A Practical Wedding (the book!)

(image from Lowe House Creative

My good friend and neighbor, Meg, the genius behind one of my very favorite wedding sites, A Practical Wedding, just published a book! Have I ever talked about my wedding before? From planning to execution was a complete blur. At one point I handed over the entire event to my mother with super specific instructions of “You do it. I want a chocolate fountain, tiki lamps and some kind of live music.” (truth). I have dreams of doing it over. Taking charge and not feeling overwhelmed. Focusing on meaningful details and enjoying special moments. Where were supportive wedding blog communities back then?!? This book is top on my list to give to a friend or family member whose engaged and probably stressed out beyond belief.  Fun to read (she’s got such an approachable tone, very entertaining, just like her blog) and really informative as well. It kind of made me want to plan another. Maybe. Or just point others in the right direction. 
Find A Practical Wedding book right here on amazon.


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