Greetings from Salt Lake City

Hi! Wanted to check in quick and say hello from Salt Lake City, Ut! Oh my goodness, Thank You for all the wonderful comments about the site and the giveaway. I’ll share a few details about it next week for those of you interested in making the switch to wordpress. Last week we drove the long stretch from San Francisco to Salt Lake City to do some slot canyon hiking, skiing, visiting and of course Alt Summit starting in just a couple days (so excited!). I lived in Utah for years but this road trip out was my first time stopping at the Salt Flats outside of Wendover, NV (image above). Incredible! I can’t believe I had never taken the 5 minute detour off I-80 to see it.  I’m already planning on stopping there again on our trip back. Posting will be a little lighter this week as Alt Summit starts but I have a few fun projects to share this week so check back!

PS Don’t forget to enter the huge launch giveaway by this Sunday night!


Ooh-aah. I will be sure to add the salt flats to the list of places I must visit! And I really like that photo, what type of camera (or effects??) did you use?

Alt Summit looks amazing! I hope you have a ton of fun. Maybe one day I’ll make it out to Utah.

also lived in utah; also only stopped once on a road trip to SF. phenomenal fun.

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