She’ll begin to notice the green lights on the commute to work instead of the red ones. She’ll notice the kind gestures of those around her and not the negative ones.
At work, thanks to her sound sleep, her mind will be functioning optimally. She will feel creative, and therefore be more productive, making for a gratifying day at work. The close of the work day will feel as good as it always does, but there will be no need to pick up a coffee on the way home to get through the evening.
Thanks to her clear state of mind, she will have more patience when greeted at home by her hectic family. As her day draws to an end and the sun sets, this girl would climb into a bed so comfortable that she would never again have to count sheep. She wouldn’t watch the minutes tick by on her clock, waiting for the thoughts and worries in her head to quiet down while she tired to get comfortable enough to drift off into a night of dreams. Instead she will be enveloped in the cocoon of this bed and gently drift off to sleep with ease. Only to arise the next morning feeling as rejuvenated as the day before.
In summary, a better nights sleep would be life changing. This woman would have a more affordable water bill from the shorter shower times thus creating a smaller environmental footprint. She would spend less money, time and energy on cosmetics due to her glorious beauty sleep. This would also lend to a boost in self confidence. Her body would be healthier not only from rest but also from the decrease in caffeine consumption. Her mind would be healthier from ample rest and overall improvement in quality of life. There would be a veritable myriad of benefits from a better nights sleep. The best in my opinion, however, would be that she would be a better me.

My sister and bil are having their first baby. They need a new mattress badly. What a treat it would be to give them this gift of rest. When that baby comes sleep will be hard enough to achive but with a bad mattress it will be a nightmare!

A new bed? Whoa, that would mean a “new” bed for a guest room that is in the process of being created. 🙂

A new bed? Cool!

I’d love it!

With a new queen size Tempur-Simplicity Mattress with a basic Ergo Adjustable Base we could send our current Tempurpedic mattress to our guest room. We LOVE our Tempurpedic – we bought it just before we conceived our first child. With it we’ve survived on minimal sleep through long nights with each of our two babies. We’ve snuggled in the early mornings with and without said babies/toddlers/young-ones. And now that we’re getting more sleep…we still love our Tempurpedic. The only downside is that we can’t wait to get home to our bed when vacationing.

House guests, and fish, smell in three days; I’m pretty sure that sleeping on a Tempurpedic will help mitigate this for our guests. Although…maybe with our old Tempurpedic in the guestroom we’ll have to start cooking undesirable meals if we hope for guests to ever leave.

A new Tempur-Pedic mattress would mean…

better sleep + more energy
better sex + happy husband
= better life + happy wife!

With a new Temperpedic bed,
I’d finally have a safe place to lay my head.
Early mornings wouldn’t bother me a bit,
I’d even start gymming to get fit.
The boyfriend’s snores would be muted,
of which many of our fights are rooted.
My back would be free from pain,
that my current mattress is to blame.
No more tossing and turning,
and shut eye yearning.
I’d finally fall asleep,
without a peep.
Dream more,
and SNORE!

My goal is to join the Navy reserves so I really think having a goodnight sleep would energize me to get my big butt up and get to the gym at 6am before work!!

Oh boy, what a fantastic giveaway. We are totally planning to get a new bed and this mattress sounds heavenly. (Btw: I would dance around my living room to the newest Norah Jonse album). Wish you all a sunny morning. xo

My husband has back problems thanks to old ice hockey injuries from long ago. We turn into bed together, but by the middle of the night, I often awake to find him sleeping on his side on the family room couch. There is something for him about not staying in one position that evidently helps ease his back pain. Please, I’d love a new comfortable and supportive bed that can keep my husband with me in our bedroom all night!

With a better night’s sleep, I would start my day off happy! I’d be more apt to get up early, work out, eat breakfast and head into work feeling happy and refreshed. I’ve always been a light sleeper and it takes me forever to get to sleep. I barely know what a good night’s sleep is 🙁

With a new bed, I could dedicate the old one entirely to jumping on! Having a jumping bed would help me get the exercise I so desperately need and save me money therapy – how can you have anxiety while jumping on the bed?!

With a better night’s sleep I could do quite a bit-
Jump out of bed instead of just sit
On the edge and talk in half yawns for a while
To my husband, who should be roused with a smile!
I could sprint to the coffee beans,
Without any grunts,
And maybe I’d drag out the french press for once.
I could honestly make great french toast in my sleep,
But awake! The rich flavors would make us both weep!
I’d wash dishes now
And not leave them for later…
And the rest of my day
Would get even greater.
I’d fit in as much as I possibly could,
“Life is short,” I would think,
And then do what I should.
At the end of the day when my teeth have been brushed
An entire 3 minutes, without being rushed,
And my face has been washed and smoothed with a cream,
I’ll sink into my bed, living the dream.

I would be a much nicer person. My boyfriend has arthritis and a good bed would make all the difference.

if i were to win a free tempur-pedic bed? well, i would sleep. my husband would sleep. and my sweet orange fluffy cat would sleep. and we’d dream. we’d dream of waking bright with the sun, eager to hike or bike or stroll. we’d live. and we’d enjoy every minute of every day. our rested souls.

Wow! What a great giveaway!
I have been wanting a tempur-pedic for as long as I can remember!

I would give anything for a good nights sleep. I’ve been wanting a new mattress for years, and sadly had to endure 3 pregnancies trying to sleep on a terrible mattress.

With a new matress, I think I would be able to get a good night’s rest so I can be ready to face the day, and have the energy to chase after my three young children.

If I had a new bed, I’d have an extra for our guest bedroom! And that means I could be an even better hostess!

This is the story of a family of three, the littlest being Claire Bear. And for the sake of storytelling, let’s call her mom and dad, Mr. and Mrs. Bear.
Well, little Claire Bear was born with special needs, one of them being Epilepsy. Those nasty seizures mean sleep is a difficult task for her brain and sweet Claire Bear wakes often (even at the precious age of 3).
Mr. Bear, being a calm, patient type of guy, takes it all in stride. In all honesty, he could sleep on dirt, concrete, through a hurricane, or probably even standing if he was forced. He’s a champ.
But Mrs Bear, being a typical mommy, is a worrywart. And this means tossing, turning, and all sorts of sleepless nights. It’s partly due to nerves and concern for little Claire Bear, but those sweet spaces of time where sleep is actually possible are thwarted by an uncomfortable, decade old spring mattress.
Maybe a fancy Tempur-Pedic one would bring some relief? I would think so!

