DIY: Clay Plant Labels

This post is contributed by Claire of Fellow Fellow.

These cute little plant labels are fully customizable, and would be a great activity to involve the kids in… plus with Mother’s Day only a few days away, they’d make for an easy last-minute gift or addition to a pretty store bought plant

See the full tutorial after the jump…

You will need:
– Oven-bake clay
– Cookie cutters (mine are from Ikea)
– A stamp you can customize
– Wooden craft sticks (mine are the jumbo size)
– A hot glue gun
– Scissors
– Baking paper
– Rolling pin (not in the photo)

Step 1.
Tear off some baking paper to work on. Roll out the clay until it’s approximately 5 mm thick (about 1/8″) and, using a cookie cutter of your choice, punch out the shape from the clay.

Step 2.
Set up your stamp to spell out the word you want on your plant label. Practice stamping it first on a spare piece of clay to make sure spacing/spelling is right, then stamp onto your cut-out clay shape.

Step 3.
Bake the clay shape according to the packet instructions.

Step 4.
Take a wooden craft stick, and cut the bottom of it into a point using the scissors. If yours is too hard or thick to cut, it’s not a problem.

Step 5.
Once the clay shape has cooled, use the glue gun to run a line of glue down on the back of it, and quickly stick the wooden craft stick to it, holding down firmly until it’s dried.
*If there are children involved, please make sure it’s an adult doing the hot gluing*

Step 6.
That’s it! Stick your little plant label into a pot, stamp someone’s name on it and give it as a gift.. up to you!


Love it! I do crafts with my daughter on and this is a craft we have to try! Thank you for the fantastic idea and great tutorial!

I just LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!! These cookie cutters are great eh? I have some myself and love making cookies with ’em. Gotta love Ikea!

What a great idea. Going to be heading off to the craft shop for supplies! Thanks for the inspiration

just realized you haven’t been in my feed reader since January since Design Mom linked to you and it was something I hadn’t seen. I have some catching up to do! Google reader can’t find your new feed. Any tech help to get me rolling again?

Hi Abbey! Yeah, it’s a little funny since my switch over to wordpress. You have to click on that RSS button under my profile here on my site (it’s the rainbow looking icon) and copy and paste and url into your google reader. Let me know if you have any other problems!

These are adorable! I love using clay, and I have those exact cookie cutters from Ikea. I bought them knowing I would use them with clay somehow (thinking ornaments), and now I have another project. Thanks for the inspiration, Claire!

so cute! i’m going to bookmark these to make with my nephews. they are just what my garden is missing!

I think Liz had done mini stamps from Paper Source, you could use those!

How cute! Where do you find mini cookie cutters like that?

C’est tout simplement magnifique j’en cherchais depuis longtemps merci beaucoup 🤩

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