DIY: Printed Spring Napkins

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I’ve had fun experimenting with bleach projects lately. This one is a really simple but pretty idea for handmade spring napkins to decorate your Easter dinner table.

I love using the back of a pencil to ‘stamp’, keep reading to see the full tutorial…

Cut a piece of cotton fabric in a pretty spring color 12 x 12 inches

Find some scrap fabric, bleach and a pencil with an eraser

Carefully dip the pencil eraser in the bleach and then dot onto the fabric in a floral pattern. I found that I could do about 3 dots before having to re-dip the eraser. Of course, be veeeery careful about too many drips as the bleach is permanent!

Continue until the whole napkin is dotted. Let dry. Hem around the edges with a sewing machine.

Rinse in the sink and then through in the wash as normal (but not with any of your other clothes unless you want them bleached!)

Any fun decorating projects you’ve been working on for spring or Easter?



I just did this on a skirt – with just random dots. I did discover that it’s kind of cool to twist the pencil – you kind of get a little galaxy looking thing. Pretty neat.

I love this project. I have some older napkins that are too plain – this idea could really jazz them up a bit.

Finally a use for bleach that doesn’t make you curse when you get it on fabric!

Great project! I’ve been working on egg dying, any tips?

I thought you might have used the Cool Whip as the bleach! Yikes!

These are so pretty! Bleach makes me nervous but I love the result, I might have to try it myself

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