DIY: Leather Fold Over Clutch

I’ve been eying leather fold over clutches in bright colors like these beauties below for some time now and thought they would make a really great DIY project. It’s a really simple project and a great way to add a punch of color to your spring outfit. Cause it is all. about. color this season.

For these final product images, I teamed up with photographer Kate Skogen of JetKat Photo who specialized in weddings in the bay area. Check out her beautiful work here.

I found this great looking faux leather in the most fabulous hot pink and knew we were meant to be together. I picked faux leather because it’s easier to find bright colors and it looks exactly like leather to the untrained eye.

Keep reading to see the full tutorial on making this leather fold over clutch


Hot pink faux leather (half a yard is more than enough)

Stiff iron on interfacing

Coordinating zipper, 16 inches long

Sewing machine

Cutting board

Matching needle and thread


Cut two pieces of leather, and two pieces of interfacing each 12 x 13 inches.

Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of each piece of leather. Iron with interfacing side up. The interfacing should adhere to the back of the leather.

Lay the zipper right side up and line up one piece of your leather + interfacing to meet at the bottom edge together. Pin along the bottom edge.

Using your zipper foot, sew along that edge where you pinned.

Now take the second leather + interfacing piece and do the same, matching up the right side of the leather to the right side of the zipper and sewing with your zipper foot along that edge.

With the zipper at the top, pin along those three sides. Open the zipper up half way and sew along those three sides.

Now just trim along the edges, and turn it inside out. Poke in each edge to make it sharper.

You’re done!



This is cool!! I Already have your striped tote bag on my list to do and this one will come right after that it! Just a quick question, did you use a regular needle size with this or another for a thicker type fabric? Thanks!

Does it stay folded? Like in the images or should apply some type of closure or magnet?

Oh I forgot this was a remnant it was even cheaper..But I will be back at Joann’s tomorrow since the vinyl is on sale this week..

Love it! The colors are really fabulous.
Having sewn with a lot of faux and real leather, can I offer a couple of tips?
-Pinholes are permanent on these materials! If you’re going to use pins, make sure it’s only in the seam allowances, otherwise I recommend bulldog clips (like these: for holding things together while you’re sewing.
-Sewing leather, real or faux, is much easier with a leather sewing machine needle.
-If you’re looking for colorful leather to sew into a clutch, try looking for leather skirts in thrift stores.
-For a lined version of this clutch, check out my tutorial:

Ooh, I can’t wait to try this. I have my eye on the electric blue faux leather in that easy shop!

I’ve been dying for a) a new bag and b) specifically a fold over clutch, all spring! What was your final cost for your DIY materials?

Love this! This season really is all about color and this clutch is an adorable, colorful addition to the wardrobe. Thanks for sharing.

This is above my current sewing level, but might just be the motivation I need to put down my knitting needles and learn to actually sew well. So pretty!

LOVE this DIY. Great colors and perfect gift idea!
Could you tell me where you purchased the faux leather in that great color?
Thank you!

Thanks Suzanne! The link to the etsy shop I bought the faux leather is in the post! Let me know if doesn’t link over correctly

Great, great color combo with the teal zipper. I’ve been eyeing the fold over clutches as well, and have a nice hunk of red leather in my craft bin. Just haven’t had time to whip it up though! I thought it would be fun to include some fabric on the inside as well for a little surprise of pattern when you open it up- even if I’m the only one who ever gets to see the surprise.

Thanks for sharing!

This is a great yet simple DIY — I think I have some leather in my fabric scrap bin I could try this out with.

Agree with the others who like the color combo.

I’m loving all this sewing DIY’s you’re posting! I’m just getting into my sewing machine so perfect timing. Thanks Liz!

What purpose does the interfacing serve? I’m excited try this!!

Greaaaat! Love this, I’m finding it’s hard to get some good faux leather so this Etsy shop is a cool find for me 🙂

seriously loving this diy. i’ve been perusing thrift stores in high hopes that i’ll find an awesome looking leather jacket to whip into a clutch (usually relegated to black leather though). the pink color is fantastic.

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