Say Yes to Hoboken Advertisers

Now that the dust has settled on my new blog design launch, I have a little more space on my sidebar to accept a couple more advertisers. My rates are geared toward small businesses and shops whose product and aesthetic is a good match with my blog and readership.  Also, until the end of February I’m offering a little promotion. When you purchase a 6 month ad commitment, you get one month of advertising free. Think your company might be a good match? Email me at liz(at) and let’s chat! I’ll send you over a media kit with advertising options, giveaway and sponsored post rates.

Also, the large banner ads are now sold through Federated Media, my ad network. I’m in the home and living category, which is quite broad and the brands will be a lot more diverse and may not always seem like the perfect fit with my blog and aesthetic. With my new ad network, occasionally I will also have sponsored posts written by me (and once in a while by them), but they will always, always be marked as a sponsored post so you’re clear about what content is paid and what is not.


I am also perplexed as to how McDonald’s is a “good fit” with your “blog and readership.” I am a big fan of this blog, but I was disappointed that a blog dedicated to the DIY aesthetic as well as raising healthy kids would accept sponsorship from a huge corporation that profits from unhealthy, disease-causing food.

I totally hear you, it’s not the best fit! Those banner ad spots are sold through my through my ad network and are geared towards moms and style since that’s the genre I’m in.

Liz, that is awesome! From one woman to another I am so sincerely proud of what your blog has become. It proves so much to all of us (mothers and women) about what we can do with our creativity. I think there can be a very smart marriage between being creative and having some commercial support and you show us all how that can be accomplished with grace and style. Kudos to you! I think the new ad space is fabulous.

I have to say I was a little disheartened to open your blog today to see a bunch of McDonald’s ads everywhere. I understand the need for sponsors, but as a blog about style and craftiness, I am not sure this fits. I like your statement about looking for small businesses. This isn’t nearly as pleasing to look at now.

I agree, not the best fit! Those banner ad spots are not sold by me but by my ad network. I’m in the mom and living category so they try to make the best matches they can but it’s not always perfect. I’m sorry you were disappointed, having advertisers only means more good content for you as I’m able to spend more time and money on this blog and the ideas I share. I love my job and advertisers are the way I can continue doing it!

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