Creative Charging Docks

Ever since I posted about this vintage book iPhone charging dock I spotted, the wheels have been turning, spinning around all the possibilities of household objects to turn into iPhone charging docks that would blend into the design of a home. Do you ever get fixated on a project idea like that? Any project ideas you’ve been spinning around lately?
{But really. Have you seen a more beautiful charging dock?}

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I really like your information, I want to share more of my ideas about it, I know that sometimes you share excellent Christmas ideas to gift !

That would look so nice on my blaaaank desk at work!I think something for a docking station that looks like a potted cactus would be cute. I've seen a couple cute crocheted cacti. Now I'm inspired to try my hand… And evidently to add it to the mounting list of DIYs in the queue… lol- Lindsay

I've never seen something like that before. Christmas gift idea…I think so!

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