Puerto Rico Photos

Wanted to share a few photos from our Puerto Rico trip last week with our friends, Seth and Kendra Smoot from Manhattan. Some highlights: Bio Bay tour on an electric boat (so we could bring the kids!), snorkeling and beach hopping to nearby islands on a gigantic and touristy catamaran, relaxing and swimming in the pool at the little house we rented, wandering around the beach and collecting treasures, dinners of whole fish and other deliciousness, kayaking through the mangroves, late night chats on the porch.




Kayaking through mangroves seems like the best thing to do ever..or well one of them. I’ll have to remember that if I ever make it to Puerto Rice!

Can you tell me how you found the house you rented? Want to go with our whole family this winter and would love a good source! Thanks.

Went to Puerto Rico once in the 90s, and since then I’ve been wishing I could return. Looks still sunny and magical

Ah, gorgeous and so inspiring. Looking at these photos I just got a total wave of excitement about life and dreams I have. Funny what will set ones soul afire when least expected. Thanks for sharing.

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