DIY: Fabric Flowers

This post is contributed by Michelle Edgemont

These puff fabric flowers are a sweet, hand crafted gift that lasts forever. Pretty to create a few for special event, or as a permanent centerpiece on your table.

Keep reading to see the full tutorial with photos…



Sheer, woven fabrics in bright colors. 1/4 yrd of each will be plenty to make at least 4-5 flowers.
Needle and Thread
Rotary cutter
Cutting mat
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Tiny scissors

1. Cut your fabric in 2-3″ wide strips. I layered all my fabrics on top of each other to save time. Be varied in your strip width for more interesting flowers.

2. Using the cardstock, make a few stencils for the petals the same width as your fabric strips. No need to be perfect! Make some petals wide, thin, pointy, and narrow.

3. Wrap one fabric strip around the stencil.

4. Using the small scissors, follow the stencil and cut the petals out of the fabric.

5. Unroll the fabric strip. Grab that needle and thread. Stitch big stitches all along the bottom of each strip.

6. Scrunch up the fabric strip by pulling the thread taught. Stitch each end of the fabric strip together, making a circle of petals. Make two petal circles per flower.

7.  For the center of the flowers, casually fold up a fabric strip in another color and cut a lot of little slits to create a fringe effect.

8. Place two petal circles on a stick. Using the glue gun, hot glue the fringe for the center of the flower around the stick. Glue the petals around the center fringe. Tada! You’re done.


those would be cute to put on pens but they are so cute they wouldn’t help to stop people from stealing my pens at the little store I work at in the U.P. of Michigan!

Cool project. Can you only use sheer fabrics? I have plenty of non-sheer on hand!

I’ve been collecting fabric/paper flower tutorials, and I will definitely be adding this one to my list. Thanks to both of you for sharing this!

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