So, I started knitting a couple months ago. Do you knit? If you follow me on instagram (@liz_stan) you might know that I’m almost done with my first project, a striped Christmas stocking. My friend Diana has been teaching me and it has surprised me how much I’ve enjoyed working on it. I’ve already bought yarn for the next stocking! It’s something I find myself doing late at night when I’m sick of the internet and tv. I’ll knit while listening to music or Ted Talks and This American Life (PS just listened to this one).  Why is it so hard to make time to do those things? Why must we always be so efficient?  I love to also just sit in silence on the couch.  It’s very calming, and when my hands are so busy I don’t feel as tempted to pick up my phone and check my email or twitter.  If you don’t get carsick easily, it’s nice for a long car ride. I knit almost the whole length of this stocking on the way from San Francisco to Utah last month headed out for Alt Summit, and I’m planning on working on stocking #2 during our travels this week to Puerto Rico. After I finish the three stockings I want to make this Hudson Bay blanket (image above). Isn’t it beautiful? A bit ambitious, but it’s either that or leg warmers and bloomers for a 4 yr old boy…Do you knit? Do you have an activity like knitting that calms you?


Oooh! So awesome that you’re doing that blanket, I’ve had it pinned for awhile because I’m planning to do it in a baby quilt version! Good luck!

Where did you find the pattern for your Christmas stocking? I love it!

It’s one of my goals this year to knit something. I’ve wanted to do it for years but have always been a bit intimidated by it. But there are so many great resources out there now to be able to teach yourself!

I’m an avid knitter and so is my daughter. It is very meditative and then there are the beautiful things you end up with. I want to let you know about Ravelry is a social site for people who knit and crochet. They have an enormous library of patterns (many of them free) and people share their projects and notes. A good resource for knitters.

I started this blanket a couple of weeks ago (I’m a new knitter too) and am loving how it is turning out. Instead of using the yarn that is suggested for the pattern, I used cascade 220, which is a very reasonably priced alternative. It looks great!
Good luck!

I am a knitter! I especially love working on funny little animals for friends and family. I also like to take pictures of them posing with my cats haha…yes, I am a knitting cat lady…in her twenties…

Nothing like losing track of all things electronic and just the clickety-clack of a sewing machine or needles to keep you company. So deeply satisfying.

That blanket is beautiful! I just started knitting and crocheting myself. It’s extremely relaxing – kind of meditative.

I’ll be honest, I’m a terrible knitter. In fact, my husband is much better then I am. I really wish I could do it though, there are so many things I want to make…it’s just one of those talents I just don’t have 🙂

Your stocking looks lovely! I actually made one on a hat loom for my son this last Christmas (your’s was more the style I wanted to go for but this one turned out pretty cute too!)

Soooo gorgeous, however, since the yarn alone would cost over $300 I think I might choose buying an actual Hudson Bay blanket instead ;0)!

I tried to knit a long time ago and failed – I just couldn’t get my tension right. Now I crochet, I crochet a lot. I think after I finish the Doctor Who TARDIS scarves I’ve sold I’m going to attempt to knit again.

I think so. I guess it just depends on the person, but I find working with one hook to be easier. My tension is never really a problem when I crochet. Then again there are a few difficult parts, but knitting has difficult parts too. You should give it a try sometime!

I’ve been lusting over a Bay blanket forevvveeerrrrr. I’d never thought of just making one myself!

My friend Marcelle taught me to knit a few years ago, and I was obsessed with it for a while. I made some washcloths and scarves, and then I started “The Baby Blanket.” It was for the little boy my sister was expecting–who turns 2 in May! And the blanket is still half finished in a basket somewhere. I usually always finish things that I start, but the blanket just completely and utterly defeated me!

I think if I did it, it would have to be a ‘this might take 10 years but i’ll give it a try’ type of project. I’m sure your niece would appreciate the blanket even when she’s 30!

That blanket looks like it was made for your blog! I don’t knit, but now I think I want to…!

I too learned to knit a few months ago. There are soooo many lovely yarns out there too – amazing colours and textures. After making a few hats, I am in the midst of making a cowl. I even booked a “consult” at a local yarn shop when I ran into a bit of trouble interpreting the pattern – yes it was a LITTLE complicated for me the beginner knitter. Kinda like knitting tutoring…

Spring is on its way here in the Pacific Northwest and part of me is all “but what will I knit then?? It’ll be too warm!”

You MUST go to Purl Soho the next time you are in NYC!

And yes, there IS something about the rhythm of knitting or any textile art that is very very calming.

I’ve been to Purl Soho fabric store but never the knitting one since I just learned to knit. Next time I’m in NY for SURE I’ll check it out!

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