I’d have many many more dreams of kittens!
I’d be much less crabby at work, and more productive and creative once I got home. Maybe I’d have energy to start working out…
And then I’d dream of kittens again…

I would lay my body down and fall into a deep beautiful amazing sleep. I wouldn’t have to count sheep or call on the sandman I would get lost in the bed and let it take total control of my enjoying that perfect night of slumber.

holy crap. I have been DYING to own one of these beds!! literally.. like every night I sleep a crappy sleep on that horrible bed of mine, a month is taken away from my life span.
What would I do with a good nights sleep?? after I woke up.. i’d probably kiss my bed.
I’d make my bed with pride!! I’d do all the things I have to do everyday.. but with a smile on my face straight out of bed. Hallelujah! Not to mention having that for my third trimester would probably make sleeping more bearable and make my husband happy too 😉
And then when the baby is here. holy moly.. that babe might just have to enjoy that luxury too.. 😉

I would drag the taco shell of a mattress that I currently sleep on to the curb.
I would put clean sheets on and make it all up and then take a picture of it and blog about it and email it to my sisters to make them jealous. I would apologize to my sisters for showing off.
I would suprise my husband and video tape him getting into a bed that doesn’t sag.
I would sleep through the night and wake up and do a “bed angel” out of pure joy.
I would invite my kids to get cozy and watch a movie with me while lying on a nice firm surface without all of us rolling into each other in the middle.
I would not let my dog on it but I would hang my arm over the edge so I can pet her.
I would probably never have to cling to the piping around the edge of my bed to stay where it is firm.
I would sleep on my stomach.
I would be really grateful that the thing that keeps getting bumped to the bottom of the budget could really change our lives.
True that.

Wow, if I was able to get a good night’s sleep on this swanky bed I would tear my house apart … in a good way of course! More often then not, I’m exhausted in the morning from tossing and turning which equals a tired (and sometimes cranky) mommy. I’d love to wake up feeling refreshed and just take on the day! I’d have to energy to finally organize my craft room, clean out my basement, weed the garden and play non stop with my 5 year old!

I would cuddle with my boyfriend while watching a movie on our laptop in our tiny room with the rain pattering on the windows, I would wake up early and ride my bike for an hour to get to school, I would fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow after being at school for 13.5 hours, I would wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the days and nights to come….nights spent cuddling and spending time with my boyfriend, mornings waking up to our future baby sleeping in between us and watching him/her breath and sleep, late nights when our future children climb into our bed after a nightmare, our bed would eventually moved out of our tiny apartment to accommodate our growing family, it would be sat on by our future children singing, building forts and playing, and it would comfort us after a long day. We would grow old with it, creating and living our lives with our bed as a common oasis for everyone.

I would be able to sleep on a bed instead of a couch! Snuggling on the bed with the kids, some popcorn and a movie would make a wonderful Saturday night. <3

I have daydreamed about getting a Tempur-Pedic bed for so long. If I was able to get a better night’s sleep, I’d have more energy, patience, and enthusiasm to take on the day, to be a better stay-at-home mom to our 19 month old, and be a better wife to my husband. A good night’s rest is a little tricky right now since our toddler doesn’t always sleep through the night. Having a Tempur-Pedic would make it easier to fall back to sleep after trying to get her back to sleep. Heck, I may just put her in the new bed and let the Tempur-Pedic work its magic on her, allowing us all to get a good night’s sleep.

Oh wow! I’m a new mom and with a better night’s sleep I feel that I could tackle the world! I’m currently writing a business plan for a bakery as well as churning out new baked goods all while working full time and raising a son! Trying on the mompreneur hat. A better night’s sleep would literally be priceless. Thanks!

What would I do? Uhmm..how about get a good night’s sleep? Oh gosh—I NEED one. This would be so amazing. And maybe…just maybe…I won’t notice my son coming in at 4am trying to kick his way into bed:)

Sleep is essential. It is fuel for the mind, soul and body. A better nights sleep would give me a better me. A better me could be a better wife, employee, colleague, daughter, sister and friend. It would give me the energy I need to continue forging the path of entrepreneurial pursuits, drive me to quench my creative thirst, and propel me further along the path of self discovery.

A new bed would give me the ability to finally have a bed in my guest room so my family and friends that spend the night don’t have to sleep on the ground. Equally as rewarding!

Well, it’s not really what I would do with a better night’s sleep or a new bed. It’s more about how I would do it. If I woke up feeling rested, without stiff shoulders and a headache, I would accomplish my day with more joy. I wouldn’t see the tasks of my day as objectives that need to be checked off a list. I would have more energy for the things that really matter. Things like getting down on the floor to play with my 1 year-old.

I would so love to win this because I am definitely in need of a new mattress. When I decided to move off campus as a college junior, I couldn’t afford to buy a new mattress and a friend of friend was moving and couldn’t bring his full size mattress/boxspring with him so he gave it to me free of charge. The only catch, it came out of a frat house. If I won this wonderful giveaway, I could finally get a good night’s sleep without wondering what things have happened on my bed that I don’t know about. That’s peace of mind I would pay for if I had the money.

As we are forever crawling over children (and being crawled over), the divot in our very well used, and sometimes abused, mattress is getting deeper and deeper. This mattress has seen us through 15 years now. Purchased used, it has seen three dogs jump up and get pulled down. It has seen four new babies, one of them birthed right on it, and hosted numerous groups of bouncing children. So, if I had a new mattress, I might finally lay down in peace. Thanks for the chance!

What wouldn’t I do with a better night’s sleep!? I have suffered from insomnia for about 4 years now. I recently moved in with my fiance and we will be getting married at the end of may. I know my restless sleeping keeps him up too so it would be wonderful to give him this gift of a Tempur-Pedic Simplicity mattress and Ergo Adjustable Base as a wedding present!

My dad has chronic nerve damage in his legs and back, and currently does not get good sleep at all due to his pain. if I was able to win this and give it to him, it would be such a blessing and would help so much with managing his pain and give him much needed rest!

neatest giveawaay by far!


If I win this bed (and we get to chuck our horrendous hand me down mattress) I hope I would have the energy to wake up early enough every morning for a pre-work run!

I would also probably fill a glass with water and jump up and down next to it, after taping down a garbage bag so that if my spazzy self did knock it over I wouldn’t ruin my beautiful new mattress!

With a better night’s sleep, I will dream bigger dreams and make them come true!

I’d have more sex with my husband. You know, because I’d feel better rested. TMI? I thought so.

What would I do with a better nights rest you ask?
If you would have asked me this one year ago, I would have gotten all Charlie Sheen on ya. Because one year ago, I was without bed…I mean without tempurpedic. I was getting 4-5 hours a nights rest and I was getting a little wacky! But today, I will answer what I HAVE done in the past year with my new found restful nights sleep.
I’ve lost about 40 lbs. I have more energy now to get up and go for those walks that I couldn’t endure with an sore back. I don’t make the mistakes I use to make at work. I’ve almost doubled my salary because I produce more. I’m happier and less irritated.
So…I wouldn’t trade my bed in for all the chocolate in the world!
But, if you choose me…I would give it to a wounded soldier who has risked their life to fight for our freedom. I think many go unappreciated and I would love to grant them a brand new bed to make them happier. You could only imagine how many nights they have slept on the bare ground. I know if makes me appreciate life more and the people around me.

