DIY: Gold Dipped Bangles

You didn’t think my obsession with gold dipping ended when New Years came and went, did you? I’ve still got this love affair going strong. Here’s another super simple DIY to transform a cheap bangle into a gold dipped piece of jewelry for a evening out. Fancy! Perfect with the gold toe flats.

Find the full instructions here!

Other gold paint tutorials of mine you may have missed:

Gold Dipped Glasses (featured by the Huffington Post!)

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Gold Helvetica Tee

Henry’s Gallery Wall


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Amazing DIY! Love it. I have some bangles hanging around that just might get this treatment in the near future. I could see it being gorgeous with other bright colors, as well.

Gold really just classes up pretty much anything. I love the Henry art work gallery. Also when I read about the gold dipped glasses I somehow thought eye glasses haha.

Love the display of Henry’s art! I put up the girl’s art on a magnetic board in the kitchen. It’s sooo important to do so – I think it makes them really feel that their artwork and artmaking is worth looking at. And, it makes them feel that the home is THEIR home too.

Great idea with the frames – and so easy too! Perfect combination of craftiness…

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