A Glass Ornament Decorated 10 Ways: Glitter Dusted by Kersey

This is a holiday DIY series showcasing 10 different ways to decorate a glass ornament. This week, I have five of my favorite crafty bloggers lined up to share their brilliant ideas.   
Today’s tutorial is by Kersey of Ardor blog.  I love stopping by her blog for a daily dose of pretty things, products and crafts.

Along with the rest of the world these days, I love gold, glitter and most things of the shiny variety. And though I normally don’t care for ornaments (I prefer a plain, white lights tree), I thought that some glass glitter dusted ornaments might be just the thing for our tree this year. Want to make some? Yes? Great!

All you need is glass bulbs, hairspray, glitter and 5-10 minutes.

First, you’ll need to spray the hairspray into the bulb semi-evenly. Then place the bulb upside down so the hairspray gravitates down and evens out. Let it dry for a few minutes – use a hairdryer if you’re in a rush.

While it’s still the tiniest bit damp and sticky, dump in your glitter!

Swirl it around a bit, dusting as much of the inside of the bulb as possible.

And viola! Glitter dusted ornaments ready for hanging.

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