If I won this giveaway and won a new bed, I would probably stop eating in bed. Haha, I’m so bad about it! But seriously, I would treat a new bed like my firstborn.

I’m a law student currently in finals and about to graduate and start studying for the bar. A mattress that helps me get a better night sleep would be a huge deal! There’s a noticeable improvement in my study ability when I have a restful night so this would be an amazing, if unexpected, study tool!

For one, with a new bed – a TEMPUR-PEDIC at that – this numbing pain in my hip, that the old wire springs dig into, would probably go away! Haha. Secondly, and no doubt the best thing I’d do with that better night’s sleep is be happy about it! Real beauty rest! If and when I do ever get through a night without waking up once OR even if only once, I actually wake up in awe and greatful! 😮 Now if I could get proper sleep and rest from an amazing new bed every night, I bet that positive energy would reflect onto the people I’m around. Personal development. Creating a domino effect of sorts, encouraging everyone’s positive potentials… I’m also thinking a small “New Bed” dinner party where a few of my closest friends and I pile onto the bed, sip champagne, eat pizza and ice cream, and watch some of our favorite films 😉

I would immediately put a glass of red wine on one side and then proceed to jump on the other side (just like the commercial).

And after all of the jumping I would probably fall asleep.

I would sleep thru the night and wake up without back pain. Which in turn would make me a much more pleasant wife and mother. I’m sure with a peaceful deep sleep I would also wake up with more energy allowing me to get more exercise which in turn would increase endorphins.
New Tempur-Pedic bed = new ME!

A good night’s sleep in a new bed would be like the clouds parting on a rainy day and the fog lifting (which would be a feat in itself here in Los Angeles!) I would be able to shed my dark circles and hazy mind and instead walk bright eyed and bushy tailed into a beautiful day!

Thank you!

We so need this! Our mattress is squishy in some places and does not do any favors to our backs. We’d use this as an impetus to rehab our sad bedroom.

What would I do with a good night’s sleep? The answer is simple – function!

I’ve had back problems since I was a child so a good mattress is crucial for me to have a good, relatively pain free day. My mattress is currently topped with memory foam which does the trick, but it unfortunately bothers my fiance. We need a mattress that doesn’t wake him up with a sore back and allows me to wake up with not only a healthy feeling back but the ability to walk without pain.

My mattress is in the back of my storeage and it wasn’t
comfortable to begin with could use a new start.

Scientific studies show that as the quality of one’s bed increases, the number of cups of coffee required in the morning decreases.

(incidentally, the quality of test subjects’ pillow fights was also found to be directly correlated to the quality of their mattress).

I look forward to both benefits.

An upgrade to a new queen bed from my full bed would be a GREAT way to start a marriage to my new soon-to-be husband! We would start our life together off on a well rested and relaxed foot!

I have no idea what it’s like to get a good night’s sleep- I have a one year old and a four year old. My husband and I sleep on a mattress we bought for $80 at an estate sale, because it was what we could afford. Plus, our kids get into our bed, and sleep in that kicky, thrashy, lumpy way that little kids do. If we had a Tempur-pedic bed, we would be so delightful and well rested that our joyousness would put Mary Poppins to shame. We would have a pajama party on our new bed with our kids, complete with marshmallow shooters and a pillow fight. We would eat smores and not even care that we were loading our kids up on sugar right before bed. It wouldn’t even matter, since we would be looking forward to sleeping so soundly. And the next morning we would be sparkly and well-rested, and start the day with smiles on our faces.

I can’t tell you what a new bed would be for us! Ours has survived a few moves, my water breaking and a few accidents from our baby girl as she grew. I would treat it with the best care and give it GREAT new sheets and promise to sleep in on the weekends past 7. I would name it something comforting and not too precious or foofy, and though I can’t promise no one would jump on it regularly, would keep it safe from wee beasties and extreme temperatures.

Me: “I hate this bed. Every time we move the springs make a loud creak. Except for the springs underneath where I sleep, which are maximumly compressed creating a huge butt crater.”

Wife: “I would blame that on the extra desserts you eat”

Me: “Well then why is there a crater under your side?”

Wife: “You rotated the mattress after you formed the first crater”

After a night’s rest on my new, blessedly Queen sized Tempur-Pedic, I would wake up before my alarm, leaving me plenty of time to make coffee at home and eat a real breakfast. I would take the subway to work, instead of driving, for the extra exercise and because I finally had time. I would arrive to work early, plan my day, and clear my head before things got too busy. Because I am well rested, I would have energy after work to go for a hike with a friend. The best would be how I get to do it all again, night after night. All of this time and energy would lead to a better Abby, instead of the one that has been plagued by sleep problems since childhood. And who knows what this well-rested Abby could accomplish?

With a better night’s sleep, I would be able to have the energy it takes to balance being a full-time mom and a full-time law student. I can only imagine what it must be like to drift to sleep on a Tempur-Pedic mattress and wake up refreshed and ready to hold a baby with one arm and turn the pages of a casebook with the other! What a dream…

What would I do with a good night’s sleep? I think a better question, perhaps, is what I wouldn’t do …

I wouldn’t have to snap at my children for waking me up too early, because I would be rested and refreshed. I wouldn’t slog down to the kitchen, with one eye barely open, in search of a Redbull to inject some caffiene into my system. I wouldn’t be so cranky throughout the day, instead I would be “the Mom” that I have always hoped to be. The mom with endless patience and crafty ideas. The mom that piles the kids into the van for adventurous outings of hiking and biking and playing at the playground. And then at the end of the day, I wouldn’t fall into bed exhaused, but instead would drift off to peaceful slumber in my amazing new Tempur-pedic bed!

I am a first time pregnant lady who would LOVE to get a good nights sleep… and with it I would have more energy for work. I have been DYING for a tempur pedic!!

A good nights sleep…I’m not even sure where to begin, it has just been so long since I had a normal one of those, and it sounds sooo good, you know? And when you said sleeping like a rock, what I would give…

Ok here goes nothing: my boyfriend “affectionately” calls our bed Taco, because of the dip in the middle. Actually, he might not be all that affectionate when he says it. Because we are both on disability from work right now, which is how we met, at work, and saving up for our own place, so we are renting a room in a house. Which means saving money for a bed is not happening. So Taco is all we have for the forseeable future.
I myself have always had insomnia, since I was in junior high, so I am accustomed to to tossing and turning; not to turn this into a sob-fest but add to that the fact that one of my legs is shorter than the other and you get back pain that keeps me up at night (and hilarity at the grocery store, seriously, pushing a cart in a straight line can be challenging!)
But Taco has been hard on David, my boyfriend. Especially since he hurt his shoulder. So while I would love a good nights sleep, I know my insomnia makes it likely they will be scarce. But David, he could really use one, I know he is capable of it.
What would he do with it? Well maybe everything? No really! Because right now those three hour evening naps are really cramping his style…he would start swimming again, playing with our cat (who by the way has carved a hole into the bottom of the mattress and hides there if you hurt her feelings, another story), taking walks with me, cooking, you name it. It’s why I fell in love with him, he has energy when I don’t, he loves my cat, and he cooks.

