DIY: Rainbow Heart Banner

I got a little giddy when I saw the pretty range of craft felt colors at my local craft store. Thought they’d make a lovely Valentine’s Day banner to cheer up a wintery window. Also, see that polka dot skirt? Thrift store find!

For the full instructions on making this Valentine’s Day banner go here



So adorable!! I would totally just pull out the glue gun for this banner. I am so terrible at hand stitching AND sewing. Need to work on it! This reminded me that I need to send you a pic of the heart garlandy things I made for a Valentine’s Dance this weekend (to hang from the ceiling). I used the idea from your cute pink baby mobile, but instead of polka dots I did hearts.

This is so pretty, just wonderful, Liz! You always have great ideas (and execution!)

That is so festive looking! I made a heart banner out of all the Christmas cards I got, but I might have to try this one too!

Oh! I forgot to mention. You could totally hand stitch these too. In fact, they’d probably look better that way. It’s a little tricky to sew in a heart shape.

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