Neon Pink + Camel

(image from Pinterest, original credit unknown)

I’m loving this bright and bold color combination of neon pink and camel. Maybe…sophisticated meets edgy rock star hip? If that’s a real style, I want to adopt it. Could you pull it off? What do you think?

A few picks:

1. Neon Ballerinas   2. Clare Vivier Clutch  3. Leather Jacket 4. J Brand Skinnies

Plus, my very favorite sneakers now come in hot pink! Brilliant.


The pink and camel combination would look really cool in my younger daughter’s room. I’m trying to convince her that a bit of neutral will make pink more interesting.

I am a recent convert to beige in all its shades, and one big reason for it was that you can wear the brightest shades and patterns, and paired with beige they are just so much more wearable!! Love this pairing.

I love this combo and I like that it can work for any age in the right proportions. Likely less neon and more neutrals the older one gets. haa.

I absolutely adore those shoes! I think I know what part of my new job first pay check might go to….hm..

I swear you are walking around in my head right now. I am OBSESSED with neon and neutrals. My “My Style” board in pinterest has blown up with the color combo. Especially pinks, reds, oranges, and some yellows. I just recently bought a neon pink blazer and thought “am I crazy?” And right now my nails are painted a bright orangey-coral with one nail painted bright fuchsia…my version of color blocking my nails. 🙂

Your color block nails sounds brilliant! And awesome purchase with the neon blazer. That is going to be so hot! I’d love to see your pinterest style board with your picks, can you give us the link?

I don’t think everyone can pull off neon pink skinny jeans (my 19 year-old sister could!), but I think everyone can pull off neutrals with neon accents. Definitely my favorite color trend right now!

I agree, I wish I could be that 19yr Old that could pull it off again though. So much fun!

This color combination is so incredible! I love the juxtaposition as well that you described. I think rock star sophisticated is a legit style

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