Sponsored Post: Three Extra Minutes

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(Henry and I photographed by Sarah Wert of Modern Kids Photography)

So here’s a question for you: What would you do with three extra minutes in the day?

Would you organize a junk drawer? Put away shoes left out by the entry way? Tell an extra bedtime story?  Scrub the cracks in the counter? Create a playlist on itunes? Send a thoughtful email to a friend or family member? Practice making a top knot bun?
It’s fun to think about the quick, simple things that make a difference in our everyday lives.

Some of you moms out there may relate, but I’m always a bit relieved when Henry’s snug, asleep in bed. I have a list in my head of things that get assigned to the ‘when Henry’s asleep’ time of day and I get anxious to start checking them off. But. Soon after he’s down, when the house is still and the dishes are clean, I start to miss him just a little. I think about our day and wish I had spent a little more time with him at our kitchen table where we work on art projects, practice writing and put together lego airplanes. There always seems to be something I’m trying to do simultaneously, I hate to say, and I have a hard time really giving him full attention. Is it just me? Three minutes of full attention would suffice!
If I had three extra minutes in the day I’d draw the extra airplane he wants me to, take more time building higher bridges for his trains to race under, and spend three more minutes playing that silly rhyming game he made up instead of rushing to checking my email. Uninterrupted mom and Henry time is what I’d do with three extra minutes.

PS This picture blows me away! Can you believe that’s the same kid? Oh, and remember Linus the Lamb made from a sock? They’re still bosom friends! (Ahem, thanks to some deliberate product placement on my part, admittedly).

If I had six extra minutes, I’d spend more time with Henry and then work on that teased top knot bun, which really could use the better part of an hour!

Some other ideas (there are too many!):

1. Read and comment on friends’ blogs

2. Practice a makeup trick from a youtube video (my mother calls is ‘the youtubes’)

3. Fold the towels in the kitchen drawer

4. Write a thoughtful email to someone I’ve been thinking about

5. Put together a cute outfit from my closet for a future day

6. Pluck my eyebrows (I’m so bad at keeping those up!)
I’d love to hear your ideas: What would you do with three extra minutes in the day? Something for yourself, for your home, for those you love?


Liz, hello!
Can you please tell me where you got that polka-dot curtain or if you made it?
Thank you so much,

I definitely would use my extra 3 minutes to scavenge for chocolate. I also wish I had more time to comment on friend’s blogs (or touch base with them in person) and somehow also fit in more 1:1 time with each of my kids. I need like 24 extra hours in each day!

I read this last week and have made a point to spend a little extra time putting Cooper to bed each night. It’s so easy to take each stage for granted…and it’s so important to have little reminders (like this one) that time is precious and they grow bigger EVERY SINGLE SECOND.

So thank you for changing the landscape of my week. xo

Three extra minutes for me? I’d make lists and organize myself better at the very start of the day instead of running right into the fire.

What a great post.

I would sit down and read the first couple pages of a book I’m wanting to read. That’s all it takes for me to get into it, but they sit unopened so much of the time!

Three more minutes? I would just sit. For three minutes. Sit and listen to them playing or sit and listen to my own breathing.

Sitting – the wave of the future….

BTW – May I ask where you got that great print in your kitchen? The one of the veggies – thanks!

I think sitting sometimes and watching them play is one of my favorites things to do too! And the print is from a bookstore here called Green Apple books. I’m not sure who makes it but I’ll try to find out!

Thanks Liz – I found it online. It’s a Cavallini Print – normally sold as wrapping paper.

Have a great weekend. Be sure to sit down…

I have three kids so one minute of one-on-one time with each would be so nice. A time to ask about thier day, see how they’re feeling about life and give some hugs would be perfect.

It sounds easy to do but with our busy lives full of school schedules and activities it’s actually quite difficult to get one kid alone.

I totally hear you on taking the time with the little one. While I was missing her a couple of weeks ago I thought I could really be much more patient when we’re in the “kid’s aisle” or in “kid stores”. Kids get dragged to the store all the time by their parents and we expect them to patiently follow along without being rude. Why then can’t I spend just a few more minutes letting her look through the kid stuff at Joann’s or walking around a toy store.

I want to be better about that. It made me sad to think I could be a little more generous. The next time we were in Joann’s I bit my tongue, nipped my impatience in the bud and followed along quietly. And I was a better woman and mom for it.

I’m sorry to report that if I have 3 extra minutes in my day, I will most likely be found scavenging for chocolate somewhere in my house. 🙂

I think I’d include one more Wham! song in the morning dance parties that I have with my toddler before he heads off to day care and I go into work. 🙂

I’m dying over linus the lamb! Maybe I’d learn a simple task on youtube, like a makeup tip or hair tutorial. I wish I had more time to do things like that. My beauty routine needs a serious face lift.

Yes! You and I think alike. I always forget to check those out when I find myself browsing the web. Such great info on ‘the youtubes’ (as my mom calls it)

How sweet is that photo of you and your son, as is the sock animal one. I like Jessica’s sleep idea above. I think I would spend those minutes cleaning under our couch cushions. I think about the junk down there all the time but never seem to find time to get in there and clean it out!

To be honest, if I had three extra minutes in my day I hope I could just sleep peacefully for them. I’m an extremely bad sleeper and even three minutes of restful sleep seems like heaven for me. Plus, it will make me less cranky and make it easier for people to be around me? I didn’t want to seem selfish = /

Also, that sock lamb is adorable, as is your son!

That’s a great one, Jessica. I too would be a whole lot happier all day long if I had a bit more extra sleep! And PS it’s totally okay to feel selfish sometimes. If you’re not happy, no one will be and you wouldn’t be able to take care of others. I’m a big believer in making time for yourself

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