DIY: ColorPop Sunglasses

This post is contributed by Michelle Edgemont. Find more of her beautiful work here.

This season is all about bright color pops and unexpected details. Instead of purchasing a new pair of sunglasses, I used an inexpensive paint marker to jazz up a few old pairs I had laying around. Cheap, colorful, and crafty!

Materials needed:
-Basic sunglasses. The big, chunky plastic ones work best.
-A variety of paint markers. I like the oil based Sharpies for bright colors and Elmer’s Painter’s Paint markers for metallics.
-Your pretty face

Keep reading to see the full tutorial…

1. Pick a fun color of oil based Sharpie that will pop with the color of the sunglasses.
2. Using a steady hand, color in the inside of the sunglasses, being careful not to get any on the lenses. Keep a Q-tip handy for any mistakes, the Sharpie will wipe off within a few seconds before it dries.

3. Get crazy and draw a fun pattern over the bright color, like I did with the metallic silver polka dots and purple stripes.
4. Let dry.
5. Sport your flashy new sunglasses around town with their unexpected color pop.


Genius. I love this. It makes me feel much more optimistic about my dollar shop shades (I refuse to spend a lot on sunglasses since I am so prone to misplacing them).

Oh I think you just saved me. I’ve got about 4 cheap pairs laying around in a drawer which I never wear, but I’ll try this!

You think spraypaint would work too? I’m thinking it might not stick so well since it’s not oil-based. But taking out the glasses should be easy since it’s all plastic anyway!

This is a superb DIY, I remember re-vamping some old sunglasses with mod-podge and newspaper back in the day. I am tempted to do this DIY secondly because it’s awesome, and firstly because I love buying sharpies! haha.


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