Redecorate in Color

I get the urge to decorate about this time of year, do you? Something about the New Year makes me want to add color and breathe new life in everything we own. This incredible apartment, furnished by one of Kate Spade’s founding owners, is just one of those that is inspiring me to redecorate. For a mere 18k a month you can rent this Kate Spade Catalog set in the East Village of Manhattan. I girl can dream, right?



You totally nailed what I was feeling about wanting to redecorate the entire house at the beginning of the year. I didn't even realize that's what I was feeling but you brought it to the surface. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could do that every year?!

i definitely get the same urge, esp after looking at pinterest all the time!

Yes the New Year brings a new energy…I too am wanting to decorate!

Now I have a new dream for when I win the lottery! So lovely!!

I totally know what you mean. As soon as new years is over I want that tree out of my house and I want a mini face lift. IT's about the only thing that's exciting until valentines comes around lol.- Sarah

I love the classic white wall with pops of colors. Dreamy!

I have the same feeling, I love to change things up my in tiny apartment to keep things fresh and inspiring. I love the art wall!

If I had nearly $20,000/month to spend, this is where I'd spend it. Masterful use of color and print here.

18k a month? Done. Haha, I wish! That apartment looks lovely. I especially like the art on the left of the apartment.

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