Ooh pretty! I never want to use the dish/tea towels I like best – I think I might just frame them after seeing this 🙂

My mom has about 20-25 different framed covers of old issues of Gourmet magazine going around the perimeter of one half of her kitchen. It’s so so cool. I love it. I must remember to take a photo of them the next time I’m at home!

What pattern did you use for your Christmas stocking mentioned on the Hudson Bay Blanket Blog report? Great site!

We have a wonderful handkerchief from my husband’s grandma that she gave us to use on our wedding day in case I cried. I never knew what to do with that handkerchief, thanks so much for the idea!!

Love these tea towels… we have a bit of a thing about them in our house as the other half uses the tea towels for mopping up coffee spills and the like which stains any nice pretty tea towels! Arrgh!

Funny! I just framed an embroidered piece of fabric I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago. It was in with the napkins and placemats at the store, but I can’t believe that it’s actually a napkin—too delicate. I posted a picture of it on my blog:

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