Wishing Alt Summit was my Real Life

My head is still buzzing from all the inspiring and talented women I met at Alt Summit this past week. It was incredible and I had a crazy fun time. Some of my closest friends have come from this community of bloggers and I count myself lucky to have such a supportive and creative group to call my peers (and family). I felt a little spoiled with all the wonderful details of the conference from the thoughtful gifts to the inspiring speakers and panels. We even had a team of fabulous stylists doing hair on the day of our panel! I have to be honest, I’m a little sad to be heading back home tomorrow. My real life of bills, routines, freelance deadlines, dirty dishes and mismatched socks doesn’t seem nearly as enjoyable. Kind of wishing Alt was my real life. We need to do this more often, ladies. Once a year isn’t nearly enough. I’ll be back to normal posting later this week with pictures from a fabulous Alt makeover session and check back later today with the winner of the huge launch giveaway !

A few more instagram (I’m @liz_stan) Alt photos:

Thursday night glamorous party  ‘ Diner En Blanc’, meeting and interviewing Anya from Project Wedding. Eek!

A packed panel and thrift tour!

Post-Alt family time plan Henry made and dipping in the pool

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Meeting you and doing your hair at ALT was so much fun! I can’t believe I didn’t know about that hot tub and pool until after I’d left, bummer.

p.s. your site redesign is AMAZING!!

Everyone else has said it, but I agree – I wish it were my real life, too. I wish I could transplant each & every one of those amazing bloggers here to my city! Going to Alt was the best money I have ever spent.

So glad we got to chitchat a couple of times!

I wish Alt was my real life, too, and I was only there for a few hours! It was fun to meet you, if only briefly. I love your site’s redesign–it’s so fresh, bright, and fun.

So sad I didn’t have the opportunity to connect with you directly this year Liz! Perhaps we could grab a coffee in SF sometime?! Three cheers for another great Alt!

Hello Hello!

Just wanted to let you know that it was such a pleasure talking to you during the white party! Your panel was so refreshing and informative! It’s also really cool to know that you live in the Bay Area too! Shoot me a line if you wanna get together (with our without our boys!) Hope your transition back to real life is good.



So lovely to meet you as well, Tracy. I just checked out your site and love it! We should for sure get together sometime…

Great photos. So happy I got to meet you in person! Until next year…

PS Love the new design!

I just returned from Alt as well – back to the rain of the PNW and the real life of laundry, etc.!

I had an incredible time and am very inspired. So wonderful to be in the midst of so many talented and creative people.

And I am soooo going to bring my family next year! Who knew that there was such a fab pool at the Grand American? Crossing my fingers for more snow too so we can board and ski as well after the conference.

The pool is a lot of fun and this week was unusually bad snow, next year will mostly likely be better! Glad you had such a great time

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