A Glass Ornament Decorated 10 Ways: Christmas Scene

I’m starting a fun holiday DIY series today showcasing 10 different ways to decorate a glass ornament. I’ll be featuring one tutorial every day this week and then the real treat is I have five of my favorite crafty bloggers lined up to share their ideas each day next week. 

The first idea is making this sweet little Christmas scene.

From my local hobby/craft store I picked up some mini trees and linchen grass.

I sprayed the trees with glue and glitter onto cardboard

Found this little penguin dude at the hobby store too. I even found him a mini Santa hat! Perfect. Have I mentioned that hobby stores are my new favorite place to find special crafting supplies?

I dropped a bit of hot glue into the inside of the ornament and then using tweezers pressed in a few bits of the lichen grass to create a soft ground for my scene.

Then I did the same with the trees and penguin. Adding a drop of glue inside and then carefully placing them with tweezers. The hat popped off so I added it in afterwards. My original plan was much more elaborate involving deer and little gold presents. Unfortunately though, none of those fit through the narrow opening at the top. So keep that in mind when you’re selecting items to go inside!


Very neat idea! I never thought of using mini animals and trees, etc. I have always just filled the glass bulbs with ribbon, or sprinkles, etc. Thanks for sharing! cant wait to see your other ideas 🙂

I love the series idea and I LOVE this ornament idea! craft stores are my favorite. i always go in expecting to buy one thing and end up buying the whole store!XO Lourdes

I love this series! Though the only problem is I want them all at once. I have a problem with patience. Can't wait! xo

These are so cute. I have been looking to do some ornaments myself.

Love the idea, but my daughter shakes the heck out of any ornament with stuff inside… and then cries that the stuff can't come out!

Great job!! I just finished working on a few of my own last week. I applied a stencil to the outside, spread glue and shook glitter to get what I wanted. They were for my boyfriends business but they came out really cool and you could write or put ANYTHING on them. Can't wait to see the rest of your ideas, I will have to go out and buy more clear bulbs I'm sure! 🙂

Very, Very Cute! It's amazing all you can do with those glass ornaments!

This is adorable! Can't wait to see the next 9 ideas you have!

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