A Glass Ornament Decorated 10 Ways: Knitted Ornament Cozy by AmberLee

This is a holiday DIY series showcasing 10 different ways to decorate a glass ornament. This week, I have five of my favorite crafty bloggers lined up to share their brilliant ideas.   
Today’s tutorial is by AmberLee of one of my very favorite readers, GiversLog (and genius behind the hot chocolate on a stick company, Ticket Kitchen!)

I’ve been wanting something cozy to adorn my tree this year.

Fortunately for me, after we pulled out all our Christmas-decor boxes, I found that all the boxes of my kids too-little clothes needed major organizing. As I was sorting through boxes and trashbags of little clothes, I came across a few pair of tights

and that’s when it all came together.

The project was simple. I just sliced up the tights to be a bit longer than the ornaments. I found it worked better to slip the fabric over the ornament first, then stitch through the resulting ruffles on the bottom and pull it tight and tie it off. I added a little fabric glue to the edges and sort of worked it into the fabric so I wouldn’t have to worry about fraying. Finally I simply rolled down the top.

I thought the result was quite cozy. Don’t you? It makes me want to run and put on a a big fluffy sweater myself.

That’s all, folks! Ten days of crafting with glass ornaments! A huge thank you to all our fabulously talented contributors. Aren’t they the best?

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