Behind the Scenes from the Levi’s Feature

Today I’m sharing some behind the scenes photos and snippets about the Levi’s® feature I posted about yesterday. It was produced by Federated Media with Remedy Editorial. Such an amazing team to work with. Thank you all for the wonderfully kind things you’ve said about the video, it made for a really warm + fuzzy Valentine’s Day!

Keep reading to see more photos and a few snippets from the shoot…

There was a stylist! (Crazy!) And it took that stylist a whole lot of makeup to get me camera ready. I think the last time I had foundation on was my wedding  (you know how I feel about makeup, generally)

We started the shoot at the beach and then went back to our home where we did the majority of the shooting. Afterwards, we went to a local craft store and downtown. The dining room here was the only room we weren’t shooting in so that was where all the equipment landed. I didn’t really have time to stress about all these people and equipment in my house, it was such a whirlwind of a day!

This was kind of a typical scene during the day. Our apartment crammed with people who each were responsible for one small piece of the production. Also, see how light filled our bedroom looks? They had huge artificial lights in every corner. It was wonderful! I wanted the lights to stay permanently.

I know it looks like we were doing the YMCA dance here, but we were actually making Xs! I love Henry’s little tilted head x. He kills me!

The second day we went to the Levi’s store downtown to shoot a few scenes getting measured with the Curve Id system and trying on some different pairs in the dressing room. That was the funniest part, the dressing room. When I walked in ready to shoot there were two dudes with cameras propped up on the dressing room walls peering over me. Looking just like standard dressing room perverts! I was half giggling throughout that entire shot.


I’m heading to the mall … thank heavens for stylish, affordable jeans I don’t have to yank up every second!

Looks like you had a great time. And in the end…I really want those jeans you have on! So obviously Levi’s picked the right lady to promote their product! Do they deliver to Italy??

Liz, Bart and I take offense to being labeled just a “standard” dressing room perverts. I really feel like we had taken it to the next level!

I hope you really don’t take offense! It was just a funny scene to walk into a dressing room with guys peering down on you from the top. In ANY other situation it would have been quite suspect. But you guys of course were complete gentlemen!

Ha! You were such a good sport and really in the moment. Sort of like..”hmm ok. Trying on jeans with 2 guys w cameras. Right. What could possibly go wrong?”. 🙂

How fun! We live in the dark and gloomy Pacific Northwest, so I hear ya about the light-filled bedroom!

You must have felt like a mini-celebrity all day, from the make-up artists to the looky-lou’s in the dressing room!

I did, I kind of wanted it to be my real life. Especially having someone whose sole job it was to make you look good. I didn’t have to worry if my shirt was bunched up or hair standing funky, someone else did!

Love the behind the scenes pics! Looks like you guys had a great time shooting the promo.

Your video was so cute and I loved hearing more about your life and love of crafting. It was great! Congrats!

It really was so much more involved that I could have imagined. I think there were about 15 people in the apartment helping with the production in some way!

The lights would only mean make up for photos and we know how you feel about make up =]

The x photo is adorable – and Henry’s tilted head is adorable!

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