DIY: Thanksgiving Teepee Place Holders

I’m sharing this fun teepee idea for kid friendly Thanksgiving place holders over at Momtastic today. Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? We did last year and I found out how hard it is to entertain the kids, especially toddlers, during dinner without a little sometimes fun or sweet for them to enjoy.

These teepees are held together with frosting so after removing the fabric, they’re totally edible. We ended up gobbling down those pretzel sticks dipped in frosting all evening. I think I may have found my new favorite midnight snack! Also, you can also fill up these teepee like cornucopias with treats and toys wrapped in a plastic bag.

See the full instructions right here on Momtastic

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Fun idea Liz and super yummy! Great project if we study the Native Americans from the plains as well. 🙂

I just saw a similar idea on Pinterest and decided to do it with my kids next week! GMTA, I tell ya.

Thanks Zarin! Sadie, I think the teepee is just a symbol of Native Americans- but I agree it's probably not culturally accurate!

What a wonderful idea for a center piece! While it is important to be culturally aware I don't find this craft offensive or harmful. I doubt the author was trying to be malicious or disrespectful.

I find this craft to be pretty culturally inaccurate and offensive. The Native Americans who used Teepees were from the plains and not those that interacted with pilgrims. Careful thought should go into even children's crafts that are attempting to replicate another culture.

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