The Canyons Ski Resort

We had such a great time visiting The Canyons Ski Resort again in Utah this year. We came during that dry spell where Utah was hurting pretty bad for snow. I was pleasantly surprised though with the conditions! We had a great time. Henry started off refusing to leave our legs but by the end of the first day was completely skiing on his own down the hill with turns and stops and totally in control. Hooray! He had a great experience last year getting on skis for the first time, and this year his really sweet instructor taught him to use the chairlift, turn, stop and ski down the hill on his own. Henry would have his lesson in the morning and then we’d ski all together in the afternoon. It would end with pool, hot tub and a warm meal. I’m not gonna lie, it was a good couple of days!

If you’re curious, Jared put together a one minute video of Henry skiing, and some of the desert in Utah as well.

A few more details about our Canyons trip and photos after the jump.


One thing I always love about The Canyons is the incredible food! Most ski resorts menus consist of fries and chili, while The Canyons had probably the best food I’ve eaten in Utah. The Farm restaurant is not to be missed for lunch or dinner (when ended up there twice it was that good!). Their concept is really amazing, all the ingredients are local, within 200 miles. Very San Francisco! There’s also a brand new all kosher restaurant and special secret food spots like chocolate bars, Belgium waffles and delicious BBQ along the trail. Sometimes I forgot I was even skiing and felt like I was on an eating tour of the resort. Yum! My kind of trip.

A huge thanks to The Canyons Resort for hosting us and making our visit such a great experience. While they sponsored our media visit, the review and opinions expressed are my own.


We took our 3 yo skiing for the first time at the Canyons right after Alt Summit. I was blown away! It was amazing!

I’m such a fan of The Canyons! We go every year and my kids always have a wonderful time. Funny about the snow being better there, I heard it’s better there than in the cottonwood canyons too. And I must try The Farm! Sounds really good

You know how you have those life skills that you are determined to teach your kids? Things that you think that they cannot live without? Skiing is one of them for me! I know that you are meant to follow your child’s interests, but we snowboard so the girl started ski lessons at four years of age.

She’s six now and into her third year of skiing. And luckily, since we moved back west to Vancouver, we are only 1 1/2 hours away from Whistler. Lots of good skiing.

It’s such a great family activity and something that you can do your entire life. Sooo worth it.

After Alt next year the man and the girl are going to fly down and join me and then we’ll do some Utah skiing. Never been and looking forward to it – I’ll bookmark this post and check out the Canyons Resort.

We share the same goal of being determined to teach our son to ski! It’s amazing how it just kind of clicked this year.
You definitely need to do some Utah skiing. Best snow on earth!!

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