New Class: Getting Started with Advertising on Your Blog

(totally unrelated but isn’t that painted wood pretty?)

Great news! We had such a great response from the last two online video classes I taught that we’re adding another next week: Getting Started with Advertising on Your Blog. There is a small cost this time, $15, but we are limiting the class size considerably so it’ll be more intimate. It will be held on Monday, October 17th at 1:30pm PST (4:30 EST) and will last 45 minutes.
I’ll discuss a few of the ins and outs to help those of you are might be interested in getting started with advertising on your blog or curious about other advertising avenues to pursue. Topics will include: boutique ads, ad networks, ad campaigns, affiliate programs, etc. Also covering topics such as deciding what to charge, brand collaboration, managing ads and advertisers, working with small vs. large businesses. After a video presentation from me, a good portion of the time will be a open forum for discussion and question answering. I hope you can join me! It’ll be a really fun discussion.
Sign up here. When you sign up you’ll receive an email the day of directing you to the url for the class.

{We’ll also have another Tips for Beginning Bloggers class in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for details on that}


I really enjoy your type of art, I know that sometimes the children like to lean some art !

i would like to find this info out too but missed it. any word on how to get it now?

Now that I've read the comments – I agree with Shayna! There's got to be a way you can do that! xo

ah, i so wish I had heard of this sooner!! I so would have done it! any chance you'd share the video (for a price) or offer it again?

liz i wish i could attend! i would love just like shayna to have access at a later time!

oh I do hope you do another getting started with advertising class, I'm going to be on an airplane on Monday. I am at the point where I would love to explore and learn more about advertising options.

Shayna, good idea. Let me think about how we can make that work. Teresita, I'm actually the one one that's on video, the students just watch and then type in the chat/ask questions via the Q&A box

same as Shayna, I look like an octopus at that time of the day. Any other way? Or something to read afterwards?

It's hard for me to "attend" the classes at specified times. Any chance you'd think about selling passes to the videos so that we could watch them at our leisure?

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