So what would we do with a good nights sleep? Get out and start living our lives again. (And no more tacos! 🙂

Hmmm….I would like to say that with a better night’s sleep I would be able to get up on time, but with a bed like that, who wants to get out of bed at all? So, my answer is…. nothing. I would do NOTHING and it would be EVERYTHING I dreamed it could be.

New bed means better sleep but since I have a bed like this in king size I wouldn’t need it. I would gift it to my cute sister who needs some good rest after being a single working mom of 3. She is cool.

My husband, baby and I just moved up to New Jersey from Florida! It would be perfect timing!!! Plus hubby is still mad at me for having him throw out our old bed.. Soooooo if I win and he gets a good night sleep he’ll love me again! Tempur-Pedic you would save our marriage! 😉

With a new Tempur-Pedic mattress, I would be completely at home in my home! The furniture in the one-bedroom apartment I share with my husband has been either deliberately selected by us or passed down from family members, and we love the way everything has come together. The only thing that doesn’t work is the mattress we have been sleeping on, which was passed down from my parents. It’s over 20 years old, and I remember being about 6 years old and trying out the mattresses at the department store before my parents selected this one. It’s a fun memory to have, but I have to admit that old kitchen tables have much more value and purpose than old mattresses. With a new bed, my home would be complete, and I would love each of the 4 little rooms in my apartment!

Sweet lord almighty I hope I win! Let me tell you what I would do with this bed! I would stay on it while I slept. Why you ask would someone say they would stay on my bed while they slept as it seems like this is a given. Not in my house! I need tis bed to stay on because I have four cats and an 87 lb rescue dog, who thinks she is a 10 lb cat, that also sleep on my current full sized bed. I also should not forget my boyfriend, who also would also probably chose “stay on the bed” as what he would do with the bed. My dog tends to sleep in between us and if she does not have enough space will kick out her feed to make you move. If you try to move her she goes limps and kicks with her feet. So, while I tried to train her not to get on the bed this did not work out as she was so persistent that we would always reinforce her when we got too tired of pushing off her. So, what I would do on this bed is snuggle my boyfriend and the cutest, sweetest animals a girl could ask for! Oh and there would problaby be some jumping, but don’t tell my mom!

With a better night’s sleep, I would be able to sleep less & DREAM more! My brother and I are in the process of starting our own graphic & web design business, and as two twenty-somethings it can be difficult to afford things like mattresses and groceries 😉 With a better night’s sleep, I’d have more time and energy to devote to our dreams. Which I know will one day be realities.

That is awesome that you are starting your own business! I am graduating from Graphic Design Media on May 9th! I love the graphic/ printing industry! I can’t wait to get a job! Good luck to you both! It’s probably going to be a rough ride to get started. Hope you succeed and make those customers happy! 🙂 Best wishes from Minnesota!

As it is, there is little sleep in this household…..every mom knows what I mean I am sure. And baby #3 is due soon, which means before any given night is over we will have most likely at least two other sleepers in my bed besides the two of us that belong there already. And all of us could make better sleep of the little we get.
This would be the best win ever….we’ve been together for ten years and are still sleeping on a hand me down mattress we were given as newlyweds.

What would I do with a new bed?
I would throw caution to the wind and dare to sleep on my right side without the worry of rolling into my husband and that large crevice he creates. 😀
What would I do with a better night’s sleep?
I would set my alarm to go off once rather than the six times to wake me up.

I would finally be able to upgrade from my college era twin-sized bed! With all that extra bed real estate: No more jokes about my bed when I have visitors! No more sleeping like a frozen mummy, worrying about falling off! AND no more lower back pain!

A new Tempur-Pedic bed would be a life saver to me! I have been working on my feet on concrete floors serving customers for 4 years. It has taken a bad toll on my back standing on my feet for 8 hours a day. My hip is crooked/ twisted from leaning on one leg when standing, and doing that for 4 years my lower back muscles have spasms when I lay down and try to relax. It feels equivalent to a charley horse in the leg but in the lower back. I find that if I sit up and ease my way down fully flat helps my muscles in my back relax easier instead of just trying to fully lay flat at once. I have been slowly saving up to try to afford a new bed, unfortunately with graduating college in a few days here, I have too much in student loans to afford a new bed for quite some years. The job field which I will be going into will be on concrete floors too, I know that I won’t be getting a good nights sleep almost crying in pain from my back. I always talked about how after I graduate, I want my first gift for myself after I find a job in my field is to save up my money to invest in something I will actually use. A NEW TEMPUR-PEDIC BED! It was literally the first thing I thought of to invest in. A new bed would be a great gift to myself and my body, it deserves a good rest from working so hard to better myself and find what I like to do! I don’t want my back to hold me, well -back! I must keep moving forward towards my life goals!

I would be a new person, wouldn’t we all! Sleep is one of the most crucial elements to a happy life. I haven’t slept well since I had my first child, and not because my children don’t sleep through the night, they do! It’s because my hips haven’t been the same since my first pregnancy. I have tried physical therapy, exercise, and a million pillows between my legs and under my back. I think I have admitted defeat in the last month, its like a lot of things you sacrifice in life to have such sweet little children. Until my new hips come (probably when I’m 60, and my insurance will pay for it, haha!) I will be content to chalk this one up on behalf of my crazy little angels!

What would I do with a better nights sleep? Hmmm…. I’m not sure I even know what that means after 4 years of dorm living and crappy mattresses. If I was able to get more restful sleep, I’m sure I’d be able to actually do my homework in grad school without feeling exhausted. Even better, I’d do my homework in my comfy new bed!

With a better night’s sleep I’d workout more, laugh more, dream more, read more and be that much more grateful for everyday.

What would you do with a better night’s sleep or a new bed?

A friend just told me about your blog so this is my first time visiting. It’s funny that this is the first post I’m reading. My hubby and I were just talking about beds… specifically how uncomfortable our “new” bed is even though we splurged for the more expensive one. We kick ourselves for not looking into a Tempur-Pedic. With that said, I quickly looked at some of the other comments posted. It feels hard to ask to win a new bed when there are so many people who, because of health or other reasons, are really struggling and could use a new bed. So, what would I do with a new bed? I would be EXTREMELY happy and grateful. I would sleep in it and probably have picnics on it during the day (I hear they are that comfy), and just enjoy it. Like everyone having a better night’s sleep would be amazing. So this may not be the most creative response or the most “needy,” but just know that if I was chosen I would be so thankful.

