How to Style It: The Jean Jacket

All photographs were taken by Ashley Thalman, a fabulous photographer in the Utah area specializing in lifestyle portrait and commercial work

With the great discussion going on last week about jean jackets coming back in fashion (or have they ever left?), I enlisted the help of my super stylish sister, Katrina, who you may remember from The Sister Style Series and The Slot Canyon Trip. Katrina rocks her jean jacket all. the. time. Especially when she plays bass in her hip punk brand, Baby Ghosts. Yeah, she’s that cool. So naturally she was the perfect person to help give us ideas on how to style our jean jackets we’re pulling out of storage.

1. Jean on Jean. High-waisted cuffed skinnies, tucked in bright blouse, oxfords and vintage pearls. And a top knot of course. For all of you that said jean on jean couldn’t be done!

Keep reading to see all six ways to style the jean jacket…

2. Some Like it Hot: Bright dress, vintage t-strap heels, textured black tights

3. Desk Job Approved: Pencil skirt, striped tee, statement necklace, wayfarer sunglasses

4. Friday Night Date: Black dress, black belt, bright turban scarf

5. Baby Ghosts Concert: Black jeans, striped tee, buttoned up jean jacket, big smile

6. Brunch with the Girls: Pleated skirt, red sweater, vintage t-strap heels

How do you style your jean jacket? Is the jean on jean something you could pull off? I’d love to hear!

Big thanks to Katrina for modeling and Ashley for the lovely photos!


Lovelove option #4! I have this great brocade-ish dress that looks lovely with my Levi jacket…definitely a favorite outfit of mine! These are all great…I’ll be trying them in the future!

I just wore mine last night with faded gray skinnies and layered over a dark red fitted hoodie…compliments galore…I’ve had the same one for 10 years and love spring and early summer when i can wear it all the time.

I wore denim on denim in my style post today. WITH NEON! Wow, how’s that for a flashback? Love the way she styled all these looks here 🙂

Loooving this, Katrina’s got great style. ok ok ok i’ll try the jean jacket look, you’ve convinced me

I’ll bet Trina never mentioned that her jean jacket was a donation from me? I found it at a thrift store but couldn’t figure out how to wear it last year. She looks so good!

I’ve had the same jean jacket since college and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it. It really has proven to be the best and most versatile in-between season jacket. One of my favorite things to do with it is to layer it over a fitted hoodie on those chillier spring and fall evenings (leftover dressing habit from my rock and roll drummer days).

I really liked the photos and styling of this post!

Wow, Katrina is so styling! Love all the looks and fantastic photos

Love 2-5. With the exception of Natalie Portman, I just can’t embrace the “denim sandwich” look. When the denims match perfectly, it’s like a weird suit, and when they don’t, I feel a brain bleed coming on. Love each piece on Katrina in the first shoot – just not the denim-on-denim look! If one must pair her denims, I would recommend a tunic or something that breaks them up so they aren’t “touching”.

Did I mention I love 2-5? I have worn my denim jacket to my office job, especially on Fridays. I love it styled buttoned up (except for bottom botton and top two) with a black skirt and chunky heels, or with black pants and skimmy sneakers or flats. Very “eternal Gap-chic”.

My favorite of the above is the date-night look. Black and denim together is a perennial favorite of mine.

Nice stylings! It seems that jean jackets come in and out of style often enough that someone might only need one to last them a couple decades. Pairing it with jeans works when you pair it with a wash that is currently in style (in other words, acid wash makes it 80s/90s dated, but the cobalt makes it 2010s!). The office look is cute, but I can’t exactly wear wayfarers at my desk all day! A hair accessory would probably be more practical for that look.

Will the talent in your family never end???!!! Lucky for us it seems endless…

Love the jean jacket – and I am sad when it cycles out of style for its back of the closet hiatus. Here’s to a summer of denim in all it’s permutations. And luckily in the PNW and you in San Fran it’ll be temperate enough to wear it often!

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