5 Favorite Pairs of Jeans Under $70

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans you live in? That you don’t take off the minute you’re home relaxing in the evening? A pair that you always feel hot in no matter how crummy your day was?
I’m sharing my favorite 5 pairs of jeans right over here (all under $70 too!). I feel like it has taken a while to find a few that I love. Do you have a favorite pair?


I need to just suck it up and get some. I'm to scared to even try them on. But everyone looks soo cute in them!- Sarahhttp://agirlintransit.blogspot.com

I love the high rise Gap jeans but I don't see them online anymore. Bummer! H&M has a pair of high rise jeans for only $20 too that I like

Here's the link that works :)http://blogs.babble.com/family-style/2011/12/27/5-favorite-pairs-of-jeans-all-under-70/

Is it just me or does the link not work? I can't find your list of favorite jeans under $70.

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