Babble Links

Hi! Just home from our trip to Puerto Rico. We stayed in a really quiet part of the island in a little beach house we rented with our good friends, Seth and Kendra Smoot and their sweet 4 yr old. This beach was literally one house away from ours. Such a nice trip and so fun to go with friends. I’ll share more photos next week. As we’re getting settled back into normal life here today are a few of my babble links from this past week I’ve been wanting to share:

9 DIY projects with maps. I want to do all of these!

How to dress like Adele (and look super hot!)

Are you into the detachable collars trend? Loving these

15 picks from the Forever21 sale under $8: Great deals here!

Cute $22 neon toe flats I’m loving

The perfect summer clog. I can’t stop thinking about these beauties!

8 beautifully designed bookcases



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