Cheap, Cute Bikes

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect European style city bike and came across a bunch of cute cruisers at Walmart, of all places, for a steal! Most of these are under $200 (see my picks here!)

Do you have a cruiser or city bike you trek around town in? I’m going to check out some some used bike shops this week here in San Francisco to see if I can find one I love. I’d love to hear your recommendations for getting one!


I have to agree with Erin. Go to a bike shop and get fitted. I own a bike shop (and worked at Wal-Mart for 10 years.) You might also want to know that “Wal-Mart” bike owners are our best customers. They often break the first week because they are poorly constructed at the factory and put together by untrained employees. Did you buy your favorite shoes at Wal-Mart? Not likely. They are an “everything” store. Go to a bike shop, you’ll be happy you did.

I’ve read your blog countless times and never noticed you live in SF.
We live in Hayward. I’m wondering where you’re planning on looking for bikes? I’ve been wanting a cute cruiser and have checked out Target and WalMart, but just haven’t found the right one.

Hey Monica! Well, after talking to a bike shop owner today who kind of shattered my dreams of finding a cute vintage bike in the city, i’ve been told to look in the suburbs so i might be headed out your direction!

I have an old red Schwinn cruiser with a basket in front that I bought for $35 when I was still in college. It very well may be my favorite purchase ever!

Since you live in San Francisco, I would highly recommend getting something with gears! I would also go to a bike shop and get yourself fitted to you know what frame size to opt for.

Can’t wait to see what you choose!

I am still having a love affair with my cruiser after several years. She’s big, she’s black with wide handles & a beautiful big, handled wicker basket I got in Latvia on the front.

One bit of advice I might offer on cruisers. They are a little tough for riding in busy, crowded cities when the handles bars are wide. It makes it very difficult to sneak between people, share a sidewalk and get through narrow passageways. When I ride with The Man, he can slip through many spots on his “city” bike with narrow handlebars that I either have to stop & walk through or I end up way behind him because I have to wait for room to pass. For a couple of years now I have wanted another bike that is more city friendly with a more narrow frame.

Good luck. Can’t wait to see what you find. I’m sure it will be fabulous!

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