Easter Ideas

What fun Easter plans do you have in store this week? When I spotted this brownie baked in an egg shell, my jaw dropped and my stomach grumbled simultaneously. It’s incredible what people come up with!
A couple other ideas I’ve found that I love:

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Homemade Marshmellow Nests

Peep S’mores

Paper Flower Easter Eggs

From babble:

10 Easy Easter Crafts

Ten Non-Candy Things to Put in Easter eggs

15 Easter Entertaining Ideas

From my archive: Decoupage Surprise Eggs

What Easter projects do you have in the works this week?


Easter brownie eggs! I think this is the motivation I need. I wasn’t too excited about Easter activities until I saw the brownie eggs. My kids are in for a surprise.

Those brownie eggs made my day! OH MY GOSH! Easter is so fun… 🙂 Other than coloring eggs and decorating the mantel, I decided to make some Easter cards using my precious Amy Butler scrapbook paper and some fun stitches from the sewing machine. They turned out cute!

i saw some DIY photos of plants in egg shells floating around the internet lately that are also adorable!

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