What would you do with a better night’s sleep or a new bed? My cats have been asking for a new bed! (see here: http://lowtidehightide.blogspot.com/2012/04/hello-world.html) ! The bed I sleep on is an 8 year old ikea mattress, old and dull and tired of itself. I would finally get rid of my feather bed on top of my exhausted cheap mattress, it pricks me in the night and causes my cats to cough up white feathers that float around the air and hide under the bed. I would cuddle in bed on Sunday mornings and drink my tea and watch Grey’s anatomy without a sore neck and lower back. I would no longer dream of sleeping on clouds and simple be on a cloud. My bedroom would finally be a place of rest and peace and not discomfort and discontent. Good sleep is said to help with creativity, focus, health- these things can change a life! I would finally feel ok having my mom visit and not putting her on the couch! I would be thankful and no longer tired.

What would I do with a better night’s sleep?? I would sleep alllll night without waking once in a stiff, awkward position. In the morning I would wake up feeling brand new, without a trace of my old friend Crick in the Neck! With my renewed energy everything would seem brighter and full of possibility and I would have the motivation to start the small business I’ve always dreamed of. This may sound far fetched, but I’ve owned a Tempur-Pedic before that was sadly left behind in a move and I know the magic they can work! Thank you Liz and Tempur-Pedic!

Right now I am a full-time nursing student and I also work night’s as a nurse’s aid so for half of the week I sleep during the day while my wife sleeps at night. In a few more months I will graduate from nursing school and be able to get a new job. A new bed at this time would be a celebration!

With a nice new, firm bed I would sleep soundly and not spend time the next day creating a symphony while cracking my back (due to my current too-soft mattress)! And I wouldn’t have to worry about my cute boyfriend stealing my side of the bed because “it’s better” hehe

My husband and I just had a conversation a couple days ago about how we wake up stiff, sore, and tired, as if we hardly slept. With a new bed and a decent night’s sleep we would wake up feeling younger even though we are another day older.

With a good night’s sleep I’d have less headaches and be able to efficiently keep my house running and play with my daughter.

We just purchased a pillow top mattress about a year ago after having a water bed for years, and for years we have had many sleepless nights with both. We both hold full time jobs and we both are tired and restless when we wake each morning. About a year ago we slept on a Temper mattress for the first time and loved it and we both woke rested. We would love to have a Temper mattress but after sinking hundreds of dollars in the pillow top we are unable to purchase one at this time winning one would be like winning the lottery for us. We both could sleep better, function better, and not be so tired all the time. I know how Temper mattress sleep and they are amazing. Maybe one day we can own one. Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

With a good night’s sleep in my Tempur-pedic, my energy and creativity will be endless! There will be no telling what I will be able to accomplish in a day’s work! With my husband by my side and our greyhound snuggled warmly at our feet, we will be able to wake up refreshed (and maybe even become ‘morning people’ *gasp) and ready for what each day brings. We will be able to keep changing the world by enjoying each (*REM filled) night, one dream at a time.

with a better night’s sleep, i might have the strength to get through the mound of ironing! 🙂

Myself, my husband, and our two dogs would get a better nights sleep and be able to feel like we could conquer all in the a.m. Our new little pup is still waking up in the middle of the night to go out. With this I bet he could keep on dosing till a civil hour in the morning 🙂 Our bed just broke as well, and with a better nights sleep we could keeeeeep on dreaming our dreams and relaxing with one another through the night!

If I had a new bed…My husband and I would be able to sleep together! We havent been able to sleep in the same bed since he was involved in a car accident and had a stroke as a result he has severe nerve and he tosses and turns and has spasms in his sleep keeping me awake this bed would change our lives!

Simply put, Tempur-Pedic would help me take on the world. All my ‘shoulds’ and ‘coulds’ would be a thing of the past. No more using a lack of sleep as justification for skipping out on the gym or not taking on more freelance work.

I would love to win this fabulous bed set! I am 55 years old, married to the same man for 36 years in May! We have 2 children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. I have severe degenerative osteoarthritis in most of my joints. I have had both hips replaced within the last 7 years. I also have Restless Leg Syndrome. I do not sleep well, tossing and adjusting myself several times in the night, waking my husband in the process. He works full time. I feel bad when I have interuped his sleep. I usually have to resort to leaving the bedroom and try to sleep on the sofa. I believe I would sleep better with this bed. I do not have any fancy story, just one of love for my husband, for us both to get a good night’s sleep. Thank you for the opportunity to perhaps win!

With my boyfriend and I on totally different work schedules, the bed is the only place we are able to meet many days. A new, comfortable bed would sure help in keeping us rested and rejuvenated for long days of working and raising our three boys.

I am entering to win for my wonderful husband. He works hard everyday to provide for our family. I think winning this Tempur-Simplicity Mattress would be so beneficial for him. He would be able to conquer the day at work and come home knowing that a new mattress is calling his name! He is such a hard worker and in my eyes, deserves to win.

Darlings, it’s simple: with a better night’s sleep, I’d be able to conquer the world!

What wouldn’t I do with a better nights sleep? I will get more rest to spend with my family 🙂

I never get a good nights sleep, and I do mean never. With a good nights sleep I would imagine that
i would be more collected and calm and just feel rejuvinated and ready for the day ahead.

As I type this, I am finishing up the final draft of my dissertation for my doctoral degree. For the past few years, there have been many late nights working on school work and my dissertation. If I won a new mattress, I think I would sleep for a week straight to celebrate finally finishing my dissertation! (I’m sure my husband and 7 month old kitten would also be grateful for a new mattress as well!)

With a better night’s sleep I could be more mindful and a better dreamer. Mindful and able to focus on the important things in my life: my family, my health and my creativity. The rest of a good bed gives me focus to have the confidence to take better care of my body and fuel my creative process in my work. Not only would a good night’s sleep give me that activity of mind and constant presence of mind in the daytime but I would also have more active, productive dreams that could keep fueling my other artistic passions. You never know what artistic spark can come from a good night’s rest and vivid dreams. “Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.”
-Anais Nin. Thank you for the chance. Best, Athena

The possibilities are endless… However, in order to fully understand the implications of a full night’s rest on a new mattress, I’ve made pros and cons list:

1. I would regularly wake up to work out each morning which would help me be more prepared for my FIRST ever triathlon this summer so I can cross that off my 30 before 30 list
2. I would show up to work earlier which would’ve helped me avoid the torrential downpour that started at 8:34 this morning and would’ve saved me the time of switching into my tennis shoes to walk into work in order to spare the adorable new blue leather wedges I’m sporting today
3. I would have a cleaner room since I would not want to use the other side of the bed as a disposal area for the clothes that were NOT chosen to be worn each day 4. I would most likely live longer since my intake of tylenol would decrease as the number of exhaustion-induced headaches became next to nothing
5. I would save money on that new TV and the cable bill since I’d want to spend all my free time curled up in bed with a book
6. I would probably wake up looking more like a super model and less like a refugee and could reduce the amount of time spent fixing the aforementioned refugee look prior to leaving the house each day

1. I would be VERY tempted to make the choice to stay single forever in order to maintain full territorial claim of the ENTIRE mattress
2. I would no longer be able to blame lack of sleep for my resistance to exercising at 5:30am

Make your own judgement, but it seems to me the PROs outweigh the CONs enough to conclude that a new mattress and a better-night’s sleep would bliss beyond compare… and who doesn’t want that???

