Online Class: Getting Started with Advertising on Your Blog

Hey guys! Our last Getting Started with Advertising on Your Blog online class went so great we’re having another one! It’ll be Wednesday, November 2nd at 2:30pm PST (5:30pm EST). It will last about 45 minutes long.  There is a small cost, $15, but we are limiting the class size it’ll be more intimate. Sign up here! It’s a video format, but I’m the only one on video. You can see me but I can’t see you. It’s very interactive: there’s a chat going on, power point and Q&A features as well. It’s really fun!

Synopsis: I’ll discuss a few of the ins and outs to help those of you are might be interested in getting started with advertising on your blog or curious about other advertising avenues to pursue. Topics will include: boutique ads, ad networks, ad campaigns, affiliate programs, etc. Also covering topics such as deciding what to charge, brand collaboration, managing ads and advertisers, working with small vs. large businesses. After a video presentation from me, a portion of the time will be an open forum for discussion and question answering. I hope you can join me! It’ll be a really fun discussion.
Sign up here. When you sign up you’ll receive an email the day of directing you to the url for the class.


Oh, I am so sorry, I just saw this post. If you ever have this class about advertising on blogs, please let me know.Thank you!

I just got the link! Thank you so much and I look forward to chatting with you. Hopefully my children will cooperate 🙂

Hi Liz!I got my PayPal confirmation for this afternoon but I haven't received an email with the link for the class. Hope I can join you all!Thanks,Amy

I wish I could participate. I have to be at my volunteer position (hoping to get a job) so I can't attend. Is there a way to pay for the video after or to have one of these at a non work time? I just started my blog recently so the lesson is not applicable to me now but I'd love to find out for the future!

Oh wow this sounds great I wish that I could participate xxxx

Sarah, you're all signed up and ready. We fixed the error. Thanks for letting us know!

I tried signing up, but it keeps giving me an error saying I haven't paid. I used paypal and got a receipt/confirmation email from paypal saying I paid. Help?

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