DIY: Sparkly Cake Toppers

This post is contributed by Claire of Fellow Fellow

These sparkly cake toppers are a great way to add a bit of fancy to a cake.. customize them to your occasion and theme by making numbers, letters, or using bright colored pipe cleaners instead of sparkly ones! They’re so easy to do!

Keep reading to see the full project…

What you’ll need:

– Pipe cleaners (like these Pipe Cleaners here)
– Straws (I used clear ones like these Clear Flex Straws here, but you can use which ever you like)
– Wooden skewers (like these Bamboo Skewers here)
– Scissors (best not to use your best pair as you’ll be cutting through thin wire)

Step 1.
Take a pipe cleaner and bend it into whatever shape you’d like. If possible, leave a longish tail on the bottom of your shape. If you don’t have enough length left to leave a tail, cut another smallish piece of pipe cleaner (about 2″), and fold it in half over the bottom point or section of your shape (this will be the part that goes into the straw). Twist it a few times to make sure it’s secure.

Step 2.
Measure how high you want the shape to sit above the cake. Cut one straw and one to two pipe cleaners to that length. Then take your wooden skewer and cut it off about 2/2.5 inches longer than the straw. You want the skewer to actually go into the cake, and the straw/pipe cleaners to sit on top.

Step 3.
Your cake topper will have a front and a back. Start assembling the cake topper by placing the two pipe cleaners inside the straw, and then sliding the skewer in behind the pipe cleaners. They should be flush with the top of the straw. Take the pipe cleaner shape you created before, and push the long tail end into the top of the straw, between the pipe cleaners and the skewer. The aim will be to only see pipe cleaners, not the wooden skewer (it should be at the back).

Step 4.
Holding the straw firmly about half way down (hold it firmly enough so that all the pieces inside the straw won’t move) and push it down into your cake. And you’re done!



These are AMAZING!! Pipe cleaners are sort of an obsession of mine and these are awesome. What a fun idea. Love it!

Love these, Claire! Your DIYs have been so great! I look forward to them

These are beautiful! I’m going to try them out. THanks!

These are so lovely! Just tweeted about it. Keep the good ideas coming !

OMG! These are amazing Liz. So super creative, as always. Will be sure to Pin!

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