Current Trend Crush: Polka Dots

(Images above: Polka dot pencil skirt and tee from Madewell spring 2012 collection, Polka dot dress and bow from Modcloth, Polka dot bag from Hanselfrom Basel)

When I was packing for Alt Summit I had this shocking realization as I was folding clothes into my suitcase that polka dots were the predominant pattern in my closet. I didn’t even realize I was collecting so many! Move over stripes! I remember taking a similar picture last year headed to Alt of a sea of stripes in my suitcase. Are you loving polka dots too? I’m wondering, like I do with many trends, if I’ll start to think they look hokey in a few months. Will I look back on 2012 and be a little embarrassed at all the high-waisted pants and polka dots I was wearing on a regular basis? I’m curious if you all opened up your closets what the predominant pattern is in your wardrobe, and if you think it’ll stand the test of time?

PS Don’t you love how played down that polka dot pencil skirt is above paired with a tee, brown belt, and flats? So cute!

Would you like to see what my suitcase looks like this year all polka dotted out?

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Polka dots just make people really happy. My daughter sometimes wears polka dot shoes, tights, dress, coat and headband. She asks “is it too much mama?” and I always respond “there’s no such thing as too many polka dots”.

I think polka dots are one of those patterns that will never go out of style. They might not be the “it” thing, but they will definitely always be around.

I have honestly been trying to avoid polka dots! I wore them a lot in 2006/2007 and am trying to break that trend as I want to look more mature and less girly (although I just got a new job, so maybe I’m just trying to update my look)?? I’m currently loving stripes, but also ikat and geometric patterns.

I totally know what you mean, that’s why I’m a little nervous about what I’ll think of this trend in a year or two. I do think they can be classy and mature but can easily be overplayed.

Dots are like some fruits. They are seasonal. When they arrive they will stir a craze and quickly died down. Till next season again.

Love these spots! I definitely still have a soft spot for stripes too though 🙂

The new website is gorgeous x

I hope I never get over polka dots! I’ve loved them since I was about five and had a red shirt with white polka dots that I was ever so proud of.

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