DIY: Straw Marble Maze

Every week I volunteer at Henry’s preschool for a few hours and always come back with great ideas for fun, educational, age appropriate games. They do a really good job of encouraging imaginative projects, which I love, and in turn, is inspiration for me of things to do with him at home. This project has been spinning in my head for a while since I saw some homemade mazes on the shelves at his school made from straws and sticks.

I keep a stack of small cardboard boxes on hand for projects like this. Closet confession: I have a weakness for cheez-it crackers!

Henry needed a little instruction on how it worked: ‘Tilt it verrrry gently as you guide the marble through” and “Don’t throw the marble at me if you’re mad”. You could make it much more complicated and challenging for older kids as well. Might be a fun rainy day activity after school!

See the full instructions here on Momtastic.


Rebecca, we’re in a coop so it’s kind of a requirement but fun to see all the ideas they have after 30+ years of teaching preschoolers!

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