DIY: Notebook Lined Tee

I had seen these notebook tees around last fall and loved them. Turns out they’re a super easy DIY. See my step by step instructions here. Promise, no freezer stencil or exact-o knife required!

It’s a little dangerous that I’ve figured out how easy it is to make a striped tee. You could do without the red stripe and make a fabulous striped one for yourself (stripes can be bigger if you leave more room between the masking tape).


I just wanted to stop by and say I made one of these shirts for my professor grandfather who would still rather write on lined paper than the computer! It's a Christmas gift… hope he likes it 🙂

tiff, i guess i've always had good luck. i've made a dozen at least stencil projects and have always used the fabric paint brand at michaels.

Julia, the v-neck is actually from a thrift store but crewcuts has some great options that are usually on sale

Have to ask:Anyone have paint brand suggestions? I love the idea, but when I tried freezer paper stencilling, my (made for fabric) paint started cracking right away. (After the first wash and dry….and the paint was not super thick either.) I'm hoping that not all fabric paints are made equal and that there is something better out there. Anyone tried Martha Stewart's new all-purpose craft paint?

this is too cute. where's the vneck from – h&m? i would love striped long sleeves for the fall as well.

I work in an elementary school…I must make this! How fun would this be with a pencil skirt? (get it? hee hee)

Love it! What an easy halloween costume!

so darling! I'm fantasizing about this on a little skirt or dress.

Fun for a Halloween costume, too. Especially if you are a student, or a writer.Love from Lori C.

i love this! you make it seem easy enough to try (and for me that's saying something!). this could even be a lazy halloween outfit? Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

I did one for me last week & it's going to be published on my blog next week (I think 🙂 ) It's such a great idea!!

I love this! Such a cute kids shirt! So easy too!- Sarah

I love this! I've seen them on Pintrest and for sale on a few sites and since I'm an English teacher, I pretty much have to have one 🙂 Can't wait to try out this DIY! Love it!

I have loved these shirts too, but the website never had a sizing guide so I didn't order. This is SO clever! Thanks for posting the tutorial

Very cool! I think it would then be fun to grab a fabric paint marker and write in some exercises or whatever else you liked 🙂

Ahh this is SO cute – gonna have to make myself something like it!!!- Lindsay

So sweet! I love this. Great DIY, as soon as I have some free time I'll definitely give it a try! ~jen

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