DIY: Homemade Glitter

Homemade shimmery glitter is probably the easiest thing you can make and really pretty to look at. Plus, this version is edible and nontoxic for crafting.

Supplies: table salt, food coloring and a tupperware container to mix in. A little silver dust used in decorating cakes adds some shimmer-if you’re a shimmer kind of girl-but it’s not completely necessary.

Pour some salt into the tubberware. As much or little as you want, depending upon how much glitter you want to make. Add a few drops of one color. Place the top on and shake shake shake until the color is well incorporated. Now add a sprinkle of the silver dust and shake shake shake again until it’s well incorporated as well.

Do the same with the other colors. You can experiment mixing colors to create different shades as well

Carefully pour them onto a baking dish and bake in the oven for about 10 minutes on 375. You’re just drying out the bit of liquid from the food coloring.

Isn’t it pretty? You can store them in separate mini tupperware containers or mix them in one for a rainbow glitter. I also wonder how this would work with sugar, sparkly cupcakes anyone??


It'd work just the same with sugar. We do it at work sometimes, to color sugar for cookies and such. We've never put it in the oven to pull out some of the moisture but I'm sure it'd be fine as long as it's not left in there TOO long.

Not Superman, fabulous news!! Can't wait to try it with sugar

It works nicely with sugar! Instead of baking it dry, though, just spread it out on plates or cookie sheets and let it dry on the counter. Gel food coloring works best. Plus, Wilton has some amazing gel colors that make gorgeous sprinkling sugar colors.Yay for sparkly cupcakes!

ha! i didn't realize i did that. actually i usually call it tupperwear

lattelove, yup that's what i was worried about with the sugar. worth a shot though!

sugar might work, but you'd have to lower the temp, or maybe let it dry out in the air instead of the oven because heat would make the sugar crystallize and melt. But I love that idea for cupcakes! very pretty.

homemade glitter! That's so much fun! I never thought of that!

oh , I will try as soon as possible!kissveronica

What a fun idea! My 4-year-old daughter is going to love this project. Off to Stumble!

so pretty! and now I wonder what store-bought glitter is made of…

Love this! Sparkling cupcakes here I come!! ~jen

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