Hello from St. George!

Hi! We’re visiting friends and family in St. George, Utah this week. It’s been a much needed break. Every day we’ve done some awesome exploring- yesterday was a remote mountain Jared has never been up but always stared at in the distance growing up and today we’re headed to the Grand Canyon. Henry is going to flip. out. It’s also been really fun watching him play with his little cousins and climbing around on the beautiful red rocks. Are you traveling this week too? Spending time with family and friends? Hope it’s a happy and safe week for you as well.


I lived there for a few years and it was some of the best time of my life. I hope you had a great trip and that Henry loved the Grand Canyon!

Hey we'll meet you at the north rim..or was that the south rim. Have fun and enjoy your Thanksgiving Liz.xx – CB

stripes + mountains make for a nice combination! safe travels..

We'll be in St. George this weekend too! Hopefully we'll have a chance to sneak in a trip to Benja Thai – the best Thai food I've had anywhere 🙂

i'm headed to idaho for family thanksgiving. st. george is always pretty this time of year with the changing seasons so i hope you're enjoying it :)Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

southern utah/northern arizona is so beautiful! i can't ever get enough. happy thanksgiving!

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