The possibilities are endless… However, in order to fully understand the implications of a full night’s rest on a new mattress, I’ve made pros and cons list:

1. I would regularly wake up to work out each morning which would help me be more prepared for my FIRST ever triathlon this summer so I can cross that off my 30 before 30 list
2. I would show up to work earlier which would’ve helped me avoid the torrential downpour that started at 8:34 this morning and would’ve saved me the time of switching into my tennis shoes to walk into work in order to spare the adorable new blue leather wedges I’m sporting today
3. I would have a cleaner room since I would not want to use the other side of the bed as a disposal area for the clothes that were NOT chosen to be worn each day 4. I would most likely live longer since my intake of tylenol would decrease as the number of exhaustion-induced headaches became next to nothing
5. I would save money on that new TV and the cable bill since I’d want to spend all my free time curled up in bed with a book
6. I would probably wake up looking more like a super model and less like a refugee and could reduce the amount of time spent fixing the aforementioned refugee look prior to leaving the house each day

1. I would be VERY tempted to make the choice to stay single forever in order to maintain full territorial claim of the ENTIRE mattress
2. I would no longer be able to blame lack of sleep for my resistance to exercising at 5:30am

Make your own judgement, but it seems to me the PROs outweigh the CONs enough to conclude that a new mattress and a better-night’s sleep would bliss beyond compare… and who doesn’t want that???

I would wake up looking forward to going to bed again that night!

I have a 3 wk old and haven’t had a good night’s sleep since my 2nd trimester of pregnancy. This would definitely help!

The hubby works night & I’m days. This would help us with a better rest. We have 5 children I babysit ages 12 yr to 7 months. Exhausting. Yep I’m a nanny and 2 house keeper. So, sleep is very important!! I’ve hear sleeping on your beds are like sleeping on a cloud.

As much as I would like one, my 22-month twins still have no intention of sleeping through the night. So I would give the bed, and the great night’s sleep, to my mom, who has arthritis in her hip and shoulder.

Once upon a time in a land called Denver there was a girl with a dream to open her own charming little boutique. She spent all her days and nights daydreaming about that one lovely day when this dream would come true. She pinched every penny as hard as she could and tried her best to not worry about the future. She spent many nights tossing and turning on her couch and longed for a peaceful nights rest on a large bed made of clouds and soft pillows. Her bedroom became the center of all her creative dreams and there just wasn’t space for a restful place. But beauty sleep is a girls best friend and a good bed is a place where beautiful dreams can be had, so with a slight move of the sewing table and a brand new wardrobe, she was well on her way to a lovely nest. All she needed was the nest itself.

Where do I begin…… Well, for starters, I wouldn’t have to sit on the edge of my bed for 5 minutes before trying to stand up because my back and neck are so stiff that I have to give them a few minutes to adjust or I’m afraid I’ll fall over (I’m only 42). Secondly, I would REJOICE! I seriously think I would feel like a new woman. I probably would even become a morning person, which I know my husband and 4 children would be totally grateful for:) If you think about it, most people are grumpy in the mornings (including myself) because they didn’t get a good nights sleep. So, it is quite possible that winning might even change my life! I could never afford a Tempurpedic, but it is something I literally daydream about when I see any type of advertisement for one. Therefore, you could say this would be a dream come true for me! What an amazingly generous giveaway! Thank you!

With a better nights sleep I could approach my day with a clear mind, pain free. We purchased a memory foam mattress two years ago, not a Tempur-Pedic, and I regret not getting the real thing as it offers no support for my neck and lower back. We’re about to move and promised each other that we’d get a new mattress.

What WOULDN’T I do with a better night’s sleep? HAHA But seriously, I’m a grad student at one of the largest campuses in the country, and sometimes I feel like no matter how mentally or physically exhausted I am, I just can’t sleep well! And it is so important to be well-rested in order to make good impressions, be creative and of course, log in many, many hours to literature review and data entry for projects. With a better night’s sleep, I could make more of the daylight hours count!

Im a nurse and work nights so sleep is not something that comes easily to me and anyone who has ever been up for a 16 hr shift knows exactly what it’s like. I toss and turn constantly to find a comfy position on the mattress we currently have and am lucky to sleep an hour or two without interruption so with a good nights (or days) sleep I would wake ready to take on the world without back pain and puffy eyes!

With a better night’s sleep I would have the energy to exercise (I promise, body, I would); play outside with my son and dogs every day (I promise Liam, Solomon and Cheddar!); and maybe be a smidge less grumpy in the a.m. (I promise, hubby, I would!). What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

I don’t feed any babies through the night, I don’t get up with toddlers, raise teenagers… I do however fight for every inch of space with a VERY clingy cat (it’s true, don’t you DARE snicker or I will send her to sleep with you) and one husband whose legs refuse to stay on his side of the bed. As a small business owner and a 35 year old sophomore in college (think of the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz and that’s my brain) I have to say that sleep is one of the most precious commodities in my life. Our current bed is the one of my husband’s old roommates… I don’t even want to think about that. With a new Tempur-Simplicity Mattress I would kick the cat out of the bed, and make the husband’s legs start buying tickets to my side of the bed – with a mattress that nice, I simply couldn’t be bothered; with the basic ergo adjustable base I would own the Chemistry homework that I often sit in bed and do until the early hours of the morning. With the Tempur-Simplicity Mattress and the ergo adjustable base I would have a better night’s sleep – and not just because I would know that I am not sleeping on some random old roommates crappy mattress. I have to say that with a better night’s sleep I know that I would be a stronger student, while a new mattress is a BIG TIME want, it is hardly a need. Sleep is such an important part of learning, of course, with a mattress and base that awesome, I might have to do a semester of web-based classes because I would never want to leave my bed!

Wow, what could I do with a better nights sleep? Well, it’s been so long it’s hard to say. My husband has had four neck surgeries and they are talking about another. He can not get comfy in our bed. When he can’t sleep, I can’t sleep. He tosses and turns and moans and groans. I would love to get some good sleep. I work with 4 and 5 year olds every day. If I could get some nice comfy sleep, I would have more energy to work with the children. 10 preschoolers can take it’s toll when you are already worn out. Good luck to everyone but I hope I win. We need sleep!!!

With better sleep, I’d be able to accomplish everything on my bucket list! I would pursue global missions in third world countries, zip line through the canopies in Costa Rica, visit every continent, speak fluent Spanish, hike 50 miles in the Alps, horseback ride in the mountains of Colorado, see the Seven Wonders of the World, scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef, travel to the white sandy beaches and crystal blue water of Tahiti, pet a koala in the Great Outback, go on an African safari and see a lioness in action, get rid of my Facebook addiction and help others realize there is life after cancer.

What an incredible giveaway! With a better night’s sleep, surely I’d have sweet dreams!

With a better nights sleep, the possibilities are ENDLESS! I’ll tell you one thing for sure though, I would be more willing to wake up with the sun to get in a morning run, giving me the energy to take care of my growing littles. 2 boys 53 weeks apart. You read that right: a year and a week exactly. They keep me on my toes and wear me out every day!! A great nights sleep would mean more quality time for them, a smokin hot mommy/wife (because i got in my morning run remember) and clear mind for all of those DIY and Design projects I’m dying to bring to life! PICK ME!!!

Oh, the things I could do with a better night’s sleep! I would quit drinking coffee, be a more attentive wife and daughter, run faster, be way more awesome at my job, smile more, and probably develop some sort of superpower.

The fallback to having a really nice bed would be my reluctance to leave it, but maybe a full night’s sleep would give me the willpower to talk myself out of sleeping in. Plus, I will finally be able to jump on the bed without spilling those dang wine glasses!

Right now, my husband and I are sleeping on my bed from high school. We’re almost 30. Yikes.

what?! awesome. well, i like to think that i would get up early and run.

A new mattress would be a wonderful thank you gift to my husband who kindly puts on a brave and happy face each morning after tossing and turning most of the night. Poor guy. Our budget just can’t support a new mattress, but if it could, the Tempurpedic would be the one we would get.

With a better nights sleep/new bed I can imagine I would have more energy to do all of the things a mommy of 3 does everyday! 😉 I hope I would have less headaches too!

I can’t even imagine what I would do with a better nights sleep. I have a 10 month old and she is constantly waking me up at night, so I’ve been a zombie for the past 10 months. This would be amazing for the time I do actually get to sleep! haha. I’d probably insist on more naps on my husband’s days off 😉 I think when I do get some sleep, having a mattress like this would definitely help it be better, and help me to be more of the mom that I want to be. (energetic, fun, getting things done).

My husband took on a marathon this year at 41. We have a terrible mattress. I can’t imagine what the man could do with a great night’s sleep! Iron Man maybe?? 😉 His wife might join him! Actually, we are parents of a grown daughter, a 16 year old daughter and after many years of miscarriages, we have a 5 year old son. We never planned to be ‘older parents’ but we need to stay healthy to keep up! A great bed like a Tempurpedic would be a great platform for a healthy lifestyle. We can stay young in other ways too…..We enjoy each other’s company *wink*, but we do not enjoy our mattress! Sure would make a great 25th Anniversary present!

I would definitely wake up wondering whose bed I was in and politely ask them would they mind me staying over a few more nights. I would feel like a new woman! I can see a bluebird on my shoulder, actually listening to the kids withe the, “Can I have, Will you buy, Can we get, I have to have”, treatment). Then, donning an apron, ala June Cleaver style, I would whip up a nice hot breakfast and wait to kiss Ward goodbye, as he heads out to work. Yes, a good nights sleep can make that big of a difference in a person. It’s the most heavenly feeling in the world.

With a good nights sleep I can the best Master Sergeant to my Solidiers not having to worry about being tired from not getting a comfortable 8 hours sleep from my so called pillow top matress. My Matress was so comfortable when I first bought it but now it has a indention from where I sleep and it just hurts my back. I know if I get another one it will do the same thing in time.

Actually, my husband and I just bought ourselves a Tempur-Pedic mattress. After four years of active duty infantry in the Marine Corps, along with two deployments, my husband’s body couldn’t handle the old, worn out mattress that we had. The Tempur-Pedic mattress has made such a difference for him and I am thrilled that he is able to sleep soundly and wake up to much less pain. So I would love the opportunity to donate the new mattress to a veteran who could really use it.

With a better nights sleep I’d:
#1.) Wake up without a kink in my back/neck/shoulders/leg/butt/etc.
#2.) Wake up for work on time
#3.) Not feel tired all the time
#4.) Not have to hear my husband toss and turn
#5.) … be able to ‘enjoy’ the bed with my husband. =]

ALL of these are necessary, but I think #5 is the best. <3

With a better nights sleep maybe I would be able to get out of my depression, and be inspired to wake up early and get going with a positive day. Maybe I would finally find the courage to have another baby because I wouldn’t fear the constant exhaustion I endured with my first baby who is now 5 and a half YEARS old. With a better nights sleep I might be able to become the person I always wanted to be instead of remaining the exhausted depressed version of myself that I have been for quite some time.

With a new bed and a better night’s sleep, I would snuggle in cozy with my husband and three little ladies. We would stay in bed late on sunday mornings watching tv while eating sweet breakfast treats! Nothing better than being cozy on weekend mornings with the ones you love with your favorite breakfast treats in a fabulous comfy bed:) ~Carolyn

Once upon a time there was a woman who forgot what it was like to have a refreshing and full nights sleep. She walked around with dark circles under her eyes and scared everyone she met. Her children often asked her why she was so tired. They wondered if she would feel like playing with them. Her husband often asked her why she took so many naps. Once day, someone gave her a tempurpedic bed. The first night she slept through the night and woke up feeling like a new person. She looked around and smiled. No more dark circles under her eyes. She was full of energy and played with her children like she was a child again. No more naps for her! No more long tired days at work! Her world was now a bright and happy place. The End.

My husband and I bought our bed off of Craigslist for $50, and it was from a woman who was clearing out her deceased mom’s house… So it’s a high probability that a woman died on our bed. On top of that it is about a solid as cement, and causes my arms to go numb during the night. If we were blessed with a new, comfortable bed, I think the first night my husband and I would “celebrate”, which would follow drifting off into soaring clouds, with pleasant dreams of polite children, sunny days, and vacations. At least, until 4am when my 2 year old son crawls out of his firetruck bed, and scurries across the hallway, climbing up into our cloud, and plopping down on my face, because some things never change.

With a better night’s sleep, the sky would be the limit to my productivity. I would jump out of bed in the morning and fly around my house cleaning every surface and organizing each nook and cranny. Laundry would be put in it’s place and my children would be entertained with the most amazingly original craft projects. Their lunches would look like origami and their clothes would be freshly pressed, right down to their socks and whitie-tidies. My husband would arrive home from work to a picture-perfect home and a magazine-worthy dinner on the table. I would look amazing because my new mattress would wisk away my wrinkles and my extra ten pounds would disappear too, I’m imagining.

In all seriousness, we would love a new mattress because we would simply love a new mattress : ) We’ve never owned a brandname mattress and would love to try the Tempur-Pedic brand. I recently gave birth to our second sweet boy and I cannot count the times during that pregnancy that my husband and I would find ourselves rolled into the middle of our bed because of the slouchiness of our mattress. Not fun. Especially for my husband. Big grouchy mama. Right here.

thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway! : )

Wow. With a better night’s sleep I would be far more productive. It takes me too long to actually wake up and get out of bed in the morning because I don’t get enough sleep. I am moving to a new city and really need a new bed. (I would also have some extra cash to buy a new outfit if I had a new bed!) This would be wonderful!

Simply put, I would be a better mother. I toss and turn all night long on my current lumpy mattress. I dread getting in it at night, but am so tired by morning, I loathe getting up. My kids are not getting the attention they deserve from me because I am always looking for excuses to take a nap. I would conquer the world with a better mattress.

I would love a new bed I have a separated pelvis from a recent pregnancy and issues with the disks in my lower back. We have an old lumpy mattress and I wake up every hour through the night and haven’t had a good nights sleep in close to a year. I could only imagine how much better I would feel every day if I had a great nights sleep. My girls would have a brand new mommy that wasn’t tired and run down every day. This would be a dream come true since we just can’t afford a new bed at the moment. Thank you for this amazing chance to sleep peacefully!

What would a new mattress mean to me? It would mean no more back pain and aches when I woke up. My husband and I have a cheap mattress that is very uncomfortable, and I wake up pretty much every morning in pain. It would mean so much to us if we got the mattress. Thanks for the giveaway. It’s an awesome giveaway item!

AAAHHHHH. seriously? this is the #1 item on my “want to buy list.” i have slept on a tempur-pedic bed and ever since it has been on my wish list. i didn’t want to get up in the morning it was so amazingly comfortable. pick me pick me! i would for sure win wife of the year award!

With a better nights sleep I would wake up earlier! I often have a hard time falling asleep therefore I end up sleeping a little too late. Tempurpedic beds are amazing and I’m sure it would help a lot! Plus my fiance and two cats would enjoy it as well!

Currently my husband and I have no bed. He sleeps in a recliner and I sleep on a single bed with our 8 year old daughter. Neither one of us has had a decent night’s sleep in four years now. We would be much happier people with a good night’s sleep.
My husband would not have the chronic back pain that he has continually right now from sleeping on a worn out recliner and I would be able to sleep without hanging onto the side of the bed for fear of falling off and just think of the comfort our daughter would have at having her bed to herself!

Just knowing I’d be getting a better night’s sleep would be all the reason I’d need to get to bed earlier each night. Waking up fully rested ahead of my 1 year old would be heavenly. I’m already imagining the things I could get done for myself… Workout, shower, read, meditate! Starting my day off right, that’s for sure!

I’ve always heard that Tempur pedics are the best. What an awesome giveaway!!

You know the commercials with the husband and wife jumping on the bed while the wine glass stays shockingly still? Well, that would be my first venture with my new bed. With a good night’s sleep, maybe I’ll be able to stay awake much longer than usual. Like an owl. Or some kind of animal that doesn’t sleep. Or I’d just never get up and would have to hire a maid to bring me things. I’m picturing the Charlie’s grandparents here. In either case, I’d treat that bed like it was a sweet little baby. Hey, maybe it’ll even get a name.


With a better night sleep I could do MANY things… I would be a more alert and well rested labor and delivery nurse (swing shift), I could attend with more energy to the four children I have (ranging from a newly permitted driver of 15 years old all the way down to my majority energy consumer of 15 months old) along with the patience and energy I could expend to all the ppl I come into contact with (all in all making a finer impression on the world 😉

Oh what I (and my hubby) wouldn’t give for a better night’s sleep! I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in June of 2010. Our traditional bed feels like sleeping on a concrete slab to me because of muscle loss and joint pain. Soooo, to be more comfortable, I have been sleeping on the couch (much softer) for nearly two years:( I would LOVE to be back in my bed with my wonderful husband, AND, with a better night’s rest, I would have more energy to get my craft on!

Well, I would tell you, but then I may be arrested! Lol
Let’s just say I’d probably get a little less sleep, but when it comes to quality, sometimes Less is More!

I’m having my 3rd spinal surgery on Thursday, our box springs are over 20 years old, the mattress is one my husband found sitting next to the Dumpster that doesn’t even fit the box springs, what I would luv to come home to a bed that is actually comfortable,not slipping and sliding all over the box springs, sheets, real sheets that fit! A nice recovery with a matress that isn’t all lumpy, and bumpy-and to sleep, I can’t remember the last time I really had a full good night sleep-our 22nd anniversary is today and my bday is Sunday, I’ll still be in the hospital, but, I’ve told my husband time and again, I’d luv to come home to a NEW and REAL bed, not someone elses’s castoffs!

I’ve been having chronic headaches for several months now, and my doctor told me it’s largely due to a)stress and b)poor sleep. I know that a good night’s sleep would make a huge difference in my energy, stress, and happiness levels. With a better night’s sleep on a Tempur-Pedic, I’d be refreshed, and ready to kick those headaches out the door!

If I had a new bed I would actually have something to sleep on besides the sofa bed. I would also finally be well rested and probably less cranky through the rest of my pregnancy.

I’ve got an upcoming medical procedure that will require me to give up coffee/caffeine; I’ve been through the procedure before and this part (I love coffee!) is always an ordeal. With a better night’s sleep, I might not need caffeine in the first place!

I love Tempur-Pedic! I actually own one and would be giving this little gem to my two older boys. If they got a better nights sleep, mama would! And then little bodies wouldn’t find their way wedged between mom & dad. I wouldn’t moan and groan so much when my alarm sounds at 5:30 and oh man, I’d have much more patience and love to go around. I so enjoy sleep. I just wish I got more of it 🙂

What would I do with a better night’s sleep or a new bed?
I would sleep in the day
In the bed I would lay
As snug as a bug
Wrapped up in a rug
No aches would I feel
In my toes or my heel
I would sleep in the night
And no bedbugs would bite
My eyes would stay closed
Til the dawn’s early light

I recently slipped on a piece of ice and cracked a few vertebra. I don’t sleep… at all. My husband has also just returned from his third deployment from Afghanistan. He has been in the Army forever and has turned into a very light sleeper. We have been talking about buying a new bed, so the both of us can get a better nights sleep. Having a better nights sleep would make us better parents, him more productive at work, and I really don’t think we would be crabby all the time. Thank you for this opportunity!

Oh so many things! Having enough energy through a good night’s sleep to start seriously training for a marathon – one of my biggest life goals – would be incredible.

With a better night’s sleep I wont have to take my pain medication all the time. I would be able to sleep comfortable and peacefully. I haven’t had a new mattress in years, right now I am living with my son’s Grandmother and her and her son switched mattress’s and I do not like this mattress.. I would also LOVE a new mattress for my new apt.
Thank you

I would love to have a good night’s sleep where I did not hurt and wake up so many times. It has been a long time since I have slept the whole night through.

I would treat everyone with so much more patience and positivity if I had a new bed as comfortable as the Tempurpedic.

With a better night’s sleep, perhaps I would have more patience with the three teenagers currently living in my house (along with the 2 dogs and 1 husband) !

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