13 Party Shoes Under $50 + Other Babble Links

I love party shoes! Last week I posted about making your own gold toe flats, and I’ve been so happy to see so many of you giving it a try and it working well for you too! Yeah!
If you’re not in the mood to get friendly with gold spray paint, I’ve collected 13 Party Shoes Under $50 over at babble for you check out and find a favorite pair.

Here are a few other babble links I’ve been wanting to share:

The perfect holiday party dress. Period.

Awesome hasbeen clog boot knockoffs for $59!

The most adorable baby coat

The best thing to happen to crayons

H&M Holiday Collection Favorites under $14.99

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The ecostar crayons are our favorite birthday favor to give away. So adorable. Everyone who has gotten them has loved them.

Oh thanks, Liz! Good old Google helped me find them on the Babble website too. You always pick such winners – I look forward to your posts. Thanks again. 🙂

I love those miracle berries – not quite a clog, though 😉

I'm really interested in the clog boot link — but it takes me to CNN. Can you help?

we don't have an h &m here so I'm crossing my fingers they'll open one soon! That suitcase is cute, but the price is ridiculous!

Oh noes! If H&M lets me shop online, my bank account is DOOOMED!

Horray for H&M shopping-it will probably be a curse, but I'm so excited! Have a divine weekend!

I could not be more excited about H&M opening online!! First Anthropologie unveiling a wedding line and then H&M opening an online shop for us in America (especially Utah). This week has been good to me! Thanks for sharing!

Haha. I don't think it should cost that much. I'll find an old thrift case and paint it myself. 🙂

Liz, I really like your blog. I have a cupcake question…should I spray/grease the cupcake liners before pouring in the batter?

This party looks awesome! If you ever need a birthday party in the future I can't suggest Lili's Parties enough. It's a full service children's birthday party planning company in town that comes to you and handles EVERYTHING! Definitely worth checking out.

That is such a great idea for a toddler birthday party. I think I will try it out next year.

you had me at lemon meringue buttercream…yum!

Clever idea, having someone (not a clown!) come in to entertain the kids like that. And those cupcakes look pos-a-tively delish.

I got them at a site called paper lanterns that's based out of here do we just went and picked them out. They have great selection

Those lanterns are awesome. Did you buy them in Chinatown there?

This music teacher was from SF Music Together. Her name was Bevin and she was really awesome. I can get you the contact info if you need it, just email me.

what a darling party!and, how smart to hire a music person!

cute pictures! it looks like hank was having the time of his life

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