DIY: Embroidered Cards

I had some fun embroidering cards the other day. Have you ever tried embroidery? This project would be a great way to learn, making holes in the paper makes it very easy to see where you’re moving next and the general plan of your design or word. These embroidered cards would be a really special gift for Mother’s Day. Or just a note to remind yourself how awesome you are in the bathroom mirror.

See the full step by step right here on Momtastic and, in case you missed it, here are my instructions for creating animated gifs like this one above.


Next time I make some I will! All of mine are being adored by friends and families on their bookshelves or card storage boxes. (or so I’d like to think)

Such a sweet idea, great Mother’s Day gift as well, I agree

I was playing around with animated gifs on the weekend after discovering your tutorial. Fun!

And I had to tear myself away from the computer – a little TOO much fun…

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