DIY: Stamped Conversation Hearts

Henry and I had fun the other day making these stamped conversation hearts to give out as valentines to his little preschool friends.

I used my favorite mini stamping kit of course and wrote sweet and funny little messages on the sculpey clay.

Poked holes through before baking and strung some bakers twine afterwards to make a necklace.

Henry had a couple hearts that he stamped letters on by himself to his content, which was a lot of fun for him. See the full tutorial here on Momtastic.

Up to any Valentine’s Day crafts? I’d love to see your creations!


These are darling! I wish I would’ve thought of them, they are wonderful!

I’m a little late to the table here, but we did two fun crafts for Valentine’s Day.

Paint chip valentines, which I thought I invented but turns out I didn’t (but I love my version anyway!):

Heart-shaped soft pretzels for dad:

Going to peek around your blog some more now!

CUTE!! Brilliant!

my family keeps EVERYTHING (like even old broken things) and this year my mom gave me my grandfather’s childhood stamp set from the 1930’s. It’s super cute but all hard and the stamps don’t really stamp anymore. This would be a great project for that stamp set!

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