Knitted Stockings

So I know Christmas is like a million years away but I’m just so excited to share with you all this set of stockings I knit over the last couple of months. I talked about knitting before, how much I’ve been enjoying it since that first red stocking (my first knitting project), and how relaxing it is. At first the thought of spending countless hours on a project like this seemed ridiculous (for the red one I counted- twenty hours!) but surprisingly it was the process that I enjoyed the most and a nice excuse to unplug from devices. Plus, those knitted stockings are such a source of pride! Pretty much every visitor that comes over is immediately escorted to the mantle where the stockings are folded neatly for display. All I need now is a family of cats to sit at my feet.  I’m hoping these stocking will last for a long time, and be a kind of heirloom piece.Do you find satisfaction working on long term projects like knitting?

Fun Facts:
1. This is my next project
2.  I didn’t know kilts were a thing
3. I’m the crazy lady knitting in the car when we’re driving anywhere more than 20 minutes away.
4. I’m already working on a couple more because I know if I stop I’ll forget how to make them (and…kind of hoping for the ‘if you knit it, they will come’ approach)

Also, many of you have asked about what pattern I use. It’s this Ann Norling stocking pattern except I altered the pattern to replace the snowflake in the middle with stripes. I switched colors every 6 rows, except for the turning heel which I kept a solid color.


Liz, You are amazing. I love your blog, but knitting socks!?! I’ve tried and it’s hard. Gorgeous colours.

Any particular reason for the next pattern being a baby bonnet?

Love the socks – isn’t it such a point of pride when you finish your first real knitting project?

So pretty!! I love that blue one, nice color choices!

nice job! yes, the kind of thing you can keep forever. and i’ve been wanting to learn to knit just so i could make little bonnets like that! but i found the perfect vintage knit bonnet at a thrift store yesterday, so i have found an excuse to procrastinate (as usual)!

Love how these turned out, curious what colors the other are that you’re knitting?

I am a recent knitting convert and I feel the same way about it. I just finished a chevron throw for my living room and the pride factor is